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Australian lesbian couple welcome quintuplets

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Reader comments

  1. “…as the chances of conceiving five babies without fertility treatment are 60 million to one…”

    It must be God’s will. :-)

  2. Those poor women.

    They have my pity.

  3. I know it is non of my business what other people choose to do, but I really feel like gay and lesbian people should adopt children, as there are many children in this world that need parents.

    1. Adopting is obviously a good thing when there are children in need (but it’s not as easy as you imply), BUT gay people should feel under no more pressure/obligation to adopt than straight people.

    2. ChocieDrop 7 Mar 2011, 7:52pm

      The process for adoption is long and intrusive. The chances of getting a baby are extremely slim, almost impossible. I totally understand this couple going the route they did

    3. I agree Scott. There are too many people on the Earth anyway.

    4. My partner and I spent two years in the UK adoption process, putting countless hours into preparation, training and intrusive interviews, only to be rejected for superficial reasons. It really isn’t as straightforward as everyone makes it out to be.

  4. That would be great if we couldadopt unfortunatly in many states in the USA and countries world wide LGBT individuals cannot adopt not single women… sad but true many will remain parentless!

    1. Good point. I was not trying to denigrate people such as these two, but rather just reflect.

  5. Quintuplets?
    Cool! One of each…

  6. I am so happy for the both of them, what a wonderful event to be blessed with 5 bundles of joy! : )

    CCO OutMaturity

  7. “…as the chances of conceiving five babies without fertility treatment are 60 million to one…”

    So what do you call donor insemination then? I’d call it fertility treatment myself. Sounds like a badly monitored IUI cycle which went highly awry. Multiple births are far more common in IUI than IVF.

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