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Exclusive: Grindr to launch Android app version “imminently”

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Reader comments

  1. I hope this isn’t the “Exclusive story coming at midnight!” cos if it is….what a let down!

    1. what “Exclusive story coming at midnight!”????

    2. Odd. I met aomeone using it yesterday

  2. I’m old fashioned about my phone. It does phone calls and text. ASt a pinch, if it was a choice between that and gnawing my own leg off from boredom it has a little game with a snake running round the screen getting longer. I have no use for apps blackberries go in jam and androids dream of electric sheep!

  3. Launch party at my place!

    (Gosh, I haven’t been this excited since Naomi Campbell lied her ass off in Hague.)

    But seriously, this will revolutionize the way Android using cruising homosexuals… well, cruise.

  4. how amazing, so more instant casual sex and aids for the gay population yay

  5. yep, i think i’l stick with my boring snake game.

  6. Adam Simpson 7 Mar 2011, 1:03am

    You say there are more Android users than iPhone but the comparison is incorrect. Android is the operating system and iPhone is the handset. If you compare the number of iOS users (which included iPod Touch and iPads which both run Grindr) to Android, I think iOS comes out higher. Sorry for the geeky comment but you’re not comparing like with like

    1. Adam if you include all iOS devices its true, there are more, but only just and at the current activation rate it will be only months before that changes. If you only count truly mobile, i.e. not wifi only ipods and ipads, android is ahead now.

    2. In addition, generally people are referring to people with truly mobile devices. While all iOS devices are able to be moved, not all of them can be used in all places. iPhone and iPad are the only ones with access to mobile internet, and also have GPS (I think). The other iOS devices rely on Wi-Fi and are less easy to pinpoint in terms of specific location.

  7. Should pink news be promoting something whencyou get right down to the core is a cruising app?

    Is that healthy to be giving a platform to?

    I know its social networking for gay people and it allows you to see near gay guys to make friends … Aww ^^ … but really come on be honest we know what it is. >.>

    I’m not being anti grindr or PN just genuinely curios is this a good image to have out there ?

    1. The last few weeks Pinknews is getting a bit low-brow: several Grindr “Exclusives” and everything Lady Gaga-related (what does she have to do with LGBT news again?)… seems someone is getting excited about personal things and makes them national news

  8. Organic gaydar outsourcing or exclusive promotional liason? You decide…

    1. AKA: Find-a-Shag

  9. sorry hardly news – I have an exclusive – there a straight version coming soon as well

  10. How disappointing. Grindr is doing this because they will lose market share on the Android as more people ditch Iphones. Also, the problem they have is that Android already has Purpl, Encountr and now the new Scruff – which beats them all hands down. Also Android has stuff like Shout and Boyahoy which share loaction data of indiviuals to produce les and str8 versioons

  11. does this mean it’ll be on BB?

    1. It appears to be on BB as well. One of the guys in my results mentioned that he was on his BB, but had issues with receiving messages.

  12. Yet another advertorial for gaydar’s poor cousin? surely not?
    @Pinknews: FYI an advertorial is an advert for goods/services in the form of editorial regardless of whether its paid for, done as a favour or in exchange for other services rendered.

  13. leaked? surely that calls for grindrgate special inquiry

  14. wow pinknews really has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for “news” lately. gaga, grindr and some z-list celebritiy’s accidental fart. *yawn*

  15. Sheesh some people need to get the stick removed from their behind.
    While I myself dont go in for the whole cruising, multiple partners shenanigans, other people do, why should pink news be morally obliged not to advertise this app, which I have never heard of.
    If people want to have sex with multiple partners, fine by me, or as my nan used to say “rubber up and get stuck in my son” – yeah the older years took her badly.

    1. Maybe you should ask the owner of this website, what’s the connection between him and the owner of Grindr, because there are many other gay apps on the market that don’t get the same attention:

    1. Looks like they’ve only launched the Grindr ‘xtra’ paid for version on Android.

      1. Certainly not. The “xtra” version is being offered for a 7-day trial, but you may decline that and have the basic version fully functional. I’ve just downloaded it myself. Pretty disappointed with the “selection” to be honest – only 8 guys including myself and they seem to be ranging from 0 ft to 822 miles. I can only hope that the population on there is greater than 1 user per 100 miles and that I just need to fiddle with it. Admittedly, I did restrict results to guys between 18 and 35. And perhaps my “looking for” filters results too? Who knows.

        1. I apologize, I may have been mistaken…though the pop-ups suggested that the xtra version was a free trial and you could choose to pay for it later…it does appear that you have the xtra version upon startup. We shall see in a week.

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  17. I wonder how many viruses (and I don’t mean STD’s) this Android app will come with. I’ll stick with the iPhone, at least the app works (as BB owners only know too well).

    1. Google have a remote kill switch for infected apps…. if you downloaded this off the official market, its safer.

      Then again, why would anyone bother with this muck…. surely there is better thing to do with your android than an app that effectively sticks a light on your head and flash a “I’ll fcuk anywhere” sign? :)

  18. This sums up every guy who uses Grindr: DESPERATE…

  19. andrew howard-williams 9 Mar 2011, 12:11pm

    a friend has htc wildfire and the android grindr app does not support this phone even though it has android 2.2 this needs sorting.

  20. thanks for adding more guys to the GRINDR pool…

    can’t stop looking at this site my friend sent me:

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