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Alexander McQueen’s fashion label to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

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Reader comments

  1. This really isn’t news worthy.

    A) just because it’s a royal wedding doesn’t make it relevant in any way to lgbt people.

    B) the gay connection. Just being gay isn’t news worthy. And the designer working for a label of a late gay person REALLY Isnt news.

    C) so this must be fashion news which every gay person must care about right? :( lame. There seems to be more fashion related stuff on here these days …. Can we get away from stereotypical things and have people reporting and finding out about perhaps lgbt issues … News.

    If there’s no news to report , then wait… Don’t use filler stuff.

    1. Agreed. This is supposed to be ‘Pink News’, not ‘general news stories that have a tenous connection to a gay person’.


      Despite the overwhelming majority of British fashion designers being gay men, the royal bride-to-be has chosen a (straight?) woman to run up the regal frock. Her Majesty is said to be ‘distraught’. She is not thought to have knowingly employed anyone but gay men to stitch her finery, and is said to regard it as another sign that the natural order of things is collapsing.

      An unnamed member of Royal Household said “What do you expect from the offspring of a couple of trollies?” And a Mr S. Green, a man of no consequence whatsoever, said “I’d beat the crap out of her if she was my wife”.

    3. If you don’t like it then don’t click on this FREE WEBSITE. Or do you pay a subscription that I’m avoiding? Or maybe you think you should have some editorial control over someone else’s website?

      1. Wow, God, sorry for expecting a little quality control. Maybe you should take your logical fallicies somewhere you can actually win an argument.

      2. God

        It’s called taking up ones democratic responsibilities. If nobody counters the claims or scrutinises the content, then it is just gets accepted automatically. Given that PN allows comments, it is presumably interested in what it’s readers thinks. If not, then that’s PN’s problem.

        More to the point, it seems more and more that you personally don’t care for thr opinions of others and would love nothing more than to snuff them out just for the sake of it. Fortunately, your brain appears to be small, so you won’t be dangerous with that totalitarian mindset.

  2. Adam…seriously no offense, but if the article doesn’t interest you…then don’t read it. Instead of moaning.

    Yeah, this isn’t sole set on LGBT, but as you have quite rightly pointed out as individuals (our sexuality isn’t taken into account) we can still be interested in the Royal Family and fashion (It’s not stereotyping…it’s fact – just live with it). So why shouldn’t Pink News report it?

    1. Paddyswurds formerly Boston 6 Mar 2011, 12:59pm

      ….I agree Mike…so many posters on this site seem to whinge about everything…..His Last line ” Don’t use filler stuf” displays a bit of control freakery as well. Just ’cause he doesn’t like it doesn’t mean that there wont be someone or indeed several who will enjoy this sort of post….maybe even Gok Wan, who knows. As a getting on a bit gay man that has always bugged me the way some gay men have to whin ge about something all the time…like the whingers about the “homophobic” Fosters ad . Get a life Adam or just go back to bed and stay there.

      1. PN is quick to jump up and scream about straight people’s homophobia and caricaturing of gay ‘lifestyles’, then turns round and does it to its readership. It’s patronising to suggest it’s fashion, therefore we should be given the story The dead-gay-designers-company angle is really thin. We’re not aristos (mostly) and can’t marry each other, and we don’t mostly wear frufy dresses. Most gay people I know are really interested in what is going on in North Africa at the moment, but no PN stories about that – and rightly so, this is a GLBT news site. . PN stop stereotyping us!

      2. Wow and you say I’m whingy ?

        If you want fashion news on the bride to be go read hello or something. I was pointing out a valid fact this isn’t lgbt news on an oft news site. An you decide to get personal and offensive.
        You say your getting on, you sound it and none nicer for your years. Thankyou tho for superbly portraying the bitchy nature so often associated with the gay people, you’ve made my weekend.

        1. Agreed – Mike, this is NOT an LGBT glossy mag full of creative ideas on how to spruce up your home for the summer or which jumpers you should sport this season. It’s political, it’s about human rights and news of IMPORTANCE. If you care about the royal wedding, go and look in every other scandal rag on sale, it’s all there. This site should be for the LGBT related stuff that everyone else misses. Hard-hitting, relevant news.

          This article, however, is NOT any of that.

  3. To date 6397 people have liked this news report…so just goes to show that SOME people do find this newsworthy.

    1. Sorry I am wrong (I’ll admit it) – that’s PinkNews as a whole. Oops. I thought that was a lot of likes in a short space of time (when majority would still be in bed with a hangover)

      31 People liked the article & 24 Tweeted and it’s only 2 hours old.

      1. And that somehow justifies it being here? Either PN wants to brand itself as a gay lifestyle magazine or it wants to be a serious political media outlet. As someone with a doctorate, I would never have used PN as a source for my research, it’s neither factually reliable nor demonstrating any specific intentions.

        Regardless of its views, even the Daily Mail holds up better than this site in terms of its credentials.

  4. OK im starting to feel like a bad gay, I could not care or know any less about fashion designers (or indeed fashion). I have no idea who this Mcqueen person is. In the same way I had never heard of this Galliano person.
    Ive always thought fashion designers are a waste of space, and would be much happier if gay people were associated with say physics, or biology or medicine or sociology etc etc.

    I personally think Gok wan is going to be gay peoples OJ.

    1. @Scott: you’ve been a very very bad gay! how could you say that about Aunty G? LOL#
      Oh well at least the article serves to remind us what we should be interested in.

      1. Quite right, I stand admonished!

    2. McQueen is mentioned because he’s famous. Find me a gay researcher in the area of social or natural sciences that has achieved this level of fame. It doesn’t mean their work is less valuable, it’s just that academia is less fabulous (dramatic–>newsworthy?) than the world of fashion.

      And that comment about designers being a waste of space really makes me sad. How can anyone, gay or straight, look at Blanchett’s red carpet Givenchy piece and not realize that is what dreams are made of? :(

      1. Im sorry I just havent got it in me, go to the natural history museum and look at dinosaur fossils or a blue whale. Look through the Hubble teleoscope. That for me is what dreams are made of.
        – TO me a dress or a suit is just a piece of cloth, I often think these works of big designers often look terrible, and that people on the cat walk would look much better if they just put on some jeans and a tshirt.

        However my point about being a waste of space was a tad vindictive.

        1. Oh, I’m quite obsessed with the extinct terror birds of South (and much later North) America. And I adore dyptychs. See, these things aren’t mutually exclusive. And while the first is a remarkable example of evolution going megafauna during Miocene, fashion is a testament to human creativity and boundless imagination.

          You can always appreciate countless hours someone has put into something for the purpose of expressing themselves, even if you’re not remotely interested in it.

          1. Fashion is a bit like being a footballer – little effort for a lot of attention and cash in return. It’s not something a lot of people value. Scientists, conversely, slave away for years, often in poorly-funded posts and unenviable conditions to find something that is infinitely useful for mankind yet reap less attention and financial remuneration.

            This is a gross injustice and that’s what many people, including myself, have major beef with.

  5. I had never heard of McQueen until I read this article. I now have a clue as to what he does.
    I admire any kind of skill and in particular people who can make a living developing that skill.
    My only problem with the story is the constant banging on we are getting/going to get about the wedding.
    I’m certain the lady involved has been banged enough and I don’t want to know about that either.

    1. I really don’t want to know about that either.

      This wedding is going to suck as it’s confused. Its shaping up to be neither small to show the royals understand the hard times of the people, nor is it super extravagant to show off the royal family with all the pomp it should.

      I respect Antibes skill my problems aren’t with those related within the article just why it’s here and not just on a gossip mag site or fashion site.

      I get what you mean tho and it’s only get worse … My advise week leading up to wedding dnt borer even lookin at any news. It will just be about a dress … I’ve no interest in it as icant fit in it haha.

  6. ‘Alexander McQueen designed the wedding dress for Sara Buys who married Prince William’s step brother Tom Parker Bowles in 2005.’

    Please don’t insult us with this type of tripe – who the hell gives a flying ‘uck!
    Please do your best to keep in the forefront of News.

    1. The thing is, if Alexander McQueen had actually designed it, there would be a link (albeit tenuous) to being gay. But as he’s no longer of this world, then there is no link at all – he’s not designing the dress. That’s what makes this article all the more insulting and, let’s face it, desperate.

      How about an article asking gay Libyans what they hope for if they overthrow Col. Gadaffi Duck? Probably a bit hard-hitting for PN, but no doubt the readers would be interested.

    2. If McQueen was still alive and was designing the dress himself it would be a news item – talented gay man etc. But its not really news that the company bearing his name is involved in the royal wedding.

      1. mmm had more or less same thought as me at the same time.

        I agree about the North Africa issues. These are all countries where gays have had it hard. I don’t know if the political upheaval bodes well or ill for their future. I suspect the latter. And that’s definitely more important than dresses for rich girls.

        I think PN should have some lighter topics, mind you. It can’t all be doom and gloom and American fundies sounding off. But we can do better than this article, surely?

  7. it’s bruce oldfield any way you spazmoids

  8. Is the assignment editor drawing a royal connections map?

  9. Alexander (Sexual Orientation My Own Buisness) Birchley 7 Mar 2011, 10:28am

    A story with all the necessary ingredients common to reporting on any Royal or celebtrity related topic these days. Indescretion; homosexuality; implied intrigue; and potential scandal unfolding.

    I give it 10/10 for conforming to streeotypical hype.

  10. I like PinkNews. It has a dedicated staff that has, for years, faithfully reported gay stories that the national press has otherwise ignored as “fringe issues”. People have been battered to death and the ONLY national coverage has been from this website. As part of its remit, PinkNews also covers politics, world news, entertainment, the arts, health, travel, lifestyle, and opinion pieces pertaining to gay issues – not to mention providing an outlet for the gay population at large through its comment boards. All this, without the reader having to leave his-or-her armchair for no charge whatsoever. 

    That people feel entitled to “quality” news from a free website is testament to the high standards PinkNews normally puts out. However, hysterically blaming PN for including this story when the gutter press takes every opportunity to attack the “questionable morals” of gay people makes as much sense as scoring an own goal. CONT’D:

  11. CONT’D: Alexander McQueen was a successful gay man who pushed the boundaries of fashion. His legacy being that the McQueen label now carries the prestigious task of producing the next Royal wedding dress. Regardless of who actually designs the dress, this is an achievement McQueen would surely be proud of. As such, the Royal Wedding is as much a posthumous endorsement of a gay designer as a national celebration. Harping-on about this being a “non-story” belies a contempt for successful gay people who have actually contributed to our national culture. 

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