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Sydney explodes in Mardi Gras of celebration and protest at Australia’s ban on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. “Ms Gillard was lampooned by one float which featured a giant replica of the prime minister, who has never married, in a wedding dress.”


  2. Deport her back to wales!!

  3. different john 6 Mar 2011, 12:19am

    Sounds great in theory…can’t wait for the homohpobic rants of the Catholic faction of the labour party in Australia – this is what her Holiness Senator Jacinta Collins said about mardi gras and marriage equality a few yrs ago :

    “Referring to the Vatican’s ruling on homosexual discrimination -“ that homosexuals should not be condemned, but homosexuality must never be allowed to become equal -“ Collins told the Senate the gay community needed to exercise care and concern to present itself as acceptable.

    The gay and lesbian Mardi Gras and a recent school themed photo shoot in DNA magazine were examples of the gay community doing itself no favours, she said. She added that on some occasions people were called homophobic when actually they were just showing good sense”

    Mardi Gras is a bit of fun , a laugh and also to put a message across in a friendly humorous way ….Some pople like Jacinta think that this is how we all all act, every day and every minute of the day….

  4. Dan Filson 6 Mar 2011, 1:06am

    Which is why for a decade I went on Gay Pride marches in a grey two-piece suit. But nobody grasped why I did and I felt a dork so I stopped.

  5. It’s terribly sad that an atheist like Julia Gillard should oppose equality, simply to satisfy the lunatic bigot element of Australian society.

  6. Gillard and the ALP are traitors! the Stench of Catholicism permeates their whole party! It is an abomination! The ALP must be got rid of!

  7. Vote 1 for total equality please and fully SUPPORT same sex marriage in 2011!!!!!

    Parties that “support” same sex marriage:

    (a) The Democrates;
    (b) the sex party;
    (c) the Liberal Democrates;
    (d) Outdoor Recreation party and;
    (e) The Greens!!!!!

    Parties that “oppose” same sex marriage:

    (a) One Nation party;
    (b) Democratic Labor party;
    (c) Liberal party;
    (d) Labor party;
    (e) Australia First party;
    (f) Family First party;
    (g) Christian Democratic party and;
    (h) Shooters And Fishers party!!!!

    1. Thank you Paul! Same-sex couples need to get organised! The false ‘love affair’with Labor is over! ANY GAY PERSON that votes LABOR is a traitor to their own kind! Labor is an abomination!Filled with Vatican sniffers and lickers!


        We are organised, the love affair is with the Greens but we need to get labour to change their minds in their next party convention …The above link shows you what to do, meet your mp/senator, write to them…there is supposed to be a link on the above website sometime which will just send a letter to all mps/senators regardless of where you live…

  8. I WAS IN THE PARADE!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! so much spirit that makes me sure were really gonna get that equality one day! 300000+ people in one city in one night can’t be wrong!

  9. I heard Lilly Tomlin was there. Love her.

    Never knew she was a lesbian though.

  10. Sigh, I don;t care what PM’s and MP’s think about gay marriage. There job is to make sure people have equal rights. Gay people pay tax, then they should get the same bloody rights.

  11. Sheldon Boger-Moffatt 7 Mar 2011, 9:25pm

    I marched in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade this year which is totally out of character for me, but I felt I had to do something to show my disdain for the Australian government’s stance on same sex unions. Sure it was allot of fun, but I can honestly say that I did it to show the world how important this issue is to so many people including myself, my partner and our families.

  12. Ptoud Gay Canadian ! 8 Mar 2011, 9:22am

    Just wonderful to see democracy at work !!! If Catholics are involved, you have a fight on your hands !! They nearly stopped the free vote in Parliament from passing in Canada in 1995: we are now free to legally marry our partners !!!

  13. How can a Welsh woman become PM of Australia?

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