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Video: Manchester gay villagers show they were ‘Born This Way’

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Reader comments

  1. cybernoelie 4 Mar 2011, 6:20pm

    Slow news day eh?
    BTW you were 5 days behind me reporting on the openly gay members of parliament here in Ireland.

    1. It was reported on the day after the election

  2. Born a slag, maybe? Cheap, tacky, vacuous, self-stereotyping bulls**t.

    And gay people have the gall to complain when straight people mock the way they behave?

    1. stop describing yourself mmmmmmmmmmm. i take it you don’t go to straight clubs either. idiot – they’re no different.

      1. You presume wrong in your defensive comment. I do and they are different – which is why I prefer them. If anyone has ever taken off their top in a straight club I’ve been in, then they’ve been asked to put it back on or leave. Drugs are so much easier to get hold of in gay clubs and I’ve never seen such unadulterated slaggery elsewhere either. Can’t even take a slash without someone checking out your bits. Just gross, all of it. There is a distinct lack of self-respect going on among gay punters, which manifests itself in this degrading behaviour.

        Gay clubs are just revolting and when this is all that straight people see of us, they continue to think that we’re all revolting. It’s a bit like Muslims walking around with a belt full of batteries and wondering why people disapprove.

        1. i don’t presume wrong – it’s just as easy to get drugs in straight clubs. straight men and women go to clubs for exactly the same reasons that gay people go to clubs.

          you obviously live in manchester – let me know this wonderful civilised unadulterated respectful straight club you go to. because the last time i went out in manchester on a saturday night, all i saw where blonde bimbos puking up on the side of the street – lads fighting with one another, and slags getting into taxis with fellas they’d never met before.

          no idea what you’re going on about with belt batteries thing??

          1. There is a greater choice of straight club to frequent in the UK and if you want to avoid drugs you can. Not so in gay clubs, they’re in every single one. And then you’ve got to put up with people smashed out of their faces ruining your evening. As for the puking etc, the north has made an art out of that, though obviously it happens all across the country. But still, like I said, there is more choice with straight clubs and you can avoid it if you want. And in the rest of Europe, clubs are better than here – except the gay ones, which are just the same.

            Erm, how do I ‘obviously’ live in Manchester? Care to speculate some more? Maybe my hair colour? FAIL. Some of us do actually travel further than 10ft from where we live occasionally. Plonker.

            I clearly rated your intelligence too highly with the belt quip. Ask your mum, maybe she can explain it to you.

          2. i asked my mum about the belt of batteries, she didn’t have a clue either. so maybe you could explain?

      2. Being thick must run in your family if your mum doesn’t know either. Is your mother also your sister?

  3. A slag? Call it bullsh*t but this is exactly what the village is like in Manchester on a saturday- and I love it!

    1. At least you’re not pretending it to be any ‘deeper’ than it actually is. But this is the reason why I never go out on Canal Street. Aside from finding it rather gross myself, any straight friends who wanted to go were there just for the freak show. That’s essentially all it is. It’s not like comparing a Spanish disco to a British one, with different dances, rhythms and musical genres, there is no ‘gay culture’. Unless you consider trash to be culture.

      1. oh, because you’re really ‘deep’ are you. LOL. you go to straight clubs so you’re an intellect – is that it? I love the way you think spanish clubs have different ‘dances, rythyms and musical genres’ LOL. is that what it was like when you went to benidorm last year.

        1. Benidorm is as trashy as a gay club, more your style. Maybe you ought to go somewhere Spanish that isn’t a Little Britain abroad. You know, flamenco, salsa, gitano influences, reggaeton….oh wait, you don’t do you. But then you don’t like what’s beyond the doors of the Admiral Duncan. Bit too scary with all those straights, eh.

          Lots of gays claim that the gay scene has its own ‘culture’ as if it’s something deep, meaningful and in need of preserving. I thoroughly disagree, the sooner it goes, the better. I go to straight clubs because I have a better time and people are less bitchy, drugged up and pretentious (though I think you mean an intellectual, not an intellect, dumbass). If the gay scene offered somewhere with that environment, I’d probably go.

          1. i’ve never been to benidorm. and I’ve never been in the admiral duncan. you sound like you’ve hard some terrible times on the gay scene. you should get some therapy to get over your hurt and pain. you clearly have issues about the drugged up, pretentious, bitchy life you’ve lived on the scene in the past.

            I have just come back from Barcelona though. And well, I didn’t see much flamenco. There was a tourist bar where they had flamenco dancers. I didn’t go in.

        2. What hurt and pain? You’re hilarious. Again, you are speculating based on your own twisted mind. I guess that’s all you are capable of though (don’t become a criminal psychologist, eh). I have been out on the scene, of course I have, as a gay man I should know what goes on in my own ‘community’. But living out on the scene? Get out, I’d rather dip my nuts in acid.

          I presume you just went to the gay beach in Barcelon and picked up, like most British gays who go out there. Some of us seek a more opulent cultural experience than getting laid by a Catalan.

          Every new post you put makes you look a little bit more like the bitchy, irrational and psychologically imbalances stereotype you get on Canal Street. Your parents must be so proud.

  4. wtf is a gay village?

    1. My idea of hell. Can you imagine living, working or partying in an area where there are only gay people? Now I understand why they take so many drugs!

      1. it’s your idea of hell, because you obviously think being gay is demonic – why else would you think it’s like hell.

        do you think straight people have a problem living, working and partying in an area where there are only straight people? no they don’t – that’s what the world is – a place where there are a majority of straight people.

        it’s obvious from this comment that you’re a self hating gay who wishes they were straight.

        1. Yawn, here it comes, ‘you disagree, so you must hate being gay, hate yourself blah blah blah’. It never ceases to amaze me how much this gets dragged up by the more insecure gays. You hate it because I have criticised your way of life. Man up and deal with it.

          Being gay is natural, but being gay is not synonymous with being a slag. Although you and your crew are doing your best to ensure it is perceived that way. I have never wanted to be straight because I don’t know how it feels to be straight. I presume you’d tell a black guy that because he likes Will Young he must want to be white. Crap arguments, but not the first time I’ve heard them from the trashier element, such as yourself.

          As for straights, well they are the majority, but they mix well with minorities. Gays seem to hate the majority. But it is not healthy for gays to isolate themselves and develop some twisted, damaging alternative ‘village’ where all the gays can hide.

          1. you presume that I am into the scene. I’m not. not my thing. but what I loved about it, is seeing a group of people who don’t want to live like you do enjoying their life and not feeling like they should do what you want to do.

    2. It refers to the area of gay bars which is in Manchester city centre. It’s been known as the gay village for a few decades now.

      1. God

        You implied that you liked the scene all by yourself, just look at what you’ve written. Even so, regardless of whether you like it or not, I can’t understand how you can lend your support to something so crass. Loads of paranoid gay men crushed into a small surface area, popping pills to escape reality and simulating group sex on a podium thinking its tasteful. Not to mention that no straight bar I have ever seen has has a backroom. How seedy, desperate and sleazy can it get? Take the chap home and do him for crying out loud. It just reconfirms that stereotype that we’re all sex-obsessed and leaves us back in the days of molly houses and importuning.

        1. just because I defend someone does not mean I am like them. I love to see people having a good time, enjoying themselves, feeling good about life – life’s so short. and everyone in the video looked like they were having a great time. you sound really grumpy. i suspect you’re older than me, I’ve no idea what a molly house is, or what is was like ‘back in the day’, and not that age always creates bitterness – but you sound very bitter.

          1. You just sound naive and you don’t know your gay history – that’s not something old people know (I’m far younger than you think, I just write like an adult), it’s what an educated, curious mind seeks to find out and understand. Makes you look a bit vacuous. Go and do some research.

  5. dreadful

  6. This should be dedicated to Reg Kilduff,Peter Moysner and “LIttle Albert” the first landlords of the Rembrandt.

    Where are the old gays in this video – once more “gay” is a youth kick….?

    1. That’s why the gay scene is crap, it’s almost a monoculture. Ageist, often sexist and anti-straight. So much for being a place of tolerance and diversity. Mind you, keeping the airheads in one place isn’t such a bad thing.

      1. I think the ageist issue is probably the thing that gets to you the most.

    2. Jonathan Robinson 5 Mar 2011, 12:44pm

      Hi Gendy, its Jonathan here. I filmed this video last Saturday in the village. Nothing was pre-planned apart from a time to film in Cruz, Poptastic and AXM so they knew not to play the song until a certain time. When you say ‘old gays’ you men older people? Well with a mild obsession for filming guys over 40 (on my main YouTube channel- JonathanRobinson) I have spent a huge amount of time filming that part of the scene. This video, however, features anyone willing to sing and dance on the night!

      1. what I loved about your video (even though the scene is not my thing) is seeing a load of people who were cool about being different from the norm and having a good time in their world.

        1. I thought gay men were considered to be normal these days? Thanks for your outdated insight. If by ‘different’ you mean ‘trashy’, then that is hardly anything to be proud of. I do feel, however, that this video is representative of the gay scene. Perhaps you feel different to the rest of the population God, but I don’t see myself that way. Most of my friends are straight, but that’s because I have more in common with them and, duh, there are more of them. If I had just gay friends, that would be odd. Straight people actually want to grow up at some point and don’t spend their time trying to be Peter Pan, spreading STIs around like they’re going out of fashion and trying to be ‘fabulous’ in the most pretentious manner. It’s frankly embarrassing to be seen with a lot of gay men. The good thing about being a gay of today is that I have a better choice of who my friends are.

          As for older gay men, you can’t seriously expect me to believe that younger gay men are tolerant of older ones?

          1. what are you going on about?

      2. A great video…. I think a trip back up norf is overdue….

  7. Scary. Makes me want to be straight.

    1. go on youtube and see what videos straight people make – they’re even scarier.

      1. There are more straight people, hence the diversity of ‘scary’ videos is far greater. Conversely, the proportion of ‘scary’ gay videos is disproportionately high considering how small the gay population of the UK (and world) actually is. Gay men are not as diverse as straight men, but that’s because they shut themselves off in ghettos and have less opportunities to be individuals. There is so much more copying of styles in the gay world – just visit any gay club or count the Lady Gaga worshipping articles!

        1. ?????????????????? i don’t really understand what you are going on about?

          1. Why would you, you’d need intellect forthat. If you don’t understand, get yorself educated and then come back and join in. Your ignorance and feeble grasp of society and its oddities is frankly embarrassing.

  8. For those who don’t know m is a troll we have decided to ignore it

    1. i can see that. poor mmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds very confused and unhappy to me.

      1. Nowhere near as much as you two. James, aww bless, you’re still obsessed with me. It’s sad that you are such a weak person you can’t handle a few comments with a bit of depth, insight and substance. So, of course, you label me a troll because that’s all your vacant skull can muster. Yawn, I live for the day you actually come up with something useful or informed to add.

    2. That isn’t what a troll is…

  9. Dear Pink News Readers

    My boyfriend have invested our sklls in creating a riveting top quality video to inspire a semse of courage and pride to LGBT youth following the surge in gay suicides.We hope the video reaches as many LGBT people as possible and would like your support in this regard,instilling a sense of self worth.After all has been said and done,we are who are.Period.Hope you enjoy
    Its okay to be gay

    Sorry for the spam.Please support the movement

  10. This video isn’t ageist, nor is the gay scene. Nor are gay people. Can you imagine a 50-year-old going to a straight dance club? No, it’s just not their thing.

    Nor are these people slags. I’m sure there are straight clubs in which you can take your top off freely, just as there are presumably gay clubs in which it is frowned upon.

    As for drinking and drug use – I know just as as many straight people who use drugs as gay people, same with drinking. Then again I do live in the North where drinking is pretty much a necessity.

    Havign been recently in straight clubs and gay clubs, I’ve been preyed on more in the straight ones. I’ve been openly offered sex twice in straight clubs, but not once in a gay club.

    Also, this video is just for fun. So some people like dancing whilst scantily clad. I don’t see a problem.

    1. The gay scene not ageist? Christ, I’ve heard a lot of denial of the realities of gaydom on this site, but that takes a large chunk of the biscuit. It’s always been ageist, it’s not changed since I was a teenager. But then what does one expect to be the case out in the most superficial, aesthetically-obsessed community (outside of Jordan’s boudoir).

      If you know as many straight people who do drugs as much as their gay counterparts then you keep some rather bad company. There are drug users everywhere, clearly, but the gay scene is the most obvious. It’s shamelessly open and promoted. It seems either you are fibbing about your experience to make a counter argument or you have been frequenting the more seedier end of the straight club spectrum. Which, given that you approve of all of this cheap, self-stereotyping behaviour, is probably the end of the market you prefer. And thus your argument is dismissed in that it centres on just one – and not even the majority – perspective.

      1. No, okay, fair enough, the gay scene – by which I mean the club scene, the partying and drinking and dancing all night part of the scene – is aimed at a younger demographic – so are straight clubs. Nobody wants to go out to clubs when they’re 50. But go to Canal Street and you’ll see people of 30 or so there.

        As for drugs, so I know drug users. I’m also a university student. Lots of young people take drugs. So what’s new there? But I have never, and I don’t know anyone else who has ever, been offered drugs in a club, gay or straight.

        And no, although I’ve been to a couple of clubs I wouldn’t visit again, I haven’t been anywhere especially seedy. Of course this argument is merely anecdotal; I just wanted to offer a different perspective.

        1. ALTHOUGH on rewatching, I have to say there are definitely some older folk featured here. Ageist? So what about those white-haired guys?

  11. Well, the video presses all the right buttons for me. Loud and proud, it’s a good catchy song with powerful, defiant on-target lyrics, so that’s a pretty good start.

    I particularly like the punch lines that demolish religious bigotry:

    “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or (capital) Him”, ”Cause He made you perfect, babe”,

    ” ‘Cause God makes no mistakes”,

    “A different lover is not a sin,
    believe (capital) Him”

    Incidentally, both the references to “capital H-I-M” are incorrect because it’s referring to Him, i.e. God.

  12. A few more more good things about the video..

    Everyone’s happy, all sorts of backgrounds (and yes, there are several older people having fun).

    It sends a positive message about gay people. Like mmmmmm I often cringe at some of the excesses that the media always focus on in Pride marches (e.g. the AP photo from Sydney that the Indy had on its webside yesterday) but I felt the video’s happy message would be helpful to anyone coming out and explaining to parents or relatives.

    And it must be mind-blowing to those unfortunate enough to live in really repressive societies like Uganda. Sadly it would probably trigger mixed emotions, rather like showing a video of a banquet to a famine victim. But at least it would show that things can be so much better, even if only a glimpse from a distant country, so perhaps that offers a glimmer of hope by showing them they are not alone.

    1. I’m unsure whether I would show this to my parents or relatives – but for young people coming out to themselves I’d imagine this sort of video could have a positive effect.

  13. This just reminds me of how annoyed I am that despite having made frequent complaints, I still haven’t received my Gay Handbook. It’s tragic. I’m hopeless with fashion, outrageously monogomous and shamefully insist on keeping my top on in a club. I’m a disgrace to the community; I need my Handbook dammit!

    Otherwise I’m going to be stuck being my decidedly unfabulous self, and that simply will not do (despite the fact that I actually was born this way).

    1. Jonathan Robinson 7 Mar 2011, 4:25pm

      Sven- that’s because you’re meant to write your own handbook!

  14. Hi everyone, just like to say that I’m straight with a gay son and I must admit that I actually prefer the gay clubs and bars in Leeds to the straight ones, the straight bars seem to be quite aggressive but the gay ones don’t. This is only my tentative opinion mind you, I’m not claiming any knowledge here!

    1. Actually that’s a very good point; say what you like about those places but at least they are generally happy and safe. The ones down here in the rural South are anyway, I can’t speak for London.

  15. Provincial gays. *Shudder*. Not a full set of eyebrows between any of them.

    1. What can I say…we like the Innsmouth look.

  16. I got to admit I have never liked gay bars. The ones nears me are full of older guys and gap toothed strippers who look like they want to pounce on you as soon as you go in.

    I lived in Cambridge for a while and they have mixed clubs, that is clubs which are quite camp in music style and what not and clearly gay friendly, but in which the majority of people are straight. And there it is awesome. You can be gay, dance with a guy and no one cares. But you also dont see nasty stuff like people getting it on, and very openly snorting stuff.

    I think mmmm is on the ball on this one, although in my experience it is not the young guys who make gay bars intimidating (not in an aggressive manner, but in a why the heck are random people i dont know body humping me) but older guys.
    I also hate it when some a”hole takes there top off. Its so chavvy.

    Growing up in a chavvy area I had the unfortunate experience of going on a “lads” holiday to magaluf. Gay bars are like the nasty bars out there.

    1. Scott the higher up the social ladder you go the less need there is for gay and straight clubs. If you’re willing to dress up and go to places where a cocktail may cost £20 you may meet better gay people in a supposedly straight enviroment. And its extremely gauche to drink more than 2 cocktails

      1. well its not like that in Cambridge, drinks are very cheap, and there is a wide range of people. I imagine the tolerance is because it is a city wholly dominated by students who couldnt care less about whether people are gay or not.

        1. So what are you complaining about?

  17. Another misleading headline. They did not present any evidence that they were ‘born this way ‘ at all.
    All I could see wre a bunch of effeminately dresses self seeking hedonists living in the moment. and ready to play Russian Ropulette with HIV .
    Where was the genetic research, peer reviewed papers and expert testimony.

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