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Support for gay marriage now ‘evenly divided’ in the US

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Reader comments

  1. Even 45% is a shocking figure. These people are an embarrassment to the notion of a ‘civilised’ society.

  2. I’d like to see the breakdown in terms of age

    I suspect that the over 50’s are more opposed than the under 50’s.

    Which is promising as the bigots are dying at a faster rate than those who support us.

    Obama’s refusal to support marriage equality is now quite ridiculous. He is on the wrong side of history on this matter. It’s pathetic that a man who benefited so much from the African-American civil rights movement cannot openly defend the civil rights of the gay community, in the face of the christo-fascism of the Tea-Party movement.

    1. marjangles 4 Mar 2011, 1:11pm

      The problem I have with Obama’s views on gay marriage is that they are pragmatic rather than ideological. He was in favour before he decided on a run for the Senate. I guess you could argue that he couldn’t have won the White House with pro gay-marriage views, especially given that the Republicans were all running on a platform of constitutionally defining marriage as one man one woman.

      I don’t think he’s ridiculous not to support gay marriage, there is still a plurality against gay marriage after all, even if it’s only 1% the difference (and bear in mind this is one poll and no state has yet to approve gay marriage at the ballot box). But if he doesn’t believe in gay marriage then he doesn’t believe in it and surely in a pluralist society there is room for all views. Sadly, the guy at the top ain’t on our side yet but as you say, times are changing and he may be the last Democratic candidate for the presidency who is anti-gay marriage.

  3. Nothing new in the overall trend, just repeating the UK except they are about 10 years behind us in terms of social attitudes.

  4. The figures do not matter. Civil rights should never be determined by popular opposition/support..

    1. Steve Sampson 5 Mar 2011, 3:59pm

      Thank you for your words. They are wise and true.

  5. From the looks of things the US is probably going to grant gay people the right to marry before the UK does.

    There is much more of a passionate drive to legalise gay marriage in the US than there is here in the UK.

  6. Support for gay marriage is as high as 60 percent in Australia, New Zealand and the UK – and yet these three are all still in 2011 stuffing around on the issue!!!!!!

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