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Poland to speed ahead of Australia on same-sex marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. Christine Beckett 4 Mar 2011, 10:46am

    So what is the problem with Australia right now?

    It used to have a reputation of being very gay-friendly. I know my cousin and his boyfriend emigrated there a few years ago for that very reason.

    But now I understand that they are talking of returning to the UK, as the social and political climate seems to be more hostile.

    If it is, then does anyone know what’s going on?


  2. Is Poland getting mad too?

    1. stanJames 7 Mar 2011, 5:27am

      No but you should look in the mirror. Take two aspirins first and also cover your eyes.

      Trolls probably pulling on their pud while denying who htey are.

      their garbage collectors prob laugh at them while they toss the cum filled trash cans contents of live and dead sperm into the dump truck

  3. THe Australian political scene has turned into the US, far right religious wack jobs have increasingly been given my respect and more influence. THe last conservative government there adopted a anti gay strategy to scare people in order to keep getting elected despite illegally invading Iraq, removing their citizens human rights and screwing the poor.

    GO to new zealand, much nicer.

  4. in Poland? I doubt it very much!

  5. Dan Filson 4 Mar 2011, 12:09pm

    How is “providing gay men and lesbians with the documentation required to marry overseas.” speeding ahead exactly?

    To me it reads like f*** off elsewhere.

    1. It is a big difference. If you are an Australian wanting to marry your Dutch, Spainish, Canadian etc fiance your government will not provide the required documents. The message is mean spirited in that it is not possible to marry in Australia and for those who live overseas, they are still trying to control what they do outside the country. Even for those who have no intention of returning to Australia.

      In contrast, what the Poles are doing is saying while we don’t have marriage equity we are not going to stand in the way of Poles living oveseas who what to marry a samesex partner. Good on them.

  6. I thought Poland was where Britaion imported religious bigots from.

    1. stanJames 7 Mar 2011, 5:33am

      The poles prob think of the holocaust of their Jewish neighbors and friends evry time they hear about the german pope. A H!t!er youth in his younger days.

      Who in 2009 UNexcommunicated a bishop williamson who is a holocaust denier

      BTw for our AU friends, if you think the Catholic horror show is just that, look out for the evangelical christiians. The taliban would take lessons from these creeps.

      Teh same ones who gave us slavery, the KKK hate group ,a nd segregation. Forever looking for someone to hate and demonize.

  7. Dan- compared to Oz they’re at least heading in the right direction, if not “speeding ahead”. Australia really is becoming bizarrely right-wing, not just about sexuality but race, religion, immigration, childbirth and a number of other social issues. So much for the stereotype of a female Labor PM actually having a heart. Happy bl00dy Mardi Gras…

  8. Craig Nelson 4 Mar 2011, 1:29pm

    Any positive step forwards is welcome. However this step is only being considered in a country that bans same sex marriage in its constitution and refuses to allow civil partnership unlike Australia in spite of what other shortcomings they may have.

  9. Poland is in the EU, the Polish gay organisation raised a european petition on this exact issue and this was discussed this month in the EP – Australia isn’t in Europe, Poland is !

    The political climte is getting hostile becuase “marriage eqality” is a big issue at the moment,,,,the Greens are forging ahead with this agenda, it’s on national TV and in all the papers…

    Wait until marriage equality gets on mainstream media in the UK and take cover!!!!!!

  10. I agree with Scott. NZ is the place to sort out thes problems if possible. I am resident in NZ and have applied successfully for CU for my Thai partner when in Thailand CU is not recognized no documents of his status were requested since I was the principal applicant. I had tp present a divorce certificate based on a marriage I had a few years ago. NZ is very helpful re: this issue. One waits one week for the CU license to be granted on the application one has to name a celebrant. This means that an Australian would not need to present details if he were to have a civil union with a new Zealand citizen or resident if that person were the principal applicant. I mention all of this because I went through the procedure last week.

    1. Document of his status were not requested – sorry

  11. As the article say the Senat has already stated this is wrong …

    “Put simply, absent circumstances such as those listed above, a decision by a sovereign nation to allow marriage between a couple of the same sex should be a matter for that nation, and not a matter against which Australia should throw up bureaucratic barriers.

    5.10 The committee recommends that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issue Certificates of Non-Impediment to couples of the same sex on the same basis as they are issued for couples of different sexes.

    Furthermore, the committee considers the current policy in relation to Certificates of Non-Impediment to Marriage to be inappropriate in all the
    circumstances, and to warrant reversal. All other things being equal, same sex couples proposing to legally marry overseas should not face administrative hurdles imposedby Australia.”

    As the guy in the artilce says someone needs to either take legal action or start kicking the Australian govt up the butt!!

  12. The thing is until today no one really knows if the Polish Government will pass the legislation recognizing same-sex marriages and partnerships taken abroad. There is no word about recognition in the act itself. The Justice Minister has stated on the press conference that the act doesn’t recognize and allow same-sex marriages from abroad. He has even written a letter to the Catholic Church stating this fact. So it’s still undecided if Polish lawmakers will or will not recognize LGBT marriages and all the privileges.

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