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Lion King animator says only a matter of time before ‘gay families’ appear in Disney films

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Reader comments

  1. Is this an aspiration?

  2. This is surely a positive suggestion, and i hope very much that we do see more gay characteres and families portrayed in childrens film and tv. It’s important to teach our children that there are families out there with 2 mummies or 2 daddies and is becoming increasingly commom.

  3. Sadly, Disney World doesn’t host Gay Day. It’s entirely unofficial, being the elephant in the room as far as Disney is concerned with no recognition or publicity whatsoever.

    That said, it’s a fantastic event that’s a must see, umpteen thousands of red T-shirted gays taking over the Magic Kingdom and everyone having fun in the Florida sun.

    Wonder when Disney will finally wake up and smell the coffee?

  4. Disney movies will have gay characters some day. Sadly, I think that day is still about 30-40 years away. Disney is not going to be on the forefront here. Only once gay marriage has been legal and normalized in the United States for a few decades will Disney include gay characters. Look how long it took to have African-American characters…

  5. The sky would have to fall in first!

  6. I agree with Hmmm – regretably even if they wanted to portray them the GOP pressure groups and evangelical lobby would veto any film that didn’t fit into an acceptable approximation of the trad. nuclear family.
    The only single parent families shown in Disney are the ones where one parent has died.
    Lilo and Stitch is about as radical as it gets, but even that strange setup is down to both parents dying and the big sister adopting the role of mum and getting a nice boyfriend.
    I’d say 30-40 years sounds about right.
    That said Ken in the latest “Toy story” was seriously metrosexual, so maybe things are evolving slowly.

  7. Walt Disney would be spinning like a top if he knew. Disney are notoriously “family oriented” and wouldn’t even allow their staff to have facial hair for a long time.

    Having worked for them in the past, I hate their guts and I really wish Pixar had gone solo when it had the chance and cut loose this bunch of Näzi’s when they had the chance.

  8. Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King — 2 adult males who describe themselves as “outcasts” and live and sleep together — are a gay couple.

    1. And an interracial one too ! (you know, warthog and meerkat)

      1. I think Timon looks hot In a grass skirt One of my favorite files.But Think on serious note it will be a long time before Disney puts same sex family’s into there films.

  9. Benjamin Willard 6 Mar 2011, 7:45am

    I’m sure I’ve seen a Disney film where a half naked boy forms a relationship with a bear.

  10. Load of their baddies are quite clearly constructed as gay – Scar in the Lion King, Ursula in the Little Mermaid etc.

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