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Dior catwalk show goes ahead without disgraced British Designer Galliano

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Reader comments

  1. Finally we get this story here. Here’s another PN should be reporting: another preacher abusing a young boy

    1. Yep finally!……..wondering if it was being censored?

  2. imeanwhat 4 Mar 2011, 5:25pm

    Who do you think should replace Galliano? See who took the stage for the finale at the Dior show and get the latest dish on Galliano’s stint in rehab @imeanwhat

    1. Aunty Gok!!!!

  3. there you are. now what are we supposed to say about it? He’s a tw@t. funnily enough, gay people sometimes are. sol what else is there to talk about?

  4. I dont see how this is news that matters…. Just because it’s fashion were suppose to care?

    The guys an idiot … That’s it.

  5. When it was Mel Gibson talking about ovendodgers we all got our knickers in a twist! How can this NOT be news?…….If a Jew had said this to a gay would it still not be news?

    1. I didn’t. Everyone knows he’s a tw@t, too.

      1. where are all the cries about Jews discriminating against gays and gentiles in general? Oh silly me that would be anti-semitic, racist and unacceptable…. we reserve that for kind of ranting for issues involving Asian, Black and especially Muslims!
        Where are all the voices condemning Galliano? Oh again, silly me, we only get on our high horse when gays are being victimised!

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Mar 2011, 12:16pm

    So they have ditched him, which I’m thinking they probably should have, although, if he wins the defamation case they’ll be on a sticky wicket, but aside from that he’s been ditched yet they are quite happy to parade clothes designed by him up and down the bloody runway.

    Hardly a case of ‘we want nothing more to do with him’ if they’re seemingly so fine with his work representing the brand and making them money.

  7. He’s a disgrace to our country and to our community. I deplore anti-semitism even though orthodox jews make no apology for denigrating gays, gentiles and muslims alike. The word “gentile” is actually a derogatory word, meaning “unclean”. I’m glad the House of Dior sacked him, deservedly so. What an idiot to throw away his career like that. He needs to get into rehab fast and stay there until he’s recovered though I doubt his career ever will.

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