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North London man given curfew for harassing gay couple

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  1. Jock S. Trap 3 Mar 2011, 2:29pm

    Another story about yet another nasty vile homophobic person. At least we are being taken seriously here and action taken. Just wish they had the power to make him move as I doubt for a minute he’ll change. People like this don’t usually using religion as an excuse.

  2. This is not just homophobic behaviour. The guy has several screws loose.

  3. Another typical story of how london is now a conservative, intolerant place to live and i can see it getting worse. This city is a homophobic dump and now it seems it does not matter which area you are in. The couple have not received justice. So the piece of filth gets a slap on the wrist , what about his accomplices who followed the couple home, not even that. I’ve seen this type of scenerio before and what retribution follows.

    1. Jock S. Trap 3 Mar 2011, 3:18pm

      Islington is run by Labour rapture.

      1. Jock S. Trap 3 Mar 2011, 3:22pm

        Oh and I have to add the only reason London has gotten worse is because of Labours lack of proper immigration restriction so letting in Many homophobes.

        If you going to make comments like that aim them at the relevent Party. London has only gotten worse under Labour 13 Very long years in power.

        Although I disagree on Boris on immigration I do agree with the Tories stance of limiting it.

        1. I meant conservative as in opposite to liberal , i was not using it in referral to party politics.

          1. Jock S. Trap 3 Mar 2011, 3:54pm

            ok I misread comment


        2. Totally agree with you Jock re Labour’s 13 years at the helm. Race or rather appeasing ‘minority’ races was more of an priority than looking after those already living here.

  4. sorry this is simply not good enough put the vile scum behind bars. This is NOT going to stop him from doing the same thing again to the same couple or someone else.

    I really wish the couple well – it can turn your life upside down when a person like this scum bag starts the abuse. well doen to them for reporting the crime.

  5. The sad reality is it’s safer to move unless you have some serious backup. I think its not only immigrants who have made london hostile but the kids who think they can get away with anything

  6. Still can’t think why Stonewall didn’t want ant-harassment laws to apply equally to sexual orientation. That Ben Summerskill has a lot of explaining to do.

  7. ** anti-harassment

    1. Hey – insects need protecting too! ;)

      1. nice one rach…. mad me giggle

  8. ** anti-harassment

  9. Why is it that as more positive images of gays and lesbians are potrayed by the media and well known stars of stage, screen and sport ‘come out’ we are being subjected to more and more abuse. I know religious nutters from all over the world are coming to this country but we have our own home grown bigots too. Respect and positive images of gay people need to be taught from Pirmary School.

  10. It’s not just London,believe me! Go 50 miles north,to Bedford,& you’ll find similar incidents taking place,as I know to my cost! On a regular basis I have groups of,(predominantly young teens),lads outside my tower block behaving like militant extremists.Soon as I,politely,ask them to move away I’m met with the most vile homophobic & racist abuse,being told to “Get out of Englnd,you queer white scum” Police intervention is scant & it will only worsen with the Tory’s proposed budget slashes in the public sector.

    1. That sux , people need to understand that anyone can be a victim of racism in the uk not just ethnic minorities and your situation should be taken just as seriously and not any less because you are caucasian british.

  11. He’ll wear the tag as a badge of honour, showing off to his mates that he got it for “scaring a couple of poofs.” The couple in question will probably be subjected to further abuse from his group of friends.

    It’s been mentioned before, but I would like to know what this “community service” entails. It should be something related to working in the gay community. Education is the only way to get the message across effectively.

    When we live in a society where groups of people ganging up outside someone’s home to shout homophobic abuse is a reality, little else but prison sentences will suffice. As someone who lives in a chav town and personally know someone with a tag, trust me when I say they don’t give two hoots. It’s a minor inconvenience at most.

    1. Bad behaviour gets rewarded. How many prisoners or expelled kids now get to meet their heros or go on a Jamie Oliver programme. The good people who keep their head down get nothing or are ignored. It’s not fashionable to help a good but not that bright kid

  12. £200 seems pretty cheap to me considering the intimidating behaviour and the gathering of a potential lynchmob.
    Shame they didn’t tag Orrow’s mates as well.

    1. Yes and the lynchmob are still about probably gathering more recruits to enact retribution . i know a case where my friend went to police because he was being harassed by black homophobic gang .After it turned worse as he was also branded a “snitch” in the end about a year later his housing moved him rather than them(that would mean most of the estate , too much bother for em) because he had been assaulted a few times attempted suicide and was hospitalised. So i very much worry for this couple now .

  13. Dean Orrow sounds like a ‘mental’ as much as a homophobe. I don’t advocate tit for tat normally but in his case exceptions can be made. Shame his address wasn’t revealed. Back in the day of he were some guy nabbed cottaging he’d have been named and shamed and address supplied.

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