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New Hampshire delays anti-gay marriage laws until 2012

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Reader comments

  1. Rip it up and throw it in the trash where it belongs!

  2. The Teabaggers (radical right republicans) who took over the statehouse after the elections got quite a shock last month at hearings regarding this bill. New Hampshire Freedom To Marry did a great job getting people to show up for the hearings and they greatly outnmbered the people supporting repeal. This disparity was further emphasized by the fact that the supporters of marriage equality all wore red t-shirts. The legislators were swamped in a sea of red! They got the message that they seriously underestimated the opposition to repeal. I doubt the bill is ever heard from again.

    1. marjangles 4 Mar 2011, 1:02pm

      Don’t be too sure. Firstly don’t discount the possibility that pressure to repeal the legislation might be coming from outside of the state, from national conservatives who don’t care about the popularity of gay marriage in New Hampshire. The conservative right want to use gay marriage as a hot button issue in 2012 and what better way to spark things off than by repealing the law allowing gay marriage in New Hampshire.

      Secondly, it may be the case that 51% of the people of New Hampshire support gay marriage but they still voted in vast numbers of Republicans who are anti-gay marriage. That suggests to me either that they aren’t telling the enitre truth or that they just don’t care about gay marriage that much to get that worked up about it. In that case the Republicans may just gamble that energising their base by getting rid of gay marriage is a better bet than keepi

      I’m not saying that you’re wrong but I think it’s too early to say with any finality that this isn’t going anywhere.

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