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Homophobia reportedly widespread in UK African communities

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Reader comments

  1. We already know this, and its not just african lgbt who are discriminated against by african communities.

    1. Paddyswurds 3 Mar 2011, 7:27pm

      …. This is hardly surprising. The god delusion is still rife amongst UK Africans and this is added to by the fact that a large percentage of them still have close relatives in the Carribean and Africa, where American evangalists are spreading their own brand of religious bigotry and homophobia Baptists and pentecostals seem to be most prevelant in this revival.. In South Africa, where previous to the downfall of aparteid, black south Africans were pretty much live and let live, religious bigotry is on the rise.
      American evangalists have been moving to Africa and other poor uneducated countries as the west has become increasingly more secular and atheist. The exception to this is the USA where this sort of deluded bigotry is also on the rise, especially in southern states. Strangely the poorer the people the more prone they seem to be to this brainwashinhg, whether this is due to lack of secular education or not is unclear.

      1. I never thought I’d say this but maybe its time to stop allowing poor uneducated immigrants to live here.

      2. maybe we need to get a proper jounalist to cover this travesty in the uk african communities, rather than sending the fluffy airhead scott mills , who semed to assume how much better things were here than in uganda. waste of my telivision license fee sending him to africa when he could have covered the extreme homophobia of african communities in his own city , rather than make misleading statements how much better it was here, maybe in his media whore bubble world. not in the majority of london boroughs where there is excess vilification of lgbt from ethnic minorities. Anjother deathknell to the failure of the multiculturalism experiment and the hieracrchy of which community is placed on the scale of diversity importantance.

  2. ‘being gay is not timmoral’
    Soem will consider that a matter of opinion. How can the two sides meet?

  3. First the Muslim Asians are accused of it, now the African and Afro-Caribbeans.

    I’m surprised there arent more people round here screaming “racist” than there are. I’ve been trying to point this out for years, but everyone chooses to ignore the elephant in the room and just think it’s a bigoted viewpoint as the immigrants continue to build their opinionated attitudes towards us. Also bear in mind that the Eastern Europeans are also there, the Poles, the Lithuanians, the Latvians etc.

    All this guilt-trip attitude of the NuLiebour PC bunch has done considerable harm, as genuinely concerned people feel voiceless and ostracised for fear they may too be seen as racists, while our country slowly gets subsumed into a homophobic collection of communities not of our making or control.

  4. Christine Beckett 4 Mar 2011, 10:47am

    No..! Surely not!!

  5. Yeah, time for us white gays to leave the UK, I’m still waiting for my lottery numbers to come up then its sayonara bigoted Britain and its screaming immigrant population and their bigoted views against British nationals.

    1. Oh I see. So rather than actually complain about immigrants you would rather become one?

      Sounds like complete abject cowardice to me. Thousands of people fought two world wars to protect this country, and and now people like you just shrug, hold their hands in the air and walk off?
      You’re PATHETIC!

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