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End of LGBT History month marked in Warsaw by remembering classic lesbian novel

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Reader comments

  1. It isn’t a “gay” classic at all…it is *the* lesbian classic…it really is unacceptable to hijack that….especially when all the source websites make that absolutely clear. At least the FCO and the British Embassy are more sensitive about LGBT issues than the journalist writing this headline appears to be.

  2. Please change that headline NOW!

  3. calm down girls, its only a book

  4. I PROUDLY, beg to differ,

    NO, it is Not Only A Book.

    “The Lesbian Classic.”

  5. The Rev J R Boyer 4 Mar 2011, 1:15am

    I always consider “The Well” (I have my grandmother’s old 1930s edition) to be “a gay classic” because I’m a relic of those years when “gay” was the all-inclusive term. I understand the lesbian separatist concern for cultural turf, and am pleased that the headline has been corrected.

    I’d also posit that Hall was possibly trans-gender. She was certainly gender non-conforming in her clothing and societal outlooks. “The Well” might be considered “a seminal novel of gender, sexuality, orientation, and identification” – but that would stretch out the headline into the next week.

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