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Mozambicans seek constitutional amendment to enshrine gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Mozambique is a prime example of how gay rights can happen in Africa if politicians are less sensationalist and more level headed about it.

    South Africa is to an extent an odd case because it happened due to the re-writing of their constitution, however with Mozambique it is simply happening through basic law reform and they are setting an example to other African nations.

  2. TheSuburban Bi 2 Mar 2011, 11:35am

    I know little about Mozambique, so was glad to read this.

  3. Good news.

    However Mozambique is a country in Africa. And Africa as a continent is revoltingly homophobic Therefore we cannot trust their politicians to honour their word.

    As we have seen time and time again in savagely backward African countrries like Angola; Uganda; Malawi etc etc, that politicians will engage in genocidal homophobia because it is a populist vote winner among the horrifically bigotted population.

    There needs to be specific written protections for gay people in the Mozambican constitution. If thjere is not then there is always the risk that some murderous maniac like David Bahati will emerge who wants to use the ‘vices against nature’ phrase to legislate for genocide.

    1. David, I think your heart’s in the right place, but you lose support with your willfully ignorant and racist language. Murderous homophobes are everywhere, including London, Manchester, Europe, the US, etc. Africa is simply a landmass – there is no overarching identifier or cultural trait that unites the Arab moslems of the north, animists of the centre and Christians of the south, except maybe poverty. Those who are genocidally homophobic include people whose skins are white, yellow, tan, brown, black and obsidian. Those who are gay and/or standing up for gay rights are similarly drawn from whatever colour in the crayonbox you care too pick. As a very obvious counter to your sweeping statement, I’d note that South Africa has better rights for gays than the UK and the US. And with just this single, imperfect statement to the UN, Mozambique shows itself to be years ahead of most countries in Eastern Europe and Asia in terms of gay rights.

    2. Shameless racist

      1. musclelad23 2 Mar 2011, 2:15pm

        Why do people always use the word “savages” when talking about african homophobia? Can’t you see that makes you look like a complete racist tool mate? You have to remember that alot of this “savage” homophobia comes from the religious right in white america. Africa tolerated and even loved gay people until this cancer of religion was unleashed on them/

      2. How can it be racist if it’s true?

        Are you claiming that countries like Uganda and Malawi are NOT savagely homophobic?

    3. …most of Africa’s homophobia stems from the work of American Evangalists who purposefully work among Africas poorest and least educated peoples. Mozambique has been lucky to escape most of this prostletizing as has South Africa. This has been a phenomena of the last 30 years , largely as Christanity waned in the Educated and secular West. So much damage has been done that it will take decades to undo this evil which blights most of Central and Western Africa. Eastern Africa hasn’t escaped either with Muslims spreading their brand of evangalism among the poor of places like Nigeria. Most of the corruption amongst politicians and the middle class has been fomented by these same so called christian evangicals as they used money to get free rein to do as they pleased amongst the poor.
      @ David….your rant is about the most ignorant and racist piece of writing i have ever seen outside of the Daily Wail. or indeed Ugandas copycat Rolling Stone..

      1. ‘most of Africa’s homophobia stems from the work of American Evangalists’

        So you are claiming that Africans are so stupid that they are easily tricked by American evangelicals?

        African people are entirely responsible for their own savage homophobia.

        The truth hurts.

        1. David –

          The fact is that there are many Africans who are standing up for LGBT rights, and by using inflammatory language (whether justified or not) those Africans who seek to ensure equality and diversity are not supported and those who may speak out in favour of diversity and equality in the future may be discouraged.

          Sure, there are homophobes in Africa. I do believe that many of them are due to extremist Christian and Muslim missionary work in Africa.
          However, there are homophobes everywhere.

          It is illegal to be gay in many parts of Africa – it is also illegal in some parts of Asia, Central America, South America, Oceania and one country in Europe. The “savage” homophobia needs to be challenged and using emotive language such as “savage” does not help those local people who are trying to move things on in their task.

  4. Did the fundies get lost on the way there, I hope they don’t see this report or there will be charter flights of them from here and the USA.

    1. @Dave G
      I’m afraid Dave they are already there. Read my post above.

  5. Jock S. Trap 2 Mar 2011, 12:53pm

    It’s a shame countries like Mozambique and South Africa can’t use their influence to help other neighbouring countries come in from the Dark Ages they’re trying to impose on their citizens.

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Mar 2011, 12:55pm

      Adding that clearly countries like Mozambique deserve British aid support.

  6. martyn notman 2 Mar 2011, 1:31pm

    Thankfully finally a sensible comment from an African leader! Quite why EU states continue to give the rest of them money when they clearly hate many of us is beyond me…

  7. Luke from Canada 2 Mar 2011, 4:51pm

    if moambique which border south africa can enshrine gay rights, then the states can enshrine it as well, it borders canada after all. This type of thing spreads hopefully

    1. …I’m afraid things are headed very much in the opposite direction down here Luke. With the exception of a few enlightened states like my own Massachussets, the ignorant christian right is very much in the ascendency..The Tea Party is a prime example of how bad things have gotten.The Tea Party as you may well know is inhabited by the likes of Christine O’Donnell and Sara Palin. Christine O’Donnell actually believes that the Earth is only 6000 years old ffs. Palin probably believes this too but i haven’t actually heard her say it as i have O’Donnell

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