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Daisy Lowe: ‘I am a mild lesbian’

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 2 Mar 2011, 12:11pm

    She means she’s Bisexual.

    What’s so horrific with saying ‘I’m Bisexual?’

    who the hell is she anyway?

  2. LOL No one knows or cares who she is, so she says she’s bi just to get attention.

  3. Jock S. Trap 2 Mar 2011, 1:00pm

    hmmmm mild Lesbian eh?

    Who is she you say, well she’s Matt Smith’s girlfriend and daughter of Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale from the band Bush. Is it me or does she look like Kate Bush a wee bit… Oh Lordy showing me age.

    Anyway other than that I ain’t got the faintest idea who she is.


  4. Oh f–k off. Another lipstick lesbian, how many is that this week? Jessie J, this gimp and countless more who ‘come out’ to get the cover of a lads mag. And yes she does look like Kate’s Bush. Poor Kate, to be mentioned in the same breath as this walking tool.

  5. martyn notman 2 Mar 2011, 1:24pm

    Lesbian-Lite? Presumably she only sleeps with men that look like woman? Or does she mean she got rat-arsed once and snogged a woman…the latter i suspect!

  6. What an idiot ! i hate these fools who try the tired ole trendy statement “i’m bi ” and maybe kiss their friend when they are wasted ,just to give a guy an erection.. Turds like her think they are so liberal and wacky pretending to be a little bi but really they are homophobic . These “lesbian lites” help perpetuate the lesbian porn fantasy/gratification to straight men. i’ve actually met straight guys who hate gaymen but love lesbians cause they know how to please a man or this is the perception they have from these stupid media whores.

  7. Can somebody slap her

  8. Looks to me as if she’s jumping on a bandwagon to get her name in the papers. That and none of the Matt Smith stories recently mentioned her name so she’s a bit out in the cold publicity wise!

  9. I’ll bet she’s not even bi.

    I cannot abide these moronic women who claim to be bi in men’s magazines to appear more interesting and sexy.

    Daisy Love is an offensive idiot..

  10. Mild lesbian or a Bitter Bisexual or just a Lager lover and who is Matt Smith?

    1. Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor.

      Considerably more famous than her.

      1. Thankyou Rose so WHO is Matt Smith then! No pun Intended

        1. Pun absolutely intended by the sound of it! :)

          1. Matt Smith is the hopeless actor the BBC brought in to keep the kids happy.

  11. I must be in a grumpy mood tonight because all I want to say to her is shut up! Seriously, I’m bored senseless with this stupid fashion of having ‘girl crushes’ which seems to feature in all the mags. Even writing those words make me want to vomit.

    And she does look like Kate Bush, but Kate’s a million times prettier and cleverer.

  12. Good grief. She didn’t say anything homophobic. Some gay people are as tedious in their insistence that people’s sexuality fit neat boxes as are homophobes. If she sees herself as mainly straight but a bit Lesbian, then that’s how she sees herself, and she shouldn’t be criticised for that. She’s not harming the cause of LGBT. It’s her business and good luck to her. people by any means.

    1. Yea, but frankly, I don’t believe she is. It’s just jumping on a fashionable bandwagon.

      1. I agree, Rose. She’s just trying to make herself look interesting – instead she’s made herself look stupid and pathetic, in my opinion.

    2. “Good grief. She didn’t say anything homophobic. ”

      I know.

      She just said something stupid and fake, with the sole intention of being titillating in a men’s ‘tits and ass’ magazine.

    3. Lamia or Labia or whatever you call yourself- re; ”It’s her business”, well I disagree, she trotted out the statement in an interview for a men’s mag, ergo its everyone’s business or she’d have kept her loose yap shut.

  13. What’s a “Mild Lesbian”?

    Does she like low gravity beer as well as women?

  14. Good grief- give the poor girl a break- she’s only speaking her mind. The more people in the public eye who admit to being somewhere on the queer scale the better because it makes it more acceptable.

    1. +1 Give the kid a break folks. It’s not like she’s a mouthpiece for the W.B.C. etc. Geez…

    2. this is the residue of Katy “I kissed a girl” Perry making bi girls fashionable…for now

  15. “Mild lesbian”? Translation: Attempting to up her media value by titillating the readers of a lad’s mag with something its demographic considers a kinky deviance without having to face any of the consequences of being openly gay – thereby never having to give up the trappings of heterosexual privilege (i.e. hot TV boyfriend, Matt Smith – who, as far as I’m aware, hasn’t exactly felt    compelled to admit same-sex attraction. Funny, that…)

    When they announce full-blown gay affairs as freely – and sincerely – as these coy flirtations, then – and only then – will these people deserve our respect.

  16. Well at least she’s braver than her dad. How long did it take him to admit that he’d been with Marilyn? Then again I wouldn’t want to admit to that either.

    I love her admission mind. ‘I’m a mild lesbian!’ Made me laugh just a little.

  17. God damn it, everyone! Why is everyone getting so offended by what she’s saying? Don’t you think for ONE SECOND that she could be telling the truth, hm?

  18. “A Mild Lesbian”?
    That sounds about as feasible as a “little bit of a murderer”

    You either are, or you’re not.

  19. PumpkinPie 28 Dec 2011, 3:04pm

    Oh, super. Biphobic rants. I must have missed this story when it was originally published. Anyway, better late than never: she seems like a nice lass, 95% of you lot sound like right creeps.

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