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Support for ‘brave’ Steven Davies after coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Martin Lawrence 1 Mar 2011, 4:05pm

    Well done Davies. Let’s hope this provokes a flood of honesty which will play at least a part in the war against homophobia.

  2. Fairplay to him! Rugby, Gaelic Football, Swimming, Cricket – who’s next?!

  3. Well done to a guy who didn’t wait until his career was over, or nearly over, before being honest.

  4. @Brian hopefully the answer to your question is a player from the Premier League. Preferably hot and sexy :)
    I do seriously think that is the game that a coming out player will have the most impact on in England and some football countries abroad.
    Congratulations to Mr Davies the impact of your coming out is having a positive impact world wide. With some luck it may even influence some cricket loving judges in India in a court case on gay rights for the good.

  5. Guardan article today

    ” Have your say on … coming out at workIf you’re gay, what is your experience of being open about it at work? Is coming out, as Steven Davies did, easier these days?”

  6. IMHO whats more important then marriage is coming out of the hitlerite church ghetto called the closet

    When str8 people discover that people they know and respect are gay, it innoculates them against the hatred spilled out of the catholic and some evangelical churches.

    And that will make marriage a slam dunk, along with a major change in society.

  7. and yet the telegraph had a homophobic column supporting the bigoted christian couple in the same edition

    good luck for him

  8. I play cricket as a wicket keeper and i am absolutely ecstatic about someone i can really identify with coming out in the game. Cricket, despite its gentlemanly outlook can be vicious on the field with sledging (i.e comments between players designed to disorientate or disturb the opponent.) I could never before truly identify with an out sportsman but Davies changed everything

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