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Silvio Berlusconi tells Catholics: ‘We’ll never allow gays to marry or adopt’

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Reader comments

  1. Laughable isn’t it … this guy is a wonderful, shining example of a good Catholic isn’t he? Hypocrisy stinks.

    1. ‘Laughable isn’t it’. No, it isn’t actually. This stopped being funny long ago.
      In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in homophobic hate crimes here in Italy. It seems that not one day can go by anymore without some new charge against gays from a newspaper, politician or catholic cleric.
      There is no opposition here.Catholics and berlusconi’s supporters are everywhere. The left has vanished.There is not a single political force that has anything like gay/women’s rights in their agenda.
      Homophobia in the media is another serious concern. Over the last couple of months a string of homophobic articles have appeared in the ‘duce’s media.
      The catholic church has stepped up attacks on LGBT ( and women’s) rights, too. Only last week, a high-ranking cleric called homosexuality an illness that ought to be ‘extirpated’.
      The secular movement has been silenced. Italian media avoid any mention of the sex scandals that have engulfed the Catholic Church in recent years.

  2. I don’t think any of us need to state the obvious here so I won’t.

  3. So now Sylvio Burlesque-oroni is the spokesmodel for “family values”?

    We have truly entered Bizzaro world!

  4. Well, he has to appease the right with something to distract them from the fact that he was allegedly banging Ruby the Heartstealer.

    (I say allegedly, cause I don’t want no trouble.)

  5. This just goes to show what an outdated buffoon he now is.

  6. This man is a joke and what’s even more of a joke is that he’s probably going to be re-elected next time around.

  7. Jock S. Trap 1 Mar 2011, 2:56pm

    Says a 74 year old man addicted to hookers.

    Yep religion is all about the love….Not!

  8. Sad thing is ….it works for a lot of ignorant people…but just ignore him!

  9. Ah, Berlusconi, the outpost of morality….shag a child, but don’t let those gays get married, it’s just wrong.

    Actually, he has quite a lot in common with the Catholic stereotype of a gay man – vain, excessive use of tanning beds, promiscuous, paedophilic tendencies, substance abuse, brothel visitor……gun, aim, foot, fire!

    Isn’t it about time someone gave him a bloody nose again?

  10. I’m so ashamed of John Galliano tho’.

  11. What nerve! With all his philandering and having sex with hookers and an underage female, he has the gall to chant family values. He defies the word “sleaze” and “douche bag”.

    His views sadly are the views of the majority of Italian men, what does that say about Italy?

  12. Robert,

    Berlusconi makes ‘douchebag’ sound like a compliment. The English language lacks an appropriate word.

  13. Ah Berlusconi and Catholics both like to shag kids.

    Italy is still such a horrid place.

    1. You are right about berlusconi and catholics, as an atheist i would agree with you

      As a british – italian citizen I can see your racism in your words.

      “Italy is still a horrid place”

      very smart of you…

      1. Evviva l’Italia!.The Italians I know are not at all happy about having the Vatican or Berlusconi.

        1. Italians aren’t actually race, so it’s not racism. It’s a criticism of Italian values, which is perfectly valid given that they stem from socio-political and religious views, practices and policies NOT skin colour. The Italian state embodies a great deal of the hypocrisy in Italian society (religious, yet grossly superficial) and, thus, Italians deserve the leaders they have had until now.

          Even so, Italy is hardly Uganda. I’d still go on holiday there and have a crack with the locals.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with Italy or Italians (or folks in general for that matter).

      But there’s plenty wrong with bigots and hypocrites (‘same thing).

  14. Luke from Canada 1 Mar 2011, 4:03pm

    him being the posterchild for family values, is like jimmy swaggert being the posterchild for abstinence

  15. “He has been charged with having sex with an underage prostitute and will go on trial in April.”

    Sounds like the perfect mouthpiece for the catholic church.

  16. It would be hilarious, except that he actually is still very favoured with the italian public. He is seen as a real, hot blooded ,italian stallion mans man .

  17. Oh and his best mate is the delusional Gadafy, no wonder they get on so well.

  18. Charlie-o 1 Mar 2011, 4:23pm

    Berlusconi has a lot in common with his good friend Col. Gaddafi. Unfortunately, unlike the Libyians, Egyptians, and Tunisians, the Italian people have neither the moral rectitude or desire to oust this corrupt thug. The utter hyposcrisy of the Catholic Church bears a major responsibility for the people’s cynicism and the country’s toleration of corruption and degradation.

  19. “Gays will never have marriages equal to traditional family values because there is only one family” is that one family made up of underage prostitutes Silvio? Your hypocrisy stinks worse than your policies.

  20. he’s a dickhead!

  21. we’ll see about that ;-)

  22. Babydragon Jamaica 1 Mar 2011, 5:14pm

    HYPOCRISY alive and well in Italy and Jamaica. We have a Prime Minister here who calls for ‘family values’ and is himself a philanderer. I am so glad I am not a christian.

  23. Never is a long time…don’t bet on it Berlusconi you dirty old skirt chaser.

  24. I’m italian, but I really don’t now how so many italians can vote this man and close their eyes in front of his enormous hipocrisy

  25. That’s rich coming form a paedophile.

  26. I love it when these Neanderthals like Silvio Berlusconi spew forth their religious diatribe, as it only serves to alienate more decent people from Christianity, and firmly knocks another nail into the coffin of religious belief.

  27. Steve@GayWebHosting 1 Mar 2011, 5:41pm

    Incredible how those who seek to lecture us on how we should live our lives, usually make such a mess of theirs!

    Underage girls paid for sex at his parties? Can´t wait to see this old homophobe in prison where he so obviously belongs!

  28. johnny33308 1 Mar 2011, 6:05pm

    This comment from someone who pays young women for sex and he is married, I believe. He is no position, frankly, to maintain any sort of ‘moral high ground’ about this or any other issue. He should mind his own business and continue being the good Catholic he is. Hypocrisy is alive and well in people such as he.

  29. So the paedophile Berlusconi is against equality.

    That’s good.

    We don’t need or want paedophile scum on our side.

  30. westcoastkid 1 Mar 2011, 6:26pm

    WOW…LISTEN TO MR. MORALITY casting the first stone. Ha-ha-ha.

  31. Poor Italy.

  32. Pink News….. accuracy is important when reporting on stories such as this If as you say the girl was 17 at the time there would be no case. however the age of sexual majority in Italy is 14 with 13 being permissable if the other partner is no more than 3 years older. A quick query on the Interweb provided me with this info in less than .38 of a second.

    1. Hi, Boston – No offense intended in the accuracy department, but here’s some more info (and I only vaguely recall this – I didn’t look it up or verify it in any way). Yes, the age of consent in Italy is 14, but it’s illegal to pay someone for sex who’s under the age of 18. Don’t ask me why. I can’t figure out why there should be different ages – why you can do it for free but you can’t charge? From 14 to 18 is when you need money the most! (I’m being facetious – but only partly.)

      1. Interesting in the home of the vatican how the age of consent is 14.

        Of course there are all those sex starved priests…….

        1. …actually 14 is the age of consent in the majority of European countries with a smattering of 13…….

      2. ….from what i can glean from the Interweb the age of consent for all is 14. There seems to be no exception for prostitution. I would imagine that the charge is probably that of Paying for sex, period. After all prostitution is illegal in a lot of western countries and probably is in Italy too.

  33. Next you’ll be telling us he lives in a glass house…. oh? What’s that you say… he does?

  34. Rachel, you’re absolutely right! Not even neanderthal can aptly describe this devolved piece of human detritus.

  35. Notice the silence of the Vatican in all this? Obviously it gives consent while looking away at this scumbag’s disgusting anti-family values in the form of adultery and sexual escapades. Hypocrisy and bigotry of the worst kind.

  36. Christine Beckett 1 Mar 2011, 7:20pm

    Oh, our Italian cousins…. !
    (in best Queenie voice)


  37. Guglielmo Marinaro 1 Mar 2011, 7:29pm

    Che segaiolo! Che testa di cazzo!

  38. …He is depraved.

  39. One day I hope the human race will bloody grow up and abandon childish things like believing in a sky daddy…

    Not that Berlusconi does, of course. But it is a convenient piece of bait’n’switch so people will asking questions about underage girls.

  40. he may never allow it lets hope his replacement has more of an open mind

  41. Guys here is a well made video about the LGBT community we made and posted on youtube,after the many suicides last year encouraging gay people to love themselves despite religious indocrination.Here is the link:

    Spread the word and help get it out there.We want to get it out there but but arent sure how to go about it? (Sorry for the spam )

  42. Hey Mr Berlusconi you are wrong. Italy will join the rest of the civilised world soon. The Catholic Church is not the only influence on power. The people count too and as we have seen in the Middle East that is a powerful thing.
    Many countries have moved towards inclusion with things like gay marriage.
    Australia is just the latest.

  43. @Boston: The age of consent in Italy is 14; however, the minimum age to work as a prostitute is 18. She is underage on the latter count.

    1. ” to work as a prostitute”…. didn’t think prostitution was legal in Italy Andy. On the list of EU countries it says Italy is 14 for all and thirteen when both parties are lessthan three years apart age wise…. No mention of a Prfostitute age??

      1. Prostitution is legal in Italy. The age of consent for prostitution is 18.

  44. Constantinos 1 Mar 2011, 11:22pm

    Hmm I don’t know why everyone here is judging him, he’s just marketing his way out of his own trouble like he should.

    The real problem here is that he’s been elected by the Italians so many times… so the real issue is what morons the Italians are, after all politicians are just a reflection of the people voting them… and this is exactly what Italians deserve just like americans so well deserved Bush (twice)

    1. Agreed. The election in Italy is really a census of the stupid, to elect a corrupt Neanderthal like this cretin.

  45. Italy has an appalling historical record on human rights! What do you expect when it envelopes the most evil colony on Earth- the Vatican!

  46. Meh he’ll be in jail soon enough

  47. Are gays allowed anything in Italy?

    Ok what about some second rate relationship, civil unions? Nah, nothing….

    I don’t think I’ll be moving to Italy in a hurry,,,nor Lithunania, nor Greece, nor Romania,nor…….so much for freedom of movement for gays within the EU!!!

    If I was an Italian I don’t know why I would bother living there!

    1. I suggest this idiot and the catholic church in Italy do at least what the UK Catholic head (Vincent Nicols) did become ” very nuanced.” and “not oppose gay civil partnerships” and recognise that in Italian law ” there might be a case for those.” – Italian gay couples have no rights at all, do they?

  48. The family values of the catholic church on display – underage sex. Banging a 17 year old by a guy in his 70s.

    What would you expect of a criminal and a church whose leader was a member of the hitler Youth Corp.

  49. Oh yes – how many know of the latest scandal of the vatican – google “vatican bank”.

    If you ever wondered why the church hasn’t used its resources to crush the Mafia, you will discover that the bank has been laundering the mafias money.

    1. … nothing new im afraid…Google ” blackfriars bridge scandal” and “gods banker”….. the vatican has beeen a scandal ridden cesspit from its inception.. Google “the Borgias” for a really hair raising read. …Originally from the beginning the age of consent at the vatican was 12… now theres a surprise…not. It only fell into line with Italy in the twentieth century.

      1. …oh and of course the Medicis i nearly forgot…Lucretia Borgia was a daughter of the Borgia pope and probably the evilist woman who ever lived.

  50. Hello! How did the Catholic Church even allow this scum to attend – let alone speak at- a Catholic Conference?

  51. I suppose you have to admire his nerve, though I suspect that any sense of his own ludicrousness was wiped away by fawning toadies years ago. And he knows all about family values – those of a medieval caliph (concubines, dancing girls, etc) anyway.

  52. Jock S. Trap 2 Mar 2011, 10:36am

    I fear Italy with it’s closeness to the Vatican will be one of the last European countries to do more for Gay/Equal rights.

    1. There isn’t a seperate age of consent for gay people in Italy …it is 14 for all and 13 if both participants are no more than 3 years apart in age.

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Mar 2011, 1:20pm

        ok but I meant with regards to marriage.

  53. I’m sure that the Catholic church is thrilled they they have such a fine upstanding underage hooker seeker among their number.

  54. Italy is a beautiful country but sadly is marred by stinking hatreds, corruption and hypocrisy. Berlusconi is a vile human being and represents everything that is bad and wrong about Italy.

  55. Mark Farrugia 3 Mar 2011, 7:50pm

    Gays and singles are prohibited to adopt or getting married but in the name of the Church and political power we can abuse and do anything. There’s nothing wrong while one is married and in the meantime have horns. Laughable no

  56. This is proof that the Catholics who call gays their enemy plan to stop gays from getting married and being free to be gay and have equal rights. Catholics must be stopped using every means possible now before they stop gays dead.

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