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Man jailed for hammer attack on gay Labour councillor

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Reader comments

  1. Quite right too, though two years is a bit offensive.

    I regret to say that my first thought on reading this was “Marian? He was never going to grow up well-adjusted.”

  2. Things like this are less likely to happen if one pursues a more meaningful relationship…

    1. there are plenty of people killed by their partners in ‘meaningful relationship’

      People gay straight bi meet up on social networking sites, lovers lanes, cruising areas – none of them deserve to be attacked because they met up by what you may consider to be non conventional methods.

      1. 1) Name three.

        2) Did I say that anyone deserves to be attacked?

        It’s prudent to get to know someone first before trusting them further.

  3. He was convicted of “unlawful wounding”?? Is there such thing as “lawful wounding”? What are the parameters of that? Just curious.

    1. Phoenix0879 1 Mar 2011, 9:19pm

      There are cases of people wounding others in self-defense – a recent case involved a young man confronting a burglar in his home, grabbing his air rifle, shouting multiple warnings and then firing at the intruder, hitting him – and not being convicted. In that case the judge actually praised the young man, essentially saying the burglar had got what he deserved.

      So yes, there is lawful wounding.

  4. Guys here is a well made video about the LGBT community we made and posted on youtube,after the many suicides last year encouraging gay people to love themselves despite religious indocrination.Here is the link:

    Spread the word and help get it out there.We want to get it out there but but arent sure how to go about it? (Sorry for the spam

    1. Thank you JK. :)

  5. “Things like this are less likely to happen if one pursues a more meaningful relationship…”

    That is such a load of old rubbish.

    The vast majority of sexual assault and domestic violence occurs within longterm relationships.

    1. Then why are so many lesbian and gay couples the world over clamouring to get married?

      1. there are plenty like myself who are NOt clamouring to get married

  6. Hmm. He probably attacked him only when the guy finally owned up and came out to him and admitted “I have to tell you something, I, I.. I’m… a Labour Councillor”.

    I would call that justifiable attempted homicide.

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