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Tennessee proposes bill to ban gay awareness in schools

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 1 Mar 2011, 8:26am

    America – Land of the Free… except for…

    Land of the Free – What a frackin joke!

  2. Gentlemen – time you wakened up and realised the Earth is round NOT flat!!!! You can deny Homosexuality all you want, but denial does NOT change fact! It exists, we exist and we ain’t going to disappear … learn to live with it, and concentrate rather on SERVING THE PEOPLE not pandering to your own and others’ prejudice, petty-mindedness and bigotry!!!

    1. I think you’d find that a lot of people in Tennessee still think the world is flat……They certainly believe that the world is only 6000 years old and that dinosaurs existed alongside humans for thousands of those 6000.

  3. jamestoronto 1 Mar 2011, 1:21pm

    Don’t forget this is the same state that also outlawed the teaching of evolution and allowed only the Genesis version of Creation to be taught.

    They haven’t progressed much in almost a century there have they?

  4. Jen Marcus 1 Mar 2011, 6:21pm

    Why, so it becomes easier to brainwash and confuse little children with irrational religious beliefs, dogmas, half and total untruths, and fairy tales derived from ancient unscientific books that engender and promote ignorance, discrimination, hate and emotional and physical violence directed at their fellow human beings that may not believe or act like they do?

  5. I’m guessing they’ll also be recanting the national anthem in that state as the bible teaches them not to lie…

  6. Strongly reminds me of Lithuanian politics…

  7. …..over 60% of Americans still believe in the whole religious fantasy thing, so is it any wonder their whole country is going down the tubes rapidly. The place is a paradox where on the one hand thousands are murdered every day by fellow Americans and thousands are legally put to death every year by the state, and on the other the churches are full every Sunday. Democracy is revered yet the USA supports more than 20 despots, dictators and despot royalties world wide in their own interest. McCarthyism is still widely evident although under different and dispirit guises. The right to own a gun is in many states almost as widely revered as is christianity yet thousands are murdered by guns every year. America spends 22% of GDP fighting drugs yet a trillion dollars is spent by Americans every week on illicit drugs. “5 million Americans are without any form of health insurance and are depending on European Charities, mostly British to provide basic health care like dentists and opticins

  8. yet they spend trillions in countries like Columbia “fighting the drug barons” They are spending roughly 50 billion a year on a “war” in Afghanistan that they cannot win. The Reality is that the so called “war” is to secure the country so they can build an oil pipeline from Kazakhstan to the coast, so Americans can continue to drive 12 mile to the gallon Hummers and gas guzzling Cadillac’s and pimp palaces on wheels. There are huge tax breaks to encourage Americans to buy Hummers. Food is so cheap that Americans throw away a billion tons of food every year yet there are more people going hungry every day there than in China, the worlds most populated country. They manufacture very little there anymore and buy 90% of consumer goods from China. And where do they borrow the money to pay for this largesse…China of course. I could go on at length but I think that by now you get the picture of the worlds most “powerful state”

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