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Irish artist depicts Elton John breastfeeding

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Reader comments

  1. Wow from what i’m seeing of ireland of late sounds like they are way more gay friendly than over here. The may even have an elected gay president soon.

  2. Kevin Sharkey is the ultimate media wh0re, he doesn’t give a fig about anything or anyone other than feathering his own nest. Also not only is this bad art (and it is) but its also a woeful piece of Photoshopping.

  3. lets not dignify this provocation

  4. Art????????????


    By what definition?

  5. If you take a look at Sharkey’s most recent oeuvre you’ll see his gone for the shock tactics approach towards making a few quid; Jorda (Katie Price) in the style of Myra Hindley’s infamous mugshot, Obama dressed in KKK robes, Elton breastfeeding et al. Sharkey is just a f–ked up product of mindless gestures over substance. He’s gone from being bisexual to openly gay to at some stage in the past couple of years getting engaged to a woman. There ain’t enough Prozac in Ireland to deal with the issues he has.

  6. Kevin Sharkey is gay.

    He’s also a really bad artist who creates these ‘controversial’ pieces to raise his profile.

    His very limited artistic talent means that unless he engages in shock tactics then he would have no art career.

  7. I don’t have a problem with this. I think breastfeeding is a good thing, and even more men (gay or straight) would be breastfeeding their babies if they were able.

    1. Ummm….”even more men (gay or straight) would be breastfeeding their babies if they were able”. Are you stoned or have I missed the story that says men are equipped to breast feed??!! Cause having some men let alone “more” men breast feeding would be a pretty big story.

      1. Actually, they are equipped to breastfeed. Men’s mammary glands are anatomically identical to women’s mammary glands, but with different hormonal exposures. Men usually don’t have the same distribution of fat as women, and men don’t usually have the active hormones to stimulate milk production. But with hormones, men can breastfeed. And some men (not many) breastfeed naturally without hormonal supplements.

        Here’s an article on it:

        It’s not a big story. It’s been documented sporadically since the beginning of time.

  8. Jock S. Trap 1 Mar 2011, 3:01pm

    Oh Lordy there’s that queasy feeling again.


    1. You can borrow my sick bag when I’ve finished with it. There may not be much room left.

  9. Damn, Elton has a set of knockers on him, doesn’t he?

  10. Eltons tits aside, why is pink news calling this “a painting”? It isn’t. A painting is something done on primed canvas or panel, or even paper for fuuuks sake. This isn’t a painting, it’s a bad photoshop job by a talentless hack. Ingres painted. What starkey has done is manufacture controversy with GCSE-grade ICT skills. Can we move a long please?

  11. …..hopefully this is the dieing throes of this creeps so called artistic career. A child with the stub of a pencil could produce something more interesting. I am inclined to see a certain amout of homophobia in this piece and hopefully Elton will have a word with his lawyers about. Over the years Sharkey has been straight, gay , bi and goodness only knows what else. This man has issues and should be in the care of a health care professional.

  12. That A) is Creepy and B) looks like a piss poor photoshop.

    1. I’ve seen various photos of lactating men breastfeeding small children. I think this particular picture is only creepy in that that obviously looks like a woman’s breast. If he had a more realistic male lactating breast it probably wouldn’t look so creepy.

  13. Oh get over yourselves a little.

    He says himself he has a chuckle at it.

    I thought it was rather clever – I like the way he approaches subjects by creating contrasting images.

    Does it matter if it’s a painting, photoshop or anything else? You may not like the picture but that doesn’t give you the right to deem him a bad artist. That’s unfair.

    Actually I found it very funny too.

    1. Kevin Sharkey 6 Mar 2011, 8:06pm

      Thank God Someone with a sense of Humour, take note Moaners

  14. Calling him a bad artist is insulting to bad artists.

    1. yes i agree, he’s fun as in it would be a funny newspaper sketch by someone who could sketch, but as skill goes he’s equal with turner prize winners. Actually i don’t know of any worthy artists now so he’s just part of the trend.

  15. I have nothing against this image other than it’s referred to as art! As a former art student myself I really take against this reference myself. So the numpty took two images and badly photshopped them and he’s called an artist?

    Worse still someone will have paid for this pile of pap!

    Ok rant over! lol

  16. If he was a carpenter who couldn’t saw wood would it be unfair to call him a bad carpenter? Get over YOURself.

    1. If he was a ‘carpenter’ who couldn’t saw wood then I wouldn’t even call him a carpenter you moron.

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