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Friends say Scottish man may have been killed in anti-gay attack

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah wouldn’t surprise me. My experiences of Scotland and in particular Edinburgh consisted of doormen standing outside gay bars calling the clientele ‘poofs’ and a job where some staff members had a discussion in the canteen that being born gay was worse than being born black. This was the 2000s not the 1950s btw.

  2. CMYB I’ve worked the door in a gay bar in Edinburgh and it was on Leith walk, The only problems I faced was homophobic twats walking past the bar shouting insults at our clientele and at my door team. In saying that, Edinburgh isn’t all that Homophobic – we have a thriving gay scene that pretty much everyone visits.But there are certain parts of the city that are dodgier that others – no matter what sexuality you are.

    Oh and btw, I’m a lesbian and have never outside my job had any abuse in this city. That’s a big difference from what I’ve faced in my home town in Ireland.

  3. Well you’re lucky Aisling, I’m speaking from my experiences of Edinburgh and its possibly the main city where I experienced open hostility towards the lgbt community, the lesson being they bigots in Scotland have no qualms about airing their views.

  4. True about bigots. But in my experience I’ve found Glasgow to be worse than Edinburgh. I feel safe in this city. Which is something I’m not overly used to. Sadly though I think whatever city there will alwayz be pathetic bigots & homophobes..

  5. What a load of hypocritical BS. John Carter did not have any friends, he had drug acquaintances. This is the second recent drug-related death of a Port O Leith “client”.

  6. In true journalistic style they leave the most important part of this story to the end. The post-mortem was ‘inconclusive’. No signs of physical injury would indicate toxic death e.g. overdose and NOT assault. Like the previous commentators jumping the gun, the press have manipulated the story to look like a homophobic attack when in actual fact the only evidence there is, the PM of a ‘suspicious death’, does not indicate that at all.

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