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Elton John may appear on Glee

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Reader comments

  1. Are the words “ELTON JOHN” an anagram for “WILL SUCK THE LIFEBLOOD, VAMPIRE LIKE, FROM ANYTHING OR ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH YOUTH AND ENERGY TO MAINTAIN A STRANGLEHOLD ON FAME”. Elton is a full on gay rights supporter these days, not unimpressive for someone who spent half their adult life in the closet and married a woman to keep up the pretence. *skakes head* Oh Elton you unloveable parasite, when will you learn?

  2. Cue the small surrogate babe in arms being fussed over by the choir for publicity.

    But, the gays obviously buy this rubbish, who are we to moralise!

  3. The fad man is jumping on a fad?


  4. bicoastal 1 Mar 2011, 6:29pm


  5. I love how he is going to star in a pop song strong show, after his big tantrum about how he will abandon pop because it is “childish”.

  6. David Myers 2 Mar 2011, 9:25am

    Such cynics! So I guess we eat our own or do we just sh*t on them?

  7. Can we cancel glee already. :( it’s just sad now.

    It’s a stereotypical show that’s a one trick pony and is going to get stale fast.

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