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Website blaming gays for Christchurch quake shut down

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Reader comments

  1. brilliant. I complained and the response I got was:

    “I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with one of our clients.

    Questions of libel, slander, defamation and hate speech are legal matters, about which a court must make a decision. We can remove a website if we receive a court order so stating. Please provide a notarized copy of the injunction or other court order once you have obtained one; we can then verify the document with the court and take action.

    We apologize for this inconvenience; in matters such as this, we must rely upon the courts’ discretion.”


  2. ^

    That’s a total crap response. :s

    Glad we got the result tho

  3. I got the same. Replied again and copy+pasted their ToS back to them, pointing out the potential breaches for them to consider.

    Simple truth to this “church” – Yes, you have a right to freedom of speech in the USA. Yes, that speech is sometimes hideous. But what you are NOT entitled to is a soapbox upon which to stand while you spout your putrid filth. If BlueHost have bought it down, then credit to them.

  4. Pink News Power

    Christians . . . Quake in your boots


  5. martyn notman 28 Feb 2011, 10:32pm

    Oh my god what a bunch of freaks! How dare they take advantage of genuine grief and mourning to support their nasty little rant.

  6. eek i fear i may get lynched for this, but i think it is bad that the site has been brought down. While i hate the views they espouse I also hate the idea that speech can be limited due to public pressure.
    Imagine if the internet had been around thirty years ago when homophobia was a lot more prevalent than it is now, wouldnt the same form of public pressure have been used to shut down websites that hosted “gay” sites.

    1. One major difference the earthquake has just happenned and it killed people. The article was incredibly insensitive.

      1. Doesnt matter. freedom of speech is curtailed for the best of reasons, it will eventually be curtailed for the worst of reasons.

    2. Phoenix0879 1 Mar 2011, 7:32am

      Scott, it isn’t about free speech. There is no such thing as free speech online. You take out a contract (either with an ISP or a webhosting group) and, paid or free contract, promise to abide by the Terms of Service. Those ToS are for the provider to set. If you breach those rules you knowingly agreed to then you should rightly be punished.

      The site in question deliberately ignored the ToS of their provider, this has since been highlighted and dealt with.Where you sign up to ToS you no longer have a freedom of speech. You have essentially joined a ‘members only’ club and agreed to its rules and limitations.

      So many people misunderstand the nature of the internet. It is not some free entity. It is a place you join, agree to abide by rules of and conduct yourself in accordance to.

    3. It’s not about their freedom of speech. It’s about the provider who didn’t want offensive and controversial sites on their server. If you start insulting people in a bar, you get kicked out. Not because of freedom of speech but because the bar owner doesn’t want you bad-mouthing his customers.

      1. Phoenix0879 1 Mar 2011, 9:45am

        Very true Dee-Moe. I’m all for freedom of speech, but so many people attempt to apply it in a situation where it simply is not applicable, such as this.

        If these guys were on a street corner saying this nonsense, I would deplore them saying it but leave them to it. That is free speech. But on what is essentially a “members only” club, where one agrees to a terms of service contract, it is not acceptable when it breaches ToS.

        1. With freedoms, including speech, come responsibilities …

  7. Look, free speech isn’t just for views we agree with. This website, which incidentally espouses views that would be held blasphemous by most Christians, should not have been forced to close. Counter bad speech with good speech, not censorship.

    1. Usually I would entirely agree with you

      But freedoms do require responsibilities

      Organisations granting those freedoms have a responsibility to ensure that anyone utilizing their freedom of speech doesnt also crush anothers freedoms …

      Every time someone exercises a right, another persons rights may be trampled on and sometimes that is not appropriate … this is a case where stopping that message was appropriate in my view

  8. One’s free speech can be limited by another’s freedom of expression.

    For a demonstration just walk into a bar and start running your mouth in a hateful manner…

  9. lady tanya 1 Mar 2011, 2:33am

    oh my Mother Earth, what century are we in, when people like this are blaming us the L,G,B,T for all the disasters that go on in the world
    they sound like the the people who thought the world was flat and that the sky would fall down if they do not have a virgin to sacrifice,
    You cannot but it in to figures with out feeling sorry for all the people that have died through this sickness that,,,, that is called religion
    Love and peace to all

  10. Teh christians and the catholic church actually have people who believe in such drivel. Keeps the fear and paranoia alive so the victims continue to contribute.

    When you tell a lie, you need to tell more and more lies to support the first lie.

    remember the old saying – “oh what a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive.

    And the Bs about the ‘son of god”. BTw historically the Jews called good people “sons of God” , which had nothing to do with diety and everything to do with charity.

    Burn the churches that oppose gay marriage etc.

    And put their leaders in the funny farm with the barbed wire fence around it so htey cant do any more damage with their BS

  11. Jock S. Trap 1 Mar 2011, 7:57am

    Good News!!

  12. Good news. It’s a pity they don’t section the people who wrote that cr*p. It was not just homophobic, it was absolutely barking mad.

  13. The Rev J R Boyer 1 Mar 2011, 3:26pm

    Very good news.

    As to “banning free speech” arguments (and buying in to the “religiously-protected free speech must never be infringed” notion), there is a difference (as pointed out by US Supreme Court Justice Brandeis) between freedom of “expression” and “incitement.”
    I’m very much hoping that we’ll see something akin to Ireland’s Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act implemented here in the the USA.

  14. “Some of the citizens of Christchurch are gays, so I am going to kill all citizens of Christchurch, including heterosexuals, christians, families and children”


    (…very intelligent design indeed…)

  15. It is amazing at how powerful we gays are. Imagine the potential we have if we can cause an earthquakes, hurricanes, maybe even volcanic activity wouldn’t be out of the question. Perhaps we could use our collective energy to stop global warming and even a collision with an asteroid. The possibilities boggle the mind.
    Maybe if we concentrate hard enough we can even change the minds of the Fundies. Naw, that is just a dream.

  16. Its people like that who cause all the hate in the world today,simply blaming everything on someone is only to deflect all the vicious hatred going on inside there own souls,this happened because of that mentallity,what a load of CRAP !

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