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Video: Lady Gaga premieres Born This Way

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Reader comments

  1. Honestly? Disappointed. It was interesting enough, curious use of imagery etc etc. But I wanted something triumphant and uplifting and more in keeping with the lyrics of the song. It almost feels like a bit of a cop-out – like a video that matched the lyric would be too inflammatory to the bible belt and the homophobes and the haters that she bottled at the last minute.

    Will go back to listening to the track on iTunes and probably never bother with the video again.

    Missed opportunity. Shame.

  2. Totally agree with the first comment. I was hoping for something more uplifting. The video in fact felt really gloomy and dark…. And what about the ridiculous narrative at the beginning about the alien births?! Not great.

  3. Elton John is not, despite what he may believe the godfather of Gayness – He better than anyone should know that so called ‘Gay’ anthem comes into being because of social circumstances and struggle – not because he say it is!

  4. At least she released the audio before the video – so the message of the song got out before being associated with this video which doesn’t have much to do with the lyrics.

  5. But it’s a terrible song! Elton John can’t declare a gay anthem by fiat, especially when it’s this bad. Far below Lady GaGa’s usual (rather variable) standard.

  6. Well the first 3 minutes were Vertigo by Bernard Herrman and then it was a bit like Madonna’s “Express yourself”.
    A bit derivative for a proper gay anthem.

  7. These two songs sound different to me:

    Lady Gaga – Born This Way vs Madonna – Express Yourself

    But I like this version. :)

  8. Boring, embarrassing and a video that makes me wish I wasn’t gay

  9. … at least kesha’s we are who r are has substance and culture but thats for lesbians!

  10. I think with this video she broke rule number one of gay (stereotyped) art: Whatever you do, make it beautiful; even if you want a shock effect and even if it is about ugliness.
    But that’s just my humble opinion. Some people will find all that tacky conjunction of darkness, sticky substances, creepy tattoos etc. to be the ultimate beauty.

  11. What a complete and utter freak this witch is. Crammed with Masonic and occult symbolism and imagery, the latest debauchery from this A1 nut job will keep busy for days…

  12. I’ve nothing against Gaga, but leave Vertigo alone please! Far from being her best song or video either.

  13. The intro is Goldfrapp circa Head First (2010). The birthing scene Bjork’s Pagan Poetry circa 2001. The body modifications have been done by Orlan for the last 30 years. And yet we’re expected to accept Gaga is a true original? The whole lot looks like it was cobbled together from Roisin Murphy out takes.

  14. But that, surely, is the point. Gaga is just ugly and tasteless to the core. Whatever have we done to have someone as twisted and perverse as this speaking up for us? At least most Pink readers appear to see through the gimmickry and what she/it really stands for. Change your quack, Gaga, and shed those demons. We don’t need you cashing in on us and claiming our glory for yourself.

  15. It’s not my kind of music, but what a great video- very watchable, and I loved all the clever little references, tributes to Superman, Madonna etc.

  16. Oh boy, look what we have here. A transvestite with a keyboard trying to be freak of the year.

  17. I love Gaga but I think this is all a bit grim, angry and deadly serious.
    I find I’m realy missing the cheeky Gaga of Pokerface…where has she gone?
    I find nothing uplifting here.
    An anthem needs to pick you up and carry you along with it so I have to say this isn’t the one though I’m sure she’s capable.

  18. Lorna McArdle 1 Mar 2011, 1:46pm

    For a community that celebrates eccentricities to the fullest. I am surprised by the responses to Lady GaGA. I love it personally. But then I love anything that makes me think about the message. I thought this was well thought out and brilliant! Keep it up Lady GaGa.

    Just to add, I also think ‘your beautiful’ from Christina said it better if you want to reach the masses.

  19. @Lorna; the ”responses” to Lady Gaga’s work by the gay community as you put it is probably because some of us don’t like being spoon fed our culture and entertainment. I’d rather choose my own artists to listen to than feel obliged to support Gaga simply because she has her eyes on the pink pound. I like to call it “individual thinking”- its something Gaga herself actually propounds whilst ironically millions of gullible idiots download her vacant staring empty pointless muzak.

    On a plus point I don’t get the Illuminati puppet accusations- surely if the Illuminati wanted to infiltrate our airwaves and tv stations they’d pick someone more articulate than some silly kid who umms and aaaaws her way thru’ interviews.

  20. It might not sound as new Anthem just now but I’m sure we will take it to our hearts with gratitude and bow to Her Majesty. Woman got balls.

  21. I say introduce her to Jarvis Cockers Bum!!! The Video is worse than Michael Jacksons Earth Song performance at the Brits!

  22. Telling everyone that it is the new gay anthem does not make it the new gay anthem. What was the Old Gay Anthem anyway? Let me guess….I am what I am? It’s so depressing to be labelled and boxed and pigeonholed and categorised. Oooooooh! The gays are gonna love it!!!

    1. Re: I Am What I Am….lmao, kill it with fire!!!!

  23. It’s not what I was expecting, but I think the song is great and has a fantastic message. One aspect of the video I definitely liked was that the pink triangle pointed downwards at the beginning becomes an upright triangle for gay pride by the end.

    If someone like Lady Gaga is going to throw the weight of her celebrity behind gay rights—even if she does it in an unconventional way—I say more power to her!

    1. Yeah she is so behind gay rights that she has signed and exclusive deal with ‘Target’ who fund anti-gay politicians in the US!

      1. Someone hasn’t been keeping up with the news Vincent, you’d better do some fresh research on some big developments there.

        1. so you’re saying that because she signed this deal and they have put on this hat of gay rights all should be forgiven… really? if you think that you sir are an advertisers dream; aswell as a nigirian princes email scams punter in waiting

          1. Oh!..Getouttahere!

  24. What kind of an artist would she be if she’d be listening to public opinion? Like Van Gogh painting more sunflowers as this season they sell?She is innovative, provocative, bold and foremost honest. And she has a very good mind set and integrity. And she sells. What else can we ask from an artist? Btw all our insight and opinions are made by her public image. In person she is probably as vulnerable and loving as we all are. David Bowie of our era.

  25. Theres nothing artist or original about gaga. She’s a copy-cat, virtually everything she does is a COPY of what she’s seen and the people who influence her. I am an art graduate and all my friends are artists. I don’t know anyone who thinks what she does is artistic. Is purely for exposure and attention… Nothing she does is original, ART IS ORIGINAL…. she is a popstar and celebrity, NOT AN ARTIST..

  26. BTW… WORST video of the year. Gaga was good and original before she became so famous. She used to be original now she is a corporate creation in the disguise of an artist, and social martyr…. Gaga sucks now and this video is proof…

  27. I say she’s disguised as an artist because thats what people who know nothing about art think she is… ok I’m DONE.

  28. Bad video for bad ripp-off – Lady Gaga stinks.

  29. I like it, although the intro is abit odd. Would rather have someone as influencial in modern media as Lady Gaga supporting gay rights than no one at all. It’s a song, down to peoples personal preference. The fact that the meaning is about tolerance regardless of race, sexuality, gender etc is something I appreciate and the fact that it appeals to the younger generation, hopefully resulting in a better attitude for the future.

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