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Natalie Portman wins Oscar for Black Swan

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Reader comments

  1. Nicolas Chinardet 28 Feb 2011, 2:06pm

    And the Kids are All Right got nothing :(

  2. So this is considered topical for a gay news website because… it had a lesbian sex scene? No wonder gays are branded as sex-obsessed.

  3. the scene was as interesting as watching paint dry. as was most of the film

  4. Oh wow, it has a lesbian sex scene in which TOTALLY makes it news worthy!

  5. This is not news.

    And treating it as such based on a lesbian sex scene is rather offensive tbh.

    Slow news days seem to be more frequent of late.

  6. How is this story newsworthy for Pink News? And what exactly was “explicit” about the scene anyway (unless I blinked and missed anything but a kiss and fondle)?

    Come on Pink News, you can do better than this!

  7. I agree with most of the previous posters – It doesn’t take much for Pink News to deem something newsworthy. And, really, is it a lesbian sex scene if the character is ultimately just having sex with one of her other personalities? As one of my friends refers to this film: It’s Fight Club for women…

  8. Ah ok, it took me until the third paragraph to figure out why this was Pink News-worthy. There’s a ‘laserbeam’ scene in the film.

  9. Yep, have to agree with most of the comments here and also say that while I like Natalie Portman, this was one of her worst performances. The film was so over the top and silly I laughed my way throught it.

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