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Ireland elects first openly gay TD

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Reader comments

  1. Labour elected 2 gay TDs. Dominic Hannigan and John Lyons

  2. Chutneybear 28 Feb 2011, 3:01pm

    Good going, labour got my number 1!

  3. Congratulations to the TD(s) and to the Irish voters.

  4. Well done to both of them! I’ve heard, though, that a few other TDs might actually be gay (though closeted), so maybe this will give them the courage to come out? Hopefully! ^__^

  5. Many thanks to the voters of Meath East where Dominic Hannigan TD topped the poll ! :-D

    the question remains: will Labour make gay marriage an issue when discussing coalition with Fine Gael ?

  6. Dominic is officially the only openly gay TD elected over the weekend. Is it not defamatory to be suggesting other names?

    1. It’s certainly disrespectful anyway. I deliberately didn’t name the people I heard were gay (I know one name that I’ve heard mentioned is definitely gay) for that reason. Outing people isn’t fair.

      1. Neither defamatory nor disrespectful; just informed.

  7. He’s gorgeous.

  8. Dan Filson 1 Mar 2011, 3:39pm

    “Is it not defamatory to be suggesting other names?” Why is saying someone is gay defamatory?

    At worst you are wrong.

    1. Defamatory was the wrong word didn’t have a thesaurus handy. However it turns out my previous comment was unnecessary as it turns out that according to the Herald John Lyons is also gay.

  9. well done but would hogan and the men of 1916 would be happy to die for this

  10. Jim Jim, I’m sure they’ll be turning in the grave at two left wing gay men being democratically elected. Whilst they would much prefer to see Fianna Fáil continue to destroy the economy and see hundreds of thousands of young people emigrate and the Catholic Church cover up child abuse.

    PS. Incase you didn’t guess, I was being sarcastic.

  11. From the horses mouth so to speak.
    “History was also made in the election of not one but two openly gay TDs. The election of both Dominic Hannigan (Meath East) and John Lyons (Dublin North West) as TD’s for the Labour Party is a step forward for equality in Ireland and we look forward to their contributions in the Dáil.”

  12. good man Dominic!

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