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‘The King’s Speech’ producer Iain Canning thanks boyfriend in Oscar acceptance speech

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 28 Feb 2011, 10:28pm

    lucky ben, hes GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Yup, that’ll do nicely.

  3. Someone in the movie business is gay. Stop the press!

  4. José Manuel 1 Mar 2011, 3:16am

    This is my first post in here, and after congratulate you for your amazing job, I would like to tell you about the censorship made by the network to the gay friendly moment between Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem. I´ve noticed when both started to waltz, the camera run to Penelope Cruz and stayed with her until they’ve finished. I verified it today when I saw tem lips kissing in this picture in a famous Spanish TV web page:
    And it´s also in and english web-page
    I’ve also sent the information to the American web page, but I would like to share it with you as well. This is how they’ve treated:
    Brolin and Bardem’s invisible act was subtle and ambiguous. They weren’t mocking of anything; they just were playing a little as a gay couple of the twenties. And someone thought that was an inappropriate image to show the world, something possibly dangerous, wrong and scandalous. And that’s the question of all.
    Since Madonna started the same sex kisses between women I´ve seen really a lot of them (Sandra Bullock to Meryl Streep last year, remember?) because all the media showed them to me endlessly. It´s a light scandal because at the end it’s a fantasy of a lot of heterosexual men, so it’s allow showing it. But B&B kiss has foregone being quite different. In a gala that almost everybody has said that have no surprises, this could have been one. But someone didn´t let it happen. So I ask you if you think we can do something about it.
    I´m really awful with all the social networks, but with them this image can be seen and sent via facebook, twitter or whatever. B&B did it to show it to the world with some intention. Why don´t move not only the images, but the fact that they weren´t permitted. Why don´t you send this news item to gay friendly media, TV and entertainment webs or magazines?
    Thanks, and kindest regards

  5. I agree with Martyn Notman. Ben must get very dehydrated!!

  6. @Riondo. Can you elaborate? Are you suggesting he gets sucked dry?!?!

  7. CMYB –
    Or pumped.

    1. Either way good for me.

  8. José!
    I totally noticed that as well! They lingered on Penelope Cruz for ages.
    What a load of crap!

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