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Department of Health criticised for £36,000 gay ‘leadership course’

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Reader comments

  1. Insane waste of money. A one-hour session in a meeting room would have done.

  2. Hasn’t Stonewall got anything better to do?

    Clearly not.

    They are an utterly worthless group.

    Stonewall needs to be disbanded.

    If they cannot even support marriage equality for the gay community then they serve no purpose whatsoever. All their endeavours are tainted by Stonewall’s homophobic opposition to marriage equality.

    It’s time for Stonewall to go away. They are not needed. Everything they do can be done by other groups which believe in LGBT equality.

  3. David

    Despite some of the cock-ups that Stonewall make, they have their uses and, as much as people on here protest that it isn’t good enough, we do need the awareness they raise for our causes in general.

    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water…..

  4. The TaxPayers’ Alliance are complaining about over spending on us??? Maybe they should concentrate on Religious people!

    In the last above £500 monthly list my Council has been forced to de-classify. Faith groups received over £300,000 and the gay community has received nothing for the same month. In total for the 9 months S, Glos Council has been forced to de-classify this data, £2.8 Million has been spent on these religionists and nothing on gays.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong other groups receive training and funding so why not the LGBT community.

    We the LGBT community contribute much in the way of the pink pound and receive very little back in the way of direct services from local councils and central government.

  6. Total waste of money. I’m a manager, and I certainly don’t/didn’t need any training that is “gay” related or exclusive to gay people.

  7. It just sounds like on bunch of PC do-right lefties supporting another and having a jolly at the taxpayers expense.

    Stonewall is a charity and gets plenty of funding without having to bleed the public purse dry with these outrageous charges.
    And anyway. who needs gay leadership courses anyway/ OK, so they’re gay, big deal, get over it and get on with your bloody job.

  8. Our money should not be going to fund Stonewall. All managers deserve training to make them more successful… focusing on particular groups serves only to marginalise rather than create a team spirit.

    I’m a leftie homosexual… and even I dislike this!

  9. This is what training people costs and it’s something that businesses the world over pay to invest in their employees.

    I can’t think that this would have even hit the press if the NHS were sending staff to, for example, a project management course at a recognised training centre (costs typically in excess of £1,000 per day). Yet, sending gay and lesbian managers to a course designed to help them operate better and support other LGBT people gets such a negative reaction even here.

    The NHS is operating in competition with other employers and they will all do such courses for their teams. I applaud them investing in LGBT staff this way.

    I have my problems with Stonewall (I’m trans, after all, and they just love stabbing us in the back), but in this case, I think this was a very valid use of training budgets.

    1. “Yet, sending gay and lesbian managers to a course designed to help them operate better and support other LGBT people gets such a negative reaction even here.”

      Yes, becuase its exclusive. I am a manager in a multinational, and I am gay. I would seriously frown on this kind of training, as it is isolationist and is not what managers are about. A good manager needs to have blinkers to race, creed, gender, orientation, etc, and having “gay training” for “gay mangers” only confirms a “separate” approach. Management is about managerial acumen and as such all mangers should be allowed to undergo this training, not just “gay” ones. It makes no sense to me, other than some muppet wasting money to make gay people feel even more isolated.

      1. Will

        Here here. And in times of crisis, these things don’t need to be so expensive either – get a group of offices together and hold it at one of those premises for free and you bring your own lunch. Saves a shed load of cash and time.

        Jock (below)

        Are you advocating positive discrimination by actually putting people who may not deserve the post in it just because they’re gay?? That’s insane. Do you not believe in a meritocracy? Aside from the waste of money of this course, that idea is just ’employment engineering’ at its worst! Let gays get in on merit and change the culture themselves – otherwise we’ll just get resentment from those who see it as afix and the gays are left wondering whether they really deserve the post at all. It helps no-one. All the legal provisions are there, it’s up to gay people to take the helm themselves now. Isn’t this what we’ve been fighting for? I don’t remember wanting civil servants giving me benefits I didn’t deserve or wiping my backside for me!

  10. Jock S. Trap 1 Mar 2011, 8:37am

    At first I thought what a waste of money but then again why should people in the workplace face discrimination? And esp now in 2011?

    I think there is something about placing Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, (Transexual should be included) in manager roles to combat this discrimination. There does need to be an equal balance.

    I know it’s about the best person for the job but since we have come from people who have been dismissed for being themselves and many still face support for promote in the workplace I think the NHS goes someway of addressing that.

    Personally I think this should be applauded.

    1. And pray how are management training lessons going to eliminate discrimination? This is just yet another jolly disguised as a “necessary requirement”. The NHS is awash with administration while it’s junior doctors are being burnt out doing 80+ hours a week.

      This is is all leftie PR bullsh|t. Sack the managers and get people in that actually benefit the sick, not shuffle bits of fcuking paper about.

      1. Do you actually know anything about the NHS, Spanner?

        Managers make up 2% of NHS workers (source: NHS Staff Census 2009): that’s one manager for every 49 non-managers.

        By any measure, that is not excessive.

  11. vulpus_rex 1 Mar 2011, 4:34pm

    Jesus Wept.

    Why didn’t they just pay for a session of ripping up £50 notes.

    Still, it’s handy to know about this for reference next time the Guardian run an article about cuts to “Essential front line services”

    1. Yes, but unfortunately it will be the doctors and nurses that get the chop, not this bunch of muppets. If anything, they get the decision where the hammer will fall, and you can sure as hell bet, it ain’t gonna be any of them.

      1. Jock S. Trap 3 Mar 2011, 2:52pm

        Sadly a fair point.

  12. Once again I am angered and completely at a loss with this country. Having returned from Canada recently where I spent 6 years working in health, this sorry excuse for a country will never understand equity (for one, we only ever reference equality). Marginalised groups need to have considerably more resources given to them because they are oppressed and suffer extensive discrimination. Encouraging LGBT staff not only strengthens them but also sends out positive messages to LGBT people who need to access an “accessible” and inclusive health care system, and who often dont. With more visibility and focus on marginalised groups in countries’ systems, we may actually save millions on the (in this instance, primary health care) costs for being reactive as opposed to proactive.

    Kudos to the NHS and Stonewall. And pity to those of you who simply dont, refuse to, and wont ever,fully understand equity.

  13. burningworm 6 Jun 2011, 2:40am

    This is pretty funny but it is not compulsory. Its part of Stonewalls pull. A friend of mine told me about this last year and that he didn’t attend because he didn’t like groups about specific topics that excluded people who share those same views but didnt fit the prescription.

    Its hilarious. Not so much a waste of money but how far we will go to allign ourselves with status and mobility.

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