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Move to tackle racism on the gay scene

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  1. This sounds about right. Gay white people are white people first and foremost.

    1. Chill jj you should not pre judge all white gay people

      1. Many disabled people face the same issue why is nothing being done to tackle this area as well?

        1. True as well. We need some proper, inclusive Queer politics.

          It’s pathetic how few commenters on here seem to understand the structural nature of oppression.

          1. Oh let not forget gay people ages 60 plus where are they may to feel welcome?

        2. Gav, then why don’t you start something for causes you care about? Surely you should be inspired to do SOMETHING and not just moan on a website? No?

    2. Terry Stewart 5 Mar 2011, 9:18pm

      When I came to this country 40 years ago, I came to escape hate in my own country.
      I was surprised to see others expressing the same hate toward others, Ethnic and Minorities people here.
      This hate took place in my work, in my local community, in my faith group and in the Gay bars which I ferquented at the weekend.
      I quickly learned that no one community has a monopoly of hate and in fact realised that all communities suffered from hate.
      It costs us nothing to show our fellow human beings simple respect and dignity. Its not a lot to ask for is it.
      Show yourself some self repects in how you treat others. Celebrate our differences. Stop hating and start living.

  2. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 4:13pm

    I agree there is a problem and sadly have witnessed when out with friends but we always seem to aim to tackle racism white on black as if black on white doesn’t exist in this country. It does.

    Racism shows one of the ugliest sides of humanity no matter who it is aimed at and this problem needs to be tackled whoever the victim is.

  3. Great news we need to put our house in order

  4. jj4686 dont judge me please – there are many black people out there who are racist. Why it also reported as white on black.

    In fact many Asian suffer from racial abuse from some members of the black community.

    All racist need to be addressed.

    1. Gav I agree too all discrimination and bigotry must be challenged.

      1. And use the reply function it keeps the comments so tidy!

  5. yeah and the gay muslims and gay christians need to stand-up and denounce their people from calling for the death of all gays – It’s human nature to hate those who hate us – we are gay not super human!

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 Feb 2011, 4:45pm

    gay muslims complaining about racism? since when is islam a race? well it isn’t. so the other people at pride weren’t being racist, they were voicing opposition to a belief system which is repsonsible for killing, torturing, and imprissoning LGBT globally.

    maybe the other pride marchers that the gay muslim was complaining about were going up to him/her because they cannot understand how someone can believe in an ideology which wishes to kill them?

    the gay muslims need to address the problems in their own homophobic bigoted muslim belief system before they start accusing the gay community of bigotry.

    put it this way – where does the gay muslim feel safer – on the gay scene – or at the local mosque?

    1. Christanity and Hinduism ain’t all peace and love for us either did those marchers get the same response?

    2. …….”put it this way”:….
      youre missing the point
      …oh yeah…..and underlining his!

  7. Maybe if it wasn’t “common” for straight black males to want to do harm to gays racism wouldn’t be so bad in the gay community. I’m personally not racist but I can understand why others are. I think we should be looking at the bigger picture. People should be tackling why so many straight black males are so hatefully homophobic. I’ve been attached at school, in the streets, on the tube on the buses (all by black men) I think that’s our bigger problem.

    PS: I want to confirm that this is just my view on the bigger problem, I am not racist.

    1. Shameful. So if a woman attacked or hurt you would you hate all women?

      1. What a retarded reply to my comment.

        1. And you hate disabled people too.

          1. You are officially a twat.

        2. Why is it retarded? But yours assuming because I am a black man and apparently like to kick gay mens head in isn’t?

          Sweeping generalisation! Not all white men are evil imperialist conservatives who eat babies and are a slave to oil filled capitalism.

          I could hate all white English people because they colonized my country but I don’t cause it’s not fair is it?

    2. Mobeen Azhar 28 Feb 2011, 12:31am

      Ryan – you clearly don’t understand Islam or the culture(S) of many Muslims. Going by your logic anyone that believes in a religious phylosophy should denounce it in the name of LGBT rights. After all, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism are believed to be anti-gay by most adheerants. Lets just burn all our bridges huh?

      And actually – homosexuality was illegal in Britain for most of its history so lets stop anyone that identifies themselves as ‘English’ from marching with us too Ryan?! That’s retarded.

      Please get an education.


      1. In response to ryans poster here, there is no reference to islam but to black homophobia and its prevalence. Why the desperate attempt to jump on the “islamophobe” calling?

  8. Look at a lot of the recent homophobia, such as the Muslim posters in Brick Lane, or the Stabbing in Camden. They don’t like to admit that Asian and Afro-Carribean people are considerably more homophobic than most whites, and their attitude towards them may not be racist, but it’s certainly cautious.

    1. I’m not saying they’re not. So surely you should have an idea how difficult it would be for a black or Asian man or woman to come out. And then to experience racism from the one place where youcan be yourself can be devastating For some people. You can’t blame gay people for homophobia in their community they know how bad it is

      1. Exactly.

  9. If certain races and religions (which often go hand in hand with skin colour in this country) weren’t so hostile towards gay people, then maybe we wouldn’t be so wary of them.

    As usual, it’s always nasty white man and because there are obviously more out white gay people than of other colours, we are getting labelled as racist.

    Multiculturalism screwing up yet again.

    1. ‘wary’ is not the same as ‘racist’ – theyre two different concepts.

      the problem with most people discussing racism is they simply lack the understanding of the issues involved to be able to make their points without resorting to bigotry themselves

      There’s also a tendency (see above) to link one idea with another and then call it a valid justification for something monstrous

  10. The problem with the gay community Ian just racism it’s a wider problem of shallowness. Not liking facts and judging people on them without knowing the person.


  11. PumpkinPie 25 Feb 2011, 7:29pm

    Some of you people are just disgraceful! How the heck can you defend people who treat non-white LGBTs like trash?

    What’s this I hear you shriek? “Oh, but lots of blacks and Asians are homophobes!” Irrelevant! Do you honestly think a black guy who’s gay and out on the scene is a homophobe? Why should he have to suffer for what straight people and repressed fools have done?

    All I hear from the same sad old hypocrites on this site is how every other demographic under the sun should acknowledge the hatred that festers within it. But, when it’s us under the spotlight – nuh-uh, not our problem! Can we please make this a discussion of race within the LGBT family, and not about what non-white straights do?

    1. “Some of you people are just disgraceful!
      How the heck can you defend people who treat non-white LGBTs like trash?”
      I certainly don’t treat people like trash because of their skin colour and its simple not on to believe there are masses of white lgbt people who are racist what a insult. Theres good and babd in the lgbt community is only a reflection of the larger community.

      Why is it every time a white person talks about colour they have to start with Im not a racist – white people are entitled to express a view.

  12. PumpkinPie 25 Feb 2011, 7:31pm

    Oh, and just ‘cos somebody brought it up…

    That “Islam isn’t a race” issue is tricky. It certainly isn’t, but when you examine the language used by some its more fervent detractors, you find a lot of language steeped in biological values (muslims being “inherently” disordered is a prime clue). The mainstream denounces African Christian homophobia by making reference to the race of the perpetrators – they need to distinguish between black Christians and white Christians. Islam homophobia is denounced purely by reference to the religion, because the race of the perpetrators is already implied. I’m not saying people who hate Islam are racists – like a lot of other religions, there’s plenty in there for rational folk to hate – but beware that racists tend to use that as an excuse, the fact that it’s a foreign religion is what draws their ire in the first place.

    It’s a tricky issue, but is a real one.

    1. Islam has been racialised so much, that its safe to assume when someone is talking about ‘muslims’ that they are actually talking about some poorly differientiated mass of brown people.

    2. I think you’re onto something there… the race issue and the religion issue are often conflated when there’s no proof that all Asians are Islamic fundamentalists or all black people are Fundamentalist Christians.
      It is unfortunate that fundamentalist religion has such a strong foothold in both minority groups, but there’s a world of difference between taking issue with someone’s fundamentalist ethos and someone’s skin colour.
      One is chosen, the other is nature This is where the kind of relativism that allows other minorities to be homophobic can take root .
      And in fairness, there has been a fair amount of overt racism on these threads in the past few months which undermines our cause.
      The best way to avoid this is to confront homophobic opinions and ideas without getting dragged into the mudslinging of ad-hominem arguments based on genetics.

  13. my gay white friend often suggests i bleach my skin or else he’ll stop being my friend because i am horrible right now. :(

    1. musclelad23 25 Feb 2011, 9:48pm

      Time to get new friends!!!

    2. betty boop 26 Feb 2011, 3:22pm

      yeah I have the same problem with a black freind. He makes me put black boot polish on. terrible.

      1. Like Beyonce? Your friend is WAY ahead of French fashion magazines! Cool! Blackface is JUST the same as White face non? Since loads of performances used to don white face in the olden days and try to imitate the minority and powerless white man!


  14. “the spirit has no colour – only experience has colour – and it is our experiences which colour our hearts”

  15. Let’s be honest here, the bulk of the gay scene is all about pulling.

    I know some white that will only sleep with white or Asian guys, and I know others, including myself, who only prefer white guys. My friend even has a note on his gaydar profile saying “No offence, but I’m only looking for white guys” and he has been attacked on a number of occasions for being racist. There is a difference between consciously attacking other races and having a personal preference.
    I think a lot of ethnic people read all the signs wrong, and assume rejection is a racially driven motive, rather than simply they don’t fancy them.

    If I were to post “No women please” on my Gaydar profile, would that make me sexist?

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Feb 2011, 8:28am

      And Spanner if I see your mate’s profile I’ll be one that lays into him.

      Where does your mate stand on someone with a heavy sun tan? Too dark, or okay because underneath he’s really white.

      Same with Caucasian, if the profile says ‘Caucasian only’ I’m sure they are probably not meaning the ones from Southern India, or North Africa. Similarly those Eastern European’s are tricky little bleeders, who can tell whether someone in the past they have screwed up the blood line marry on the wrong side of the Urals.

      Gaydar more than anywhere where photos are provided, people should not need to prejudge.

      1. I can see what Spanner is referring to, people have types that they are into like some like blondes whilst other people like tall or short people etc, skin tones is part of types so it isn’t racist just to try to save time by saying that you are not into blondes etc cos you like other hair colours, it’s not as if racist stuff is being ranted

        1. it’s true closed minded and shallow people do that and fetishise people rather than love them.

          1. so when you have a type you are close-minded and shallow? also fetishistic?
            that’s nonsense

          2. fair enough

        2. You can say you have a type but not a race because that is MUTE.

          I have a friend, many actually, who are really mixed, especially in France with Arab blood, who look whiter then Sarkozy who is of course Jewish.

          He doesn’t consider himself white because he isn’t.

  16. oh please, here we go the race/islamophobia card being pulled out again. Its such a lazy response to more complex issues. In the black community , the violent homophobia i have endured is way more consequential than someone making a justified comment about a cult during pride. Also i have experienced “racism” amongst black lgbt people who refer to me as “coconut” because to them i behave too much like a white person as if that is something grotesque, i am of multi heritage origin. However i am sure there has been parallel incidences . i don’t want to be limited or modify my behaviour to suit stupid people. Before minority lgbt people try to tackle racism on the gay scene , they need to address their own community problems with this issue and the more important problem by excessive homophobia in these communities

    1. PumpkinPie 27 Feb 2011, 1:27am

      This is precisely what I was talking about. People within the LGBT community experience racism. We have an article here – just the one – focusing on this issue for once. And then we get responses like…

      Before minority lgbt people try to tackle racism on the gay scene , they need to address their own community problems with this issue and the more important problem by excessive homophobia in these communities

      Why should they have to deal with what non-LGBT people are doing just because they’re the same colour? Don’t use one problem to fob off another one.

      1. “why should they have to deal with what non-lgbt people are doing just because they are the same colour?” what a stupid, naive comment, in your evaluation of the matter, that would imply why should “they” have to deal with what other lgbt people are doing just because they are the same sexuality .

        1. How do you know they are not working on it you prat? By being OUT and starting this group within their very religious communities,dont you think with your pea brain that they ALREADY tackling issues within their communities????!

          1. evidence? of tackling homophobia in ethnic communities. Why don’t you provide that, rather than your stupid, bitchass comments.

  17. If there is any instance of racism – I have not come across any among my circle of friends, who comprise many races – good, stamp it out.

    Yest again, some on this thread confuse religion with race. It is possible to be a white convert to Islam – indeed, they are sometimes among the dead fighting alongside Taliban psycopaths in Afghanistan.

    I despise all religion, including Islam and applaud the bravery of the Danish cartoonists. They are heroes – modern day equivalents of Thomas Paine, who in his time, for daring to ridicule religion, had to flee for his life. And what happened after that?

    Still, that is my personal opinion. If others seek enjoyment through their personal faith, I will defend their right to pray how they like, eat and wear what they like.

    Anti-muslim bigotry should be combatted, but term Islamophobia is taking on a dangerous insinuation, that of racism. This must be rejected vehemently.

    1. Why should we not attack Islam? It affects people’s everyday lives and threatens to take over the world with it’s dominant, aggressive attitude, ridiculous laws and genocidal practices. I don’t care what race they are, but I do care when it affects myself and the people around me.

      bigot: noun someone who is persistently prejudiced, especially about religion or politics, and refuses to tolerate the opinions of others. bigoted adj. bigotry noun (bigotries).

      That sounds a lot more like them than us, doesn’t it?

      1. …..why single out Islam as homophobic, when in reality the whole “pixie in the sky” thing is seething with homophobia. mysogeny and hatred. Human beings need to rid their lives of this control freakery helping their fellow man, and spend the millions of man hours spent thumping their chest in “worship, helping their fellow human beings be they black, white , brown or sky blue pink. GLBs in particular need to waken up to the futility of religion as it is often, indeed usually religion that fosters racism. The current debate on inter racial adoption is thinly veiled racis, nothing more or less.
        One point tho before i leave this debate..for now is that i can see what some people mean when they say the whole GLB racism thing is mis understood. I for one could never ever bed someone who is ginger and that isnt racism, is it. A naked ginger person makes me want to run a mile and I would pay good money to bed JLS but would never rate Usher as a possible conquest. See my point???


    Jock S Strap where did the monoey go honey ? ? ? Kerching £ £ £

    Crusaid offers funding to people living with HIV and suffering financial hardship. In 2008/9, it distributed £374,774 to 2,106 individuals. This was out of a total income of £1.6 million.

    The charity spends just 39.9 per cent of its total spending on charitable activities

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    1. PumpkinPie 27 Feb 2011, 3:02am

      Why would you post such a thing on an article dealing with LGBT racism? Do you not see the irony here? In an article asking us not to shirk our responsibilities and have an “open debate” on the bitterness within our own community, you fob off discussion with a link to an article calling for another demographic to do the same instead!

      Where’s a facepalm jpeg when you need one?

    2. thanks for the link , very informative.

  19. I’m a gay e male without any prejudice against people different than me. although I do face prejudism in the gay community because I am jewish. It does hurt not being accepted by other gay people, we are all just fighting for our rights and respect!

  20. Changing the subject has anyone else seen the casually homophobic fosters ad?

    1. @James . . . I have not seen this add, but was curious in what way it is homophobic. Do you have a link to the add

        1. Jock S. Trap 28 Feb 2011, 11:50am

          Nope don’t see how thats homophobic.

          It’s taking the piss out of the straight man stereotype.

          1. I see it saying do everything to make sure no one thinks you a queer there couldnt be anything worse. The people who drink forsters are probally not the ironic type

    2. James….phleese…. are you just looking for something to whine about?. Homophobic ?, i think not but a hilarious dig at straight men. Perhaps i’ve missed something tho and maybe you would care to enlighten us……

  21. Racism is present on the gay scene. I sometimes wear a turban when I am out on the scene and sometimes go with my hair under a cap instead. The difference I notice is immense, and the treatment I get is noticeably better when I am wearing a cap.

    Why should I have to take my turban off to be treated better in a gay venue? Even when I have had my hair under a cap, I have had people come up to me and say “Oh look, it’s Bin Laden”. That is when I have nothing denoting my Sikh identity to the general public.

    I appreciate that some of you may consider that to be religious discrimination rather than racism. However, it is insulting and worrying behaviour, regardless.

    I am very happy going to gay venues, and for my part, I have developed a thick skin to be able to cope with comments of that nature. However, for younger people on the scene, being referred to as being a terrorist when all you are looking to do is have a drink with friends can have a major impact on their emotional

  22. The reality is that Gay Pride’s one attempt to use Brockwell Park in South London was never repeated because of multiple evening attacks on party-goers by black muggers on the way back to Brixton tube. The reality is that even “moderate” muslims view homosexulaity as “immoral” and any more traditional muslims want to see recriminalisation – or death. This is not prejudice. It’s observation. Again and again.

  23. It’s hardly surprising to see some of you getting defensive about this very valid campaign looking to address racism in LGBT spaces. As much as you try to divert attention from the topic, this timely campaign isn’t about disability, ageism or religion but about the exclusion of some of your non-white LGBT peers from the spaces we’re supposed to share. Some of your comments only help illustrate how some white people are deeply uncomfortable talking about these issues, even though they’re still very much present in every single aspect of life for black and ethnic minority people in this country, irrespective of sexuality, and impairing their ability to lead fulfilling lives. If in doubt, I encourage you to type either, education, housing, employment, health and the word racism on your search engine; see what comes up. Whether institutionalised or not, racial discrimination is very much a real thing; looking away won’t make it disappear. Be switched on.

    1. They don’t care. Everyone has google or can go to their local library or ask the government for statistics or get in touch with think tanks for research information but why do that when you can just make a baseless argument based on your irrational insecurities?

  24. Who was it that said, “the discriminated are surprisingly quick to discriminate”…

  25. Lorna McArdle 1 Mar 2011, 2:25pm

    I am totally shocked by the arguments on these comments.

    I think nearly all of you have looked at this as an attack on you personally. And if you relate to the article that way I am going to presume you all have prejudices against others. As LGBT ppl who are always fighting stereotypes, here you are doing just that back at the ppl that want and quite often need more support. I would be honoured if an Asian group wanted to be at Reading Pride to help other Asians (and any other diversity) to help others be able to come out. TBH right now the Asian LGBT community need our support more than ever, as it IS harder for them to break free. Please talk to ppl before you can judge.

  26. Gav, why don’t you start something then instead of moaning? They for their cause, so you should for yours no?

  27. The problem with the majority of the discriminatve views posted here is that no one tries to understand the concept of racism.

    To begin, white people invented the term while we were colonising the world. We put everyone but ourselves into a “race” catorgory. Hence it is actually technically impossible for people of colour to be racist towards white people because we coined the term and didnt class ourselves as a “race.”

    The stereotyping on here of religions, ethnicities etc is upsetting. Ignorance is alive and well in the UK! We cannnot view all people who share a religious belief as the same. Just as we cannot label all black people the same. And like we cannot label all LGBT people the same.

    What we must do is to look at everyone in their own right. A person of colour, may be gay, may be disabled, may be christian, may be hindu…… Regardless we must create welcoming and positive spaces for everyone. The UK needs to grow up!

  28. Stop Racism and Homophobia on Grindr 20 Jan 2012, 2:51am

    I am simply shocked at the racism, homophobia and hate being peddled in the comments after this story. It is absolutely disgusting. Those of you making racist remarks and claiming its “just a preference”, those of you writing the most disgusting generalisations against muslims, and the others speaking such vile things on here ought to be completely ashamed of yourselves. I am disgusted to be part of such a hateful community. It really makes me want to cry. So, so awful, please take a good look at yourselves and start treating each other with more respect. Absolutely, utterly appalled.

  29. Jock S. Trap 26 Feb 2011, 12:23pm

    Are you a bitter ex-employee?

  30. @AID$ Inc . . . I have noticed that you have been posting these e-mails on a number of threads. If you have a grievance against this organisation, is it not better to deal with them directly; or take the issue to a tribunal or a solicitor?

  31. Jock S. Trap 26 Feb 2011, 12:58pm

    I’m thinking he’s already done that. Just not sure what the point of all this is?

  32. Jock S. Trap 26 Feb 2011, 12:59pm

    or she’s?

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