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Maryland Senate passes gay marriage bill on third reading

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Reader comments

  1. Great news….

    Here in Australia they’ve launched their own pre mardi gras petition for marriage equality … I guess anyone can sign!!

  2. If passed it will almost certainly go to a people’s veto referendum. And yet again rights given will probably be taken away.

  3. Yes Marjangles, it will go the way of Maine and California sadly. Iowa and New Hampshire apparently are on the “to do” list for opponents of same-sex marriage. What an absurd political system, voters having the right to target and take away the rights passed by its state government from one specific group of people. That to me is not only discrimination but pure hatred. Thank goodness I live in the UK. We don’t live in a perfect society, nobody does, but its a damn lot better than the U.S. and a much fairer society.

    1. marjangles 25 Feb 2011, 1:45pm

      The situation in New Hampshire is pretty awful. In California, because it was the courts that passed the law allowing same sex marriage, the statutes allowing civil partnerships still existed so even though gay people counldn’t get married they could still form civil partnerships. Unfortunately in New Hampshire the legislature brought their version of civil partnerships to an end when same sex marriage was passed. That means that if same sex marriage is once again outlawed, there is no mechanism allowing gay people to give their partnerships a legal status. It’s also not at all clear what the situation will be for the gay people who are already married. In California the courts agreed that they could remain married and I suspect that would be the case in NH but not necessarily

      Iowa is a different kettle of fish. They can’t simply revoke gay marriage because it was a court decision. They need a referendum (which will be blocked by the Democrat controlled state senate for now) or another court case which would take forever.

      Fortunately Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont as well as DC seem to be safe and there is a possibility that California will resume same sex marriage soon depending on the outcome of the court case there.

      it’s an ongiong battle but the problem is that no one on the national level is really on the side of gay people. Obama refuses to support gay marriage (presumably for pragmatic reasons rather than ideological ones since he supported gay marriage before deciding to embark on a national political career). And yet there are dozens of Republicans railing against it, including every candidate for the nomination next year.

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