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Lady Gaga to be godmother to Elton John’s son

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Reader comments

  1. Do they really not know anyone slightly, y’know, closer to home? Generally, the choosing of a Godparent is supposed to be a close, personal, intimate thing. It doesn’t bode well for the child that the first act in his life will be a publicity stunt.

  2. They’ve known each other for 5 mins, how very gay of them.

  3. @ Ryan – *chuckle*

    But no, really, anyone wanna bet her next outfit will be somehow coordinated to match the little tyke?

  4. Dan Filson 25 Feb 2011, 1:16pm

    All respect to Sir Elton and David, but this makes a nonsense of the role of godparent. Either take it seriously or skip it. Are they practising churchgoers? If not, forget godparents.

    1. Like your profile pic Dan very handsome!

  5. That child is going to end up in rehab. I can’t understand why the authorities don’t take the child away – it’s being exposed to such mentally unstable, attention-seeking, drug-using people on a daily basis. Not to mention that she’s only been chosen because she’s the in-thing – the same reason for which she has accepted.

    I couldn’t think of a shallower or more unhealthy upbringing. Disgrace.

  6. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 1:33pm

    Odd choice but better to be surrounded by love than bigotry.

  7. Lucky baby is all I can say. Surrounded with so much love. Bless you all.

  8. They already named a lesbian couple godmothers. How many godmothers does a child need? Does Elton even know what a godparent is? It’s not intended to be a stupid, frivolous, meaningless title like “Sir”.

  9. What a farce Reg always had it in him to do the ridiculous. I wish they’d grow up

  10. Jean Guy, Gay Canadian. 25 Feb 2011, 2:11pm

    Hey ! Here`s a novel idea : why don`t we just all mind our own business and leave this happy new family alone ??? If we as gays do not wish to be judged and hated by so many homophobes, why not embrace this wonderful new loving family instead of in-fighting ??? Proud to have David Furnish as a model fellow Canadian !!!

    1. Hey buddy as soon as they stop publicizing their lives I’ll stop commenting. You Canadians are a bunch of sanctimonious hypocritical seal clubbers. Proud? you should be ashamed

  11. Gaga is very popular at the moment so Reg will be desperate to be involved in her life.

    The second her popularity begins to wane, Reg Dwight will drop all contact with her.

    He’s such a disgusting old wh0re that he’ll do literally ANYTHING for money or association with the current rends (whoring himself out as a bigots wedding singer, performing in apartheid era south Africa, duetting with the homophobe Eminem).

    reg Dwight loses all his reason when it comes to money

  12. ell, the answer to ‘how many godparents does the kid need; is four. Two couples, usually. But it doesn’t have to be. The objective is to be moral support to the child in its growing up. I’m sure the lesbian couple can do that perfectly well. There are a few things I don’t like about Lady Gaaga, her clothes, make up and music, mostly. All superficial things. By all accounts she’s passionate about a lot of good causes, including gay rights, even if her methods are a bit off the wall. Sounds like a role model of sorts.

    As for god parents implying some kind of religious belief. Why not? Is there any reason why Elton, David or anyone else shouldn’t have religious beliefs? Organised churches reject gays, but what they believe is their business. And it is their business, not ours or anyone else’s.

  13. Silly little tart that Gaga, she’ll become as redundant as Renate Blauel once Elton has become bored with her.

  14. I think what the PN website needs is a small column down the right hand side, headlines in maximum Arial 10, for showbizz gossip nonsense like this.

  15. My God, the poor mite stands no chance of a normal upbringing, poor sod!

  16. Who wants a normal upbringing? ‘normal’ is boring.

  17. @ William,
    I agree with Rose, they aren’t going to be raising a washing machine anyway and that’s progress.

  18. As long as Lada Gaga does not get caught in another . . .

    “Bad Romance”

    Hopefuly she should make a very Post-modern God mother

  19. Brilliant :-))

  20. abbiistabbii 26 Feb 2011, 10:53pm

    Goddammit, I’d love to have Lady GaGa as my godmother.

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