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Indian TV report outs gay men

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Reader comments

  1. disgusting behaviour and conduct by this tv channel and everyone involved! the national body/organization responsible for communications should publicly condemn these acts!

  2. Hope some of India’s trading partners get wind of it and make a public condemnation of such an appalling sting.

    World’s largest democracy? Pah.

  3. This is actually ground breaking for India. If you want to take away a positive here it’s worth noting that historically India has denied they have a gay population and it has been a taboo subject to talk about. This is the first step (on a very long road) of opening up dialog on the subject and dragging India toward par with the west on this issue.

  4. Steve@GayWebHosting 24 Feb 2011, 6:12pm

    This may well be the ´first step´ in creating a dialogue, but its a crude and evil one. Imagine a youth attempting suicide because his parents saw it? Criminal.

    Yes, I hope Indias trading partners demand better treatment of minorities..

    Hit ´em where it hurts… The pocket!

  5. westcoastkid 24 Feb 2011, 7:27pm

    I’ve been to India on several occasions and this article does not surprise me in the least.

    The “pecking order” is as strong as ever in this still backward country. To make up for the the frustration that comes with people above your station in life pecking on you, individuals peck on those they consider below themselves and so and so on, on down the line. The lowest rugs bear the biggest burden, daily.

    What groups are on the lowest rungs of that “order?” Dark skinned Indians and… gays.

  6. well i think they should lose their youtube channel for their bullying and intimidating campaign for starters.

  7. friday jones 24 Feb 2011, 10:59pm

    Guess they got tired of picking on their hijrahs.

  8. This malicious act of pseudo-journalism should be condemned on all fronts. If any one of those named comes to harm, from others or by their own hand, Channel TV9 Telugu should be sued! Their actions are particularly heinous following the murder of David Kato of Uganda, following a similar stunt by a newspaper there.

  9. stupid bastards. I hope they get nailed GOOD.

    The 12th century Temple of Chhapri in India was adorned with a three dimensional. life-size wall sculpture of a hermit monk performing oral sex on a visitor, so I doubt that homophobia in inherent in Indian culture.

    India was a British colony, wasn’t it?

    Maybe that’s why Gandhi had the sculpture destroyed….yea…Gandhi…who knew?

    1. “The 12th century Temple of Chhapri in India was adorned with a three dimensional. life-size wall sculpture of a hermit monk performing oral sex on a visitor, so I doubt that homophobia in inherent in Indian culture.”

      . . . . . . . . . . .

      I did not know that, but this just serves to point out how pernicous cultural and religious hypocrisy is.

      Although, in the west we can hardly be the ones to cast the first stone – so to speak.

  10. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 7:53am

    What a disgrace. Too many countries still have to learn the word respect when it comes to other human beings. Gay people are not a circus amusement, we deserve the same respect the whole world over!

  11. these (out or name and shame gays publicaly) are tactics in these countries to distort and manipulate homosexuality in the public eye. same in Uganda! they use this methods as well as controversial gay porn or fetish stuff to generalise homosexuality! as we all knows there are guys out there that enjoy rimming for example or in a porn movie context gang bangs, cum eating and so on. they use this to condemn homosexuality! out of context of course and in disrespect to each one’s individual sexual freedom and tastes. usually in societies where homosexuality it is classed as unaceptable and imoral on religious, medical or health grounds!

  12. How can international citizens contact this Indian television station to tell them what more enlightened civilizations think of them?

    1. If you do so it will be a good step forward to make them realize What wrong portrayal they have in their minds about gay men. Here are the contact details of TV9 offices across INDIA:

      Tv9 Andhrapradesh,
      # 97, Road# 3, Banjara Hills,
      Andhra Pradesh – 500034.

      Mobile : + 91-9948290901

      Phone : + 91-40-23352336

      Fax : + 91-40-23351553 / 22

      Email :

      Tv9 Karnataka,
      No.13, Rhenius Street,
      Richmond Town, Civil Station,
      Bangalore – 560025.

      Phone : + 91-80-40312999

      Fax : + 91-80-41134999

      Email :

      Tv9 Delhi,
      21, Natya Ballet Centre,
      |||rd Floor,
      Bhai Vir Singh Marg,
      Gole Market,
      New Delhi – 110001.

      Telefax : + 91-11-23347921

    2. TV9 Media Maharashtra Pvt. Ltd.
      110, Silver House, 13th cross road MIDC, Andheri East Mumbai – 400 093

      Phone : + 91-022-28272728

      Fax : + 91-022-28210099
      TV9 HOUSE
      Maruthi Arcade, 132FT Ringroad Jivraj Park,
      Ahmedabad – 380051

      Phone : + 91-079-26810999
      + 91-079-26811999

      Fax : + 91-079-26822999

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