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Congressman pushes for repeal of anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act

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Reader comments

  1. alway amazed at how backward the USA is – may not agree with all decision by teh EU but heavens we how far more advance than the USA

  2. Richard (in CA) 24 Feb 2011, 7:34pm

    Obama’s “personal view?” I hope this doesn’t mean he would reject or discourage pro same sex marriage legislation. As an elected official, he’s expected to look at the bigger picture. His “personal view” should be irrelevant. We saw what happens when a president and his administration govern based on their personal views, something Obama cannot have failed to notice, and something I’d hope he would consciously want to avoid.

  3. From what I’ve read, Obama is “struggling” and now “evolving” with the issue. That’s a baby step forward no less. He’s like most other politicians, struggling with the religious concept of marriage which of course has absolutely nothing to do with civil marriage. The sooner he and they have learned to separate the two, the better chance it has in becoming a reality.

  4. Still grappling?
    Give me a break!

  5. I think Obama is “struggling” to identify whether he’ll gain more votes by supporting gays or attacking us. So much for being the moral arbiter. And “evolving” implies a total lack of focused forethought – evolution is the accidental outcome of environmental and genetic stimuli. I’d hope he’d rather use his brain to figure out the right solution.

  6. I can’t believe how controversial gay marriage is in the states. I wish the american people would worry about their own lives and stop wondering what the neighbours are up to. This is probably why the richest nation in the world is having problems solving their own credit problems. If the government would stop waisting time on issues like this and focus on the serious problems the nation faces, the problems would not be there. All I can say is what a waste of time, and tax payer money. Even if I wasn’t gay I wouldn’t want the govenment waisting time/money FIGHTING against ANY people’s rights. This is rediculous and a waste..

  7. Let us be fair to President Obama – he saw how the Clinton administration got lost a lot of headway on gays in the military and unsuccessful fights on healthcare, and how energies were dissipated. He wants to get measures through, not fight the right battles on the wrong battlefields. And he has to carry a Republican Congress with him, or nothing goes through.

  8. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 7:17am

    It’d be a sad day if the US with it’s backward stand and joke of a phrase Land of the Free….Not, was to get full equal marriage before the UK.

  9. What Obama and the DoJ did Wednesday is the most important advance in gay rights in the US since Lawrence v. Texas. For the first time in history, a US administration has taken the position that laws disadvantaging gay Americans are presumptively unconstitutional. That is amazing.

    I’ve never been a defender of Obama, but I’m beginning to think he may be on the right track. By saying that anti-GLBT laws are subject to higher scrutiny but still taking the position that he is struggling with the issue of marriage equality, he is sending the message by example that people need to prove that their personal attitudes and prejudices are not motivating their actions.

    He is also turning the tables on the Republicans. If they decide to waste resources defending DOMA, they are the ones not focussing on the economy.

    I love the UK. I’m glad I chose this country as my home. But, I really get tired of the type of smugness displayed in many of these comments. We are not equal in this country. We may be closer right now, but we may not get there before the US. I haven’t heard any statements from our government that they won’t be defending our discriminatory marriage laws in the EU courts.

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