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Christian website blames Christchurch Quake on gays

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  1. This comment leaves me speechless in it’s gross insensitivity, and lack of humanity.

  2. As ever when natural disasters strike I didn’t see many gay districts destroyed on the news reports, but I did see a few churches crumble to rubble. So how do they deduce from this empirical evidence that god has a problem with us?

  3. The Rev J R Boyer 24 Feb 2011, 12:30pm

    Prof Lineham is correct in his view that “a Mid-Western USA frame of thought which is fearful of the world” is responsible for this vicious tripe.
    More to the point, significant, the web site is hosted in the state of Utah – overwhelmingly Mormon, whose church-led funding of Proposition 8 in the state of California stripped the marriage rights from gays and lesbians and has left 18,000 couples in an on-going legal limbo.
    The Mormon mind-set is absolutely 19th Century; e.g., they accepted people of color as fully participating members of their faith only after 1978 following much public debate and derision.

  4. It’s the churches that turn to rubbles in calamities such as this. It should be the Churches who should take a hint from God. If God is pissed with anyone, it sure ain’t with the LGBTs.

    1. The website’s hosted by a company called bluehost com the CEO and president of which is a man called Matt Heaton who can be reached at www mattheaton com

      Excuse the odd URL’s — having difficulty posting them after the site comment system revamp !

  5. I have friends in Christchurch, their Mum’s house has been destroyed by this recent quake, meanwhile they still have neighbours staying with them after the previous earthquake made their house unstable and it had to be demolished…so they took them in, now Lex’s old Mum is homeless and will have to join them.
    It’s a very difficult time for people in Christchurch and it’s by no means over.

    Unbalanced Christian zealots in Utah could try to contain their madness a bit more, they could up their medication or whatever it takes for them to get a grip and stop being offensive and unhelpful.

  6. Wally M Abs 24 Feb 2011, 12:36pm

    I wonder what kind of Gods these people worship ?? hat religion in this earth that consider Gloating and Making “Fun” of others misfortune an acceptable thing to do ????

  7. This merely confirms the fact that religious faith is a mental illness,

  8. I’m speechless and disgusted! I’m an a Kiwi ex-pat who lived in Christchurch, the pictures are heart-breaking enough without bigots jumping on the band wagon. I want to say what I’d like to do to them…but if I do then I might be guilty of inciting religious hatred or inciting murder!

  9. Well I’ve often been told that I’ve made the earth move for someone in the bedroom but I’m not taking any responsibility this time!

  10. That is just sick! they should find the people who said that and throw them in jail. They are not Christians, just using the name as the easiest way to approve their hate for mankind.

  11. Christine Beckett 24 Feb 2011, 12:46pm



    Wait a moment!

  12. Why then did God ‘demolish’ his own Cathedral?

  13. I am slightly confused: if god is so powerful that he can create earthquakes to punish humans, why doesn’t he punish the gays whose behaviour he is supposed not to like, rather than other people who have nothing to do with gays?!

  14. Jock S. Trap 24 Feb 2011, 12:51pm

    These people will never accept how Evil they are to say such things. What’s even more disturbing is the fact some deranged people will actually believe this tripe.

    To use such a devastating event as an excuse to spew such vile crap is mindboggling. No respect. Yet again truely the worst of Christianity speaks and acts out.

    Luckily many decent people who will see this as the Evil drivel it is supposed to be.

    To show such disgust for another human being is beyond comtempt. They themselves must accept they and they alone are what is destroying humanity. To be such haters, such cowards.

    To see pure evil I suggest they each look in a mirror.

  15. According to their thinking, God’s massively cruel, vindictive and, yes, pretty much evil – making 23 children orphans? This is your all-loving God, is it? That’s what love looks like?

  16. Helen Wilson 24 Feb 2011, 1:01pm

    Christians believe via the bible, that the earth the universe and everything in it is 6,000 years old. So how on earth could the earth’s crust that’s radiometric age dated at 4.5 billion years old be controlled by the 6,000 year old invisible sky fairy?

    Maybe the earthquake was caused when the tectonic plates moved ever so slightly. Caused ether by the flow of liquid magma beneath the surface of the planet, or the gravitational effect of the moon on the earth’s surface.

    Its all about unfortunately geological quirk that New Zealand sits right on a fault line between the Pacific plate and the Australian plate. Christchurch unfortunately sits very close to the point of most stress between the two tectonic plates.

    Was the earthquake an act of God? NO

    Was the earthquake an act of geology? YES

  17. I think it’s pretty pathetic that a ”christian” and i use that term loosely could use such a tragedy and use it as a gay bashing opportunity. As the professor say’s it stems from fear. Fear of being different fear of being who you really are being true to yourself. Perhaps these people are afraid to be who they really are or maybe they’re jealous that people have the guts to openly be who they want to be gay straight bi sexual or transgender were all still gods children . I pity the narrow minded people stuck in such a fearful world without ability to be different or express your self as you wish.

  18. @ Oscar: I think this level of pond life focuses more on the vengeful God fo the Old Testament than anything to do with the Christian message.

    I really am beginning to wonder if anything is gained by paying these morons any attention at all. Their unbelievably shallow conclusions aren’t really worth taking even remotely seriously, surely?

  19. Truly amazing that politcians remain silent when these right wing religious nutters spew their obnoxious venom. Why is there silence among the more moderate religious clerics who should condemn them and their hatred as well as their stupidity?

  20. They’re really getting gays/lesbians mixed up with pedophiles.

    Probably they heard of that group which wants to teach 4 year olds about gays – which I object to incidentally.

    I’m all for ways of bringing about tolerance and putting that into education but it must be done with extreme care. I don’t know the right age in which it should start but certainly not 4.

    1. Not sure of the relevance to the main subject, but from your remark can one infer that you would not approve of gay adoption for children age 4 and under?….

      1. So Jim, when my son turns four years old and is in school you feel that teachers shouldn’t be allowed to talk about his parents the way they talk about other childrens’ and that stories about families like his family shouldn’t be told, and examples used to teach lessons should never include any information that acknowledges that my son’s parents and his family exists?

        Or are you so stupid as to claim that ANYONE has proposed that gay SEX be taught to four year olds? If so then you need to put down the anti-gay Kool Aid that you’ve been sold, and apparently have been drinking, and come back to the world of the sane and intelligent.

        The only thing that has been proposed is that lesson examples that include references to parents, or families or partners also include gay examples every once in a while. For example, instead of always telling a story of how Billy walked across the street holding his mom and dad’s hand, every once in a while talk about how Billy’s dads held his hands as they crossed the street or how Billy’s dad and his partner held his hands as they crossed the street.

        4 year olds have absolutely NO problem with this. It does NOT confuse them. They don’t start getting confused until anti-gay people brainwash them into believing that boys can only like girls and that gays are bad. It’s not the kids who get confused and angry, it’s the adults.

        1. Loved reading that, Hayden!

  21. Poisonous homophobic fantasists, and probably actually mentally unbalanced.
    And their God is such a charmer, isn’t he? If I killed all my neighbours because I didn’t like their way of life I would be rightly called a vicious psychopath. But these head-bangers think that an invisible spirit who does it is just fine.

  22. Absolutely disgusting to take advantage of such an awful tragedy to further their hate against LGBT people. I wish they could be arrested.

    Reading what they’ve said, I genuinely think these people are mentally ill. That’s not religion speaking, it’s psychosis.

  23. And there’s me thinking it was becuase of the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust that creates seismic waves caused by Tectonic or Volcanic events….

    …I had no idea how much telekinetic power I had as a gay person!!! Me being gay can cause earthquakes. Fantastic. I’m off to practice moving the moon’s orbit next, to test the limits of my limit to my powers! Tremble before me mortals, for I can wreak destruction, and I will lay the wrath of god upon you!

    These “christian” people truly sicken me. They should be tested for mental instability or genetic abnormalities, and treated accordingly. Or at least kept from doing harm to themselves or others in society.

  24. “That’s not religion speaking, it’s psychosis.”

    Damn it, you got in ahead of my comment… now I look like I was copying you, Iris :)

    1. Great minds and all, Will ;)

  25. If all this evil gayness is exported from Sydney’s Oxford Street why doesn’t their god zap Sydney during the upcoming Mardi Gras. Oh, Australia is not in an earthquake zone, but NZ is. Simples. When an angry god starts to throw his toys out of the pram better watch out, he might knock down a church or two. kick the cat and smash all the plates in sheer incoherent rage. Just like a two-year old.

  26. This deffinetly proves the point how wacko the religious nuts are, anything to put the blame on us !I I expect the Aussie floods and Libya are all our fault too?!!

  27. Christine Beckett 24 Feb 2011, 2:20pm

    Well, the site is hosted in Utah, but the content certainly seems to suggest that the group itself is actually in New Zealand.

    If so, one wonders if they have breach any national laws by publishing such poison?

    1. The Rev J R Boyer 25 Feb 2011, 12:35am

      You raise a very good point.
      The content’s language is definitely NOT standard U.S. English in its spellings and terminology.

  28. Lady Geegaw 24 Feb 2011, 2:37pm

    here’s the official response from the web hoster when I suggested they should pull their plug: I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with one of our clients.

    Questions of libel, slander, defamation and hate speech are legal matters, about which a court must make a decision. We can remove a website if we receive a court order so stating. Please provide a notarized copy of the injunction or other court order once you have obtained one; we can then verify the document with the court and take action.

    We apologize for this inconvenience; in matters such as this, we must rely upon the courts’ discretion.

    Terms of Service Compliance Department
    1958 South 950 East
    Provo, UT 84606
    P: 888.401.4678 Option 5 | F: 801.765.1992

  29. I’m glad to see that God’s aim is no better in New Zealand than it is here in America. Every time she goes to punish the USA for gay marriage she brings death and destruction to a state with an anti-gay marriage law (see Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida).

    So now she’s beating up on CHRISTchurch and destroying Christian Cathedrals to send a message to New Zealanders about those filthy, skiing homa-sek-shuls who were miles away and didn’t even feel a vibration.

    Is God really near-sighted or does she just throw like a girl?

    1. I’m a girl, and I throw just fine sweetie! So if God thows like me, me thinks God hit those targets on purpose! LOL

  30. Hmm, and the Super volcano/caldera under Yellowstone National Park USA is overdue for a major eruption (average 600000 year cycle- 40,ooyears overdue).
    When, not if, it goes it’ll wipe out most of North America overnight and plunge rest of world into severe climatic disruption.
    No amount of christians bigotted or not praying or blaming will stop it.
    Some might even think it’s their God’s punishment for their bigotry !

  31. Oops that’s 40000 years overdue not 4000.

  32. “The Big Book of Incest” supporters that run that site should look at their own way of life!

  33. john sharp 24 Feb 2011, 3:22pm

    religious insanity
    again shows how religions are harmful to your health

  34. So much about “Christian” compassion and Wild wild west that butchered natives not so long ago. Amen.

  35. Well, we have already caused 9/11 (according to Jerry Falwell as punishment for increased tolerance of homosexuality), Hurricane Katrina (according to Stephen Green as punishment for Southern Decadence festival) and a tornado on the Isle of Man in 2008 (according to some batty old vicar who claimed it was God’s wrath over civil partnerships).
    Inevitable we would get around to an earthquake eventually.

  36. Jen Marcus 24 Feb 2011, 3:39pm

    This is another example of gross irrational insanity spewing from people poisoned by religious doctrines and magical thinking emanating from pre scientific ancient texts and beliefs. People “get a life,” get out of the Dark Ages, stop doing emotional and physical violence to others because of your twisted insane beliefs and enter into the 21st century!

  37. I think that this is not the same God we believe in. Our God is compassion, merciful etc. And upon all these God is LOVE. this earthquake was not an act by God as a punishment but it’s nature cause and to these Christians don’t judge or pin point a finger cause you have three other fingers pointing at you.

  38. I don’t think there’s any comment I can make that adds anything new to the universal disgust about this rancid website and the morons behind it. This is just me sounding off in frustration at not being able to get their bile about lesbian paedos out of my head right now.

  39. David mcKinnon 24 Feb 2011, 4:09pm

    We in the States live with this kind of vicious nonsense from Religious Fundamentalists. It seems that when they want to scare their congregants in an effort to raise even more money, they spew this foul and slanderous vomitus.

  40. Robert (Kettering) 24 Feb 2011, 4:28pm

    Deluded nonesense from a bunch of ignoramouses! What do you expect from American Fundies? So glad I am Pagan (Wiccan) and well away from Christianity.

  41. Rebecca Shaw 24 Feb 2011, 4:30pm

    I can only assume there is some fanciful chaos theory argument behind this as I am not able to reconcile this with anything I have ever encountered in my journey as a Christian.

    For the avoidance of doubt, the New Testament on which my faith is based is a book which speaks of love. The Christ that we celebrate came to us not as a vengeful god, but instead saw himself as a humble servant.

    Sermon over! As far as I am concerned, my sexuality and gender-identity don’t matter to those who love me; I’m sure they don’t mind and to paraphrase Dr Seuss, “those who do mind, don’t matter”. I’m certainly including some obscure cult in mid-West USA in the “don’t matter” category!

  42. Dominick J. 24 Feb 2011, 4:30pm

    Real Christian believers do not belive the crap the homophobes try spreading and truthfully giving a full comment section on this is really dumb, in my opinion, it only gives them strength to keep doing and saying what they do.

    I love all the comments, though, about the churches turning to crap and then people need to ask why on earth would God take his vengenance out on innocent people and not just the gays if it’s them he’s angry at? These people are pathetic and NOT Christian at all.

    1. This is what happens when people take the Bible as being all inclusive and literl, using shallow and xenophobic interpretations as “the only truth.”

      I prefer my scripture from the historical-critical perspective, meaning what did the bible mean in the days that it was penned in? I would also question any version of scripture that even mentions the word homosexual as the word did not even exist in English prior to 1891.

      Even the sin of Sodom was not homosexuality and the men at Lot’s door were not there to rape the angels for homosexual fun and games. They were there to rape them, reducing them to the status of women, under their status system of man, woman, child, slave – as they had been met by Lot at the gate and invited to his home for the evening. As Lot was an alien to Sodom, they distrusted him – especially when he brought in people of obvious stature into his home. Take a look at Judges 19. The same thing occurs within the nation of Israel, i.e. the Levite and his concubine. The word that many now translate as homosexual used to be Sodomite. If homosexuality was the issue here, then why didn’t the term Sodomite get replaced by the term “Israelite” as the incident in Judges 19 occurred centuries after Sodom?

      These people claiming God’s vengeance against Christchurch are absolutely no better than the people of Sodom and their inequities surpass those of Sodom.

  43. I see we can always rely on a disaster to bring out the compassionate, caring side of christianity.

  44. Gregg O'Grady 24 Feb 2011, 5:08pm

    I havn’t even read all the comments made… I don’t need to.. I am gay… I don’t have a problem with God.. Nor do I think he has a problem with me…I have good friends… they are christian… they don’t have a problem with me … If one chooses to put God in a box and states.. “this is my understanding and God does not operate outside of my Box” then you are the ones with the problem.In your own words.. At whatever point you judge; then you will be judged!… Give it up!My heart goes out to the souls who suffer through this.. for the family who’s 9 month old child died from a falling television…!! HURT… How dare anyone think they are in a position to state they are in a more riteous position to pass judgement…as if they are Gods Spokespeople…F…Off.. Read your bible and find your own plank in your eye before you blaspheme any further…

  45. There’s vulcanism (of sorts) in other areas of the solar system; what the hell is going on at THOSE places that a wrathful diety finds it necessary for the presence of volcanos there when no gays are ANYwhere about?

    Unless he/she/it is just practicing, and then bringing what he/she/it has learned regarding volcano mechanics to earth?

    Naw, they’re just extreme left of the bell curve.

  46. Susan Goodwin 24 Feb 2011, 5:53pm

    Faith and organised religion are to blame for more death and destruction in the world every day than this one natural disaster.. I dont base my life on hate,derision and incitement to descrimination. I prefer healthy family values. These people should be charged with something and face the full force of the law but of course they wont as the website seems to be based in Utah.

  47. Infuriating though it is, it is also possible that the website is a huge troll. There’s no recognizable group taking responsibility for it, there isn’t the usual citing of the chapter and verse from what the bible quotations are taken and the language is designed to be provocative (which I know isn’t conclusive).
    Using a hosting company in Utah would add to the intended effect too.
    If it isn’t a troll, becoming outraged only adds to the ‘evidence’ that the LGBT community is intolerant and bigoted, which is what many of the right wing groups who genuinely think that way want.

  48. Robyn Griffiths 24 Feb 2011, 6:16pm

    I have complained to the host and this is their reply
    Greetings! I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with one of our clients. While we may not agree with the content on the site, we cannot take the site down as it’s not in violation of our Terms of Service. We’ve reviewed the site and have not found that it’s violating our ToS at this time. Questions of libel, slander, defamation and hate speech are legal matters, about which a court must make a decision. We can remove a website if we receive a court order so stating. Please provide a notarized copy of the injunction or other court order once you have obtained one; we can then verify the document with the court and take action. We apologize for this inconvenience; in matters such as this, we must rely upon the courts’ discretion. Terms of Service Compliance Department 1958 South 950 EastProvo, UT 84606P: 888.401.4678 Option 5 | F: 801.765.1992 Most questions can be answered by articles in our knowledgebase or our NEW forum!Forum: http://www.bluehostforum.comKnowledgebase:

    In other words go away

  49. LMAO!!! That was some of the most foolish (albeit dangerous) drivel I’ve EVER read!!

    Hmmm, IF NZ’s quake was “God’s retribution on homosexuality”, perhaps the LGBT community should gather around Utah, hold hands and wait for a disaster to befall THEM; after all, WE won’t be harmed, we only cause harm to come to those around us…

    I didn’t know we had such power; I’d have used mine long ago.

  50. Some god, if gay skiing was the last straw, when Gaddafi is sending fighter jets to mow down unarmed civilians.

  51. People have died! Some peoples lives will never been the same again, countless families have been destroyed and this is all ‘Christians’ have to say? Disgusting.

  52. Those of you contacting the site host are wasting your time. They are based in UTAH; Mormon territory. It’s not against their Terms of Service because bashing gays is a huge part of their Terms of Service.


  54. Anyone notice that the CHURCH was reduced to rubble?…I think it means God’s angry with christians!

  55. What a cowardly website, no contact details or nothing…If the NZ govt didn’t have anything better to do I’d ask them to try to get the webstie banned somehow.. Shame it’s got any publicity to be honest, it’s even in the Australian Age…as far as I can see everybody is pulling together at the moment over there, gays, lesbians, catholics , anglicans, the lot…the disaster draws poeple together not apart…..

    Pretty outraged by the comments from the Bishop of carlisle – as someone said above this isn’t religion but psychosis…you can apply this to the website but how can you apply this to a Bishop in the UK?

    1. The Rev J R Boyer 25 Feb 2011, 12:42am

      For Americans: I’ll be circulating their toll-free number – (888) 401-4678. It costs nothing to call it from a U.S. connection (sorry, lovely rest of the world), but costs them every time a call connects (even to a recorded message).

      Call early. Call often. Call 24/7. Share the number with others. Hit Matt Heaton’s pocketbook.

      And please give generously to NZ Eartquake relief funds as they emerge.

  56. Another disgustingly ignorant comment from the cancer we call Religion

  57. CAVEAT: Using this attack tool could get you in trouble with your ISP since it’s use is easy to detect.

    Ordinarily I don’t condone this sort of thing, but since the hate-mongering web site in question…

    …doesn’t offer a forum for legitimate rebuttal, then said web site’s server can be overloaded with requests if enough people target it simultaneously via the use of this on-line, cross-platform Distributed Denial of Service attack tool called the JS LOIC (JavaScript Low Orbit Ion Cannon):

    Step 1: paste into the JS LOIC’s URL box (in place of the paypal url that’s currently there–please don’t attack paypal or anyone else).

    Step 2: click the big blue button to fire.

    BTW. Here’s where christchurchquake’s server is located:

    CAVEAT: Using this attack tool could get you in trouble with your ISP since it’s use is easy to detect.

  58. Hmm… They’re currently off-line. ‘Pity… :->

  59. First of all who is the idiot that invented bricks and the names of those that used them in these buildings…Hint… never name a church after Christ.. especially when he said “God does not dwell in the buildings made by the hand of MAN” Quit insulting him you false preachers……and quit stealing money from the people….God is not in your buildings and congregations….. and “your” works!

  60. sad sad sad religion and politics what a mix, selling promises to people while stealing their money, notice how money is always asked for at church to help the people, I don’t recall Jesus asking for anything at all, he also said that God dwells in the heart of man “NOT IN BUILDINGS”…… Get it Preachers… you are living a lie……and making lots of money off it.. God needs no middle man.. that’s why the temple veil was rent in two when the lord died on the cross. Jesus opened the way to God himself without the High Priests or middle man so to speak. You cannot represent yourself to the people acting as a High Priest or middle man… get it… its a blatant lie….blasphemy…and you are no better than some poor mixed up sole gay homeless or whatever, in fact you are worse cause they don’t claim to be something there not…What did Jesus tell the people when the tower of siloam fell he said there were sinners just as you are and said unless you repent ye shall also perish.. these were his disciples he spoke this to, and since they thought the people who died were worse than they were, he had to knock them down, the ego that is in all of us, Hunger, Pride, Ambition, this is our natural way of living and feeds us well. Wake up preachers and live the truth not a lie……. that’s what i need to do as well…..

  61. Wow this seems to be happening more frequently in shcities i mean cities the world over, buildings will kill you every time! yet our lives, churches, schools, and investments evolve around this concept of “density is better”. Well back in the 80s a friend of mine helped manufacture steel beams for some of the high rise structures in downtown Los Angeles. He said the steel was imported from Asia and quality was inconsistent. He said you could be cutting it with a torch and then for no reason it would blow out some of the steel without warning. Also he said you would be drilling it with drill bits and the bits would sometimes shatter after hitting hard pockets of steel,he said that they then would have to torch out the bolt holes instead of drilling them due to the hardness of that particular spot in the beams..and the company did not seem to care as long as they “git er dun”. I believe around this same this time so many buildings were being built, the steel was in big demand, and fabricators were using any imported steel that was available. He said it just was not like our good ol American steel. I believe he said much of it was from Korea.

    A concern

    I keep hearing buildings can handle quakes because they are built to with stand a certain magnitude, well true, but how many quakes can they stand before that junk steel from Korea gives out. The problem is, every quake you have, creates enormous stresses through out the structure, and the building can only do this SO MANY TIMES before severe problems or catastrophic failure occurs. Yet Chile for instance brags about their structures strength, however after a while it wont matter how well they are constructed,they WILL eventually FAIL! And with the continuous quaking going on in the world steel just aint gonna take much more before the perfect storm comes along and changes things, and who’s to say a quake with an unusual series of wave lengths wont create extreme stress that would bring down the buildings. just something to consider.

    For the religious dudes and dudetts

    Is the earth is a period of change that will strain our governments resources worldwide with extreme hardships to follow like never seen before!

    The sun is now leaving the constellation of “Pisces” or “Fish” and is entering into a new constellation called “Aquarius” or “Cup Bearer” “Water-Bearer”. Some say that during this transitional period it will bring about global changes in weather, volcanic, quake activity, sun bursts of gamma rays etc.

    A Coincidence ? HMMMM…that the “Fisher of Men” was born 2000 yrs ago WHEN the sun was entering into the constellation of “Pisces” or “Fish” and 2000 yrs later it is now entering into the constellation of “Aquarius” IE “Cup Bearer” it is not written this “Fisher of Men” will return with his “Cup of Wrath” ….overflowing. Is this the cup bearer that the constellations are pointing us to…

    Some say the dude didn’t exist, well for the sake of argument, its not everyday the world resets the date to zero when a child is born.

    If nothing else That still has gotta be one special little skidmark… no matter who he was…

    anyway if you don’t believe it, history, archeology is full of proof that is if your not biased, besides what dude in his right mind would even bother to compile a book called the bible if it wasn’t true… you would have to be a genius to produce such a book with the chronology,genealogy as well as future events that have proven to be correct, and besides why do it. now.. if you do believe …. get ready for some “perilous times as never seen before”.

    1. “The sun is now leaving the constellation of “Pisces” or “Fish” and is entering into a new constellation called “Aquarius” or “Cup Bearer” “Water-Bearer”.”

      Astrology? Is it not bad enough we have nut-job christians and now we have “sun’s moving” into dangerous skies conspiracy nonsense too?

      “anyway if you don’t believe it, history, archeology is full of proof that is if your not biased,”

      Care to share this proof, or is it just communicated to you only through alien mind probes and talking dogs?

      “you would have to be a genius to produce such a book with the chronology,genealogy as well as future events that have proven to be correct”

      WTF? Are you on drugs? Where do you even begin with this? No one said the bible was written by one man, its a collection of stories. Do you have any proof it has predicted anything so far? Tell me what is going to happen next and when so.

      Please, Karl, a bit of common sense, is it too much ask for? Or sanity, perhaps?

      This site and the lunatics, I’ll never understand the attraction for them…..

  62. What a disgusting and disturbing mentality and remark! When I heard of this, I instinctively knew that it was probably a US based group, as the US seems to have a higher proportion of extremist Christians than anywhere else.

    I feel so sorry for the people of New Zealand (as well as other nationalities affected) in the disaster.

  63. homophobic muppets
    pedophiles are nothing to do with LBG folk any way
    It’s sadly predictable that the homophobic section of christianity will blame any disaster on LBG yet it’s their god whose all-powerfule etc

  64. this is how we nkow there is no god cause those mf’s would have been struck down

  65. JohnK: I don’t know altogether where the people who make these comments come from but I am inclined to concur with your sentiments (first post).

    When I read the PN article, I note the quote from Prof Lineham, which I felt was quite helpful. What you may not know is that he is/was a member of the Plymouth Brethren (like me), I have met him and respect his scholarship.

    But you may be interested in his story:

    1. Hi John

      Thanks for the link, I will take a look at it later.

      Friday is a busy day for me, and i am just of shopping before the London rush hour kicks in.

      I will look forward to reading it later.

      1. I agree, some positive things in the article; especailly for those struggling with their sexuality in conservative Christian communities

        1. JohnK: you have sometimes questioned in the past why this conservative Christian engages with these forums but the fact that there conservative Christians that do struggle with their sexuality is one reason why I am keen for a considered response and not just one based merely upon dogma. Fyi, I contacted Prof Lineham and received a generous reply.

  66. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 2:42pm

    This is all about people using texts written by over-inflated male egos as an excuse to spew their hatred.

    We were given brains surely to use not copy and paste from the Bible/Koran…etc.

    What I’d like to see is the Christians who disagree with this show it and prove publically for all to see that not all think the same hate.

    1. @Jock S. Trap . . .

      “What I’d like to see is the Christians who disagree with this show it and prove publically for all to see that not all think the same hate.”

      I agree. . . I think it is imperative that Christians respond to condemn these inhumane rantings.

      1. JohnK: you will see from my earlier post that I have.

        I also know of two Christians (not related) who are involved in the humanitarian relief that is taking place in Christchurch. While questioning what used to be referred to as acts of God”, but now we have a more scientific understanding, have occupied folk for time immerorial, the truth is we often can’t explain why these things happen and we need to do what all decent folk do and that is to show compassion on those who are suffering.

        1. I’m sure your friends are doing a tremendous job and all power to them.

          We have a simple explanation for why it happened though, John: New Zealand sits on a faultline. These things happen, and the website operators should be aware, a fault is not a sin.

  67. I have read tripe in my time, but this report is the silliest thing I have ever come across!
    Why waste time reading such vehement, nasty and mallicious claptrap.
    I pity the poor sods who thought up such a vile story.

  68. Har Davids 27 Feb 2011, 8:07am

    Maybe taking down these moronic web-sites is the only way to react. You can’t argue with fundies with their cave-dwellers’ views, as they’re not even able to explain why their god sees it fit to kill some while leaving others unharmed, so why bother paying them any more attention than necessary?

  69. Isnt it strange that fanatically religious godly countries like those in Africa are hunger and disease ridden.
    Or the so called holy lands that have been drenched in the blood of millions since religion reared its ugly head.
    Drop the sky faries and we might all get on.

    1. I fully agree, J.Cartier.

      It’s becuase for a religion to survive, you need an enemy, or enemies. Gays, other religions, people of different nationalities…. all good enemies to blame anything on, from storms to why someone was too lazy to get an education.

      Its all becuase religion exists on fear, and the need to have a physical manifestation of what makes problems in ones life…. its also a convenient reason not to bother to learn what the real reason is for your own problems or problems in the world at large, or for your own inadequacies. Gays are a convenient scapegoat for the rain’s not falling on the Ngorongoro Crater. Easier for the ignorant and foolish to understand that some nebulous group of gays pissed off some sky monster, rather then climatic changes.

      Seems also a loving god doesn’t really cut the mustard, but a petty vengeful god is just what people want to feel better so as to “smite” someone for their own lack of intelligence and influence, and to ease their fears.

  70. I note a church was one of the buildings destroyed.

    God works in mysaterious ways ….

  71. Dan Filson 28 Feb 2011, 7:29pm

    No doubt the Boxing Day tsunami a couple of years ago killing over 250,000 people was caused by untold amounts of buggery. How stupid can fanatics get. And why do their stupid churches get tax exempt status?

  72. It’s fascinating in a way A bit like being able to experience a living museum. one that takes you back to the middle ages. Further back than the witch finder general. Amazing.

  73. So N.Z.s ‘quake was caused by that country’s tolerance of queers?


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