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Irish politician says she received hate mail for anti-gay marriage views

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Reader comments

  1. Acting like children is not how we get people to see our side. Calling her a c**t only makes matters worse, and makes us all look like douche bags.

  2. Yes but let’s face it. On the whole we conduct ourselves far better than anti gay people.

    There is far more hatred directed toward us than we direct to others – and rightly so.

  3. Incidentally – when I say rightly so I’m referring to us (not anti gay people).

    In a perfect world the hate for us would be replaced by tolerance.

  4. She’s a politician who expressed her bigoted views on Twitter, being exposed to hate mail is probably the least she deserves @Tokokono. She’s no better than her ‘sister’ north of the border- good old Iris Robinson. Both should be on the receiving end of harder things than haye mail.

    1. WhitelighterNY 7 May 2011, 5:56pm

      Typical homosexual tactics, intimidation, harassment, death threats, etc. And you call yourself the tolerant ones?? Your “tolerance” only shows itself when it is self-serving.

  5. a homophobe talking about venom and nastiness – she had her mirror and was looking at herself then

  6. If marriage was about children then surely there must be fertility testing before heteros can marry? And age limits? Surely? No?

    That’s right. Her POV is a nonsense with no support in the rule of law and is better interpreted as thinly veiled homophobia.

    So yes, she is a c**t

  7. Helen Wilson 23 Feb 2011, 6:11pm

    She means somebody dared write her and disagree with her views!

    I guess she thinks it should be a crime to disagree with the Catholic/CofE totalitarian orthodox position!

    In other news: Vatican finds Chilean priest guilty of sexual abuse of minors and lets him off with slap on the wrist, retirement and resettlement!

  8. “marriage is primarily about children…” Children ?

    Why then did Ms. Creighton stand up in the Irish Parliament when the Civil Partnership Bill was introduced to criticise it for not mentioning any provision for the children of same-sex couples in regards of inheritance etc. ?

    and why did she criticise the lack of same-sex adoption ?

    the Labour & Green parties in their Election 2011 manifestos call for Same Sex marriage.

  9. As a Catholic it would be fair to say that Ms Creighton is engaged in that church’s orchestrated, venomous and nasty global anti-gay anti-equality industry.

  10. This is the EQUALITY spokesperson for the Fine Gael political party.

    She’s a bigot and a fool.

    Her political party are being treacherous slimebags. They do not support marriage equality either.

    I hope Creighton loses her seat in Friday’s general election

  11. so what? we’ve been on the end of ‘hate laws’ from stupid christians our entire lives.

  12. She’s allowed views, of course she is. But politicians of all shapes and sizes are stupidly deciding to air them on Twitter and other social media. Forget their ignorant views, this just shows a level of stupidity I don’t really want in the people running any country.

  13. It’s always an ‘orchestrated campaign’, that’s what the bigots ALWAYS say when people challenge their views. That line always gets pulled out, and it’s incredibly patronising that they think people can’t be offended by their comments in their own right without the backing of a hoard of angry internet mafia folk.

  14. westcoastkid 23 Feb 2011, 8:17pm

    Fine with me. So according to Ms Creighton’s thoughts couples past child bearing age, infertile couples and any other couplings that do not end up bringing children into the world shall be denied a marriage license. Okay.

  15. If “Marriage is about children” is a good reason to ban gay people from marrying, why is nobody campaigning to prevent sterile straight couples from maryring? Or couples who choose not to have children. Maybe people should produce the children first before they’re allowed to get married.

  16. Reason & wit > vulgarity.

  17. PinkPolitico 23 Feb 2011, 9:57pm

    This marginal politician expresses her outright opposition to equality for gay couples and suddenly she’s the victim because surprise surprise there’s a backlash against such a blatantly discriminatory position. Yes, a minority resorted to unnecessary abuse but the vast majority of people were simply expressing their disgust that such a young politician representing a liberal constituency would be of the view that LGBT people are not entitled to the rights that heterosexuals take for granted. Gay people and their families, friends and indeed anyone interested in basic fairness are going to react against such misinformed views.

    Unfortunately a populist tabloid rag in Dublin saw fit to present her as the victim in some imaginary orchestrated campaign. But Creighton is a political nobody and is highly unlikely to be given any kind of Ministerial position in the new government. More disturbingly, Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny arrogantly dismissed questions about gay marriage at a press conference today as not being a priority and comments posted on the party’s Facebook page asking about their policy in this area were deleted in a pathetic display of censorship.

    And just to show how out of touch Ms Creighton and her party colleagues are on this issue – the most recent poll showed that 67% of Irish voters back marriage equality. Creighton and FG are on the wrong side of history on this issue and will be judged accordingly. In the meantime Irish voters need to wake up to the real danger of a FG majority on Friday which would be the most socially and economically right-wing govt in the history of the country. At least a coalition involving Labour would provide some kind of much needed balance.

  18. What an extremely ignorant and stupid comment to make. It only takes a few seconds’ thought to realise that what she says is nonsense; marriage is not about procreation because infertile couples still marry, whereas same sex couples with children are denied marriage.

  19. its irrelevant what she thinks

  20. This vile bigoted haradin is a Fine Gael politician in Ireland and that is the exact same thing as being a Law and Justice Tory on the offshore Island of Britain. She will become an irrelevance the minute the election is over because she will not be elected and will rightly be consigned to the dustbin of history. Oh and btw, there certainly was an orchestrated campaign, but she herself was the orchestrator when she tweeted her bigoted xtian views.

  21. fine gael are the irish equivalent of ukip right? or worse? I saw leader of their party on news 24 , are they having a laugh? but i guess we got cameron.

  22. She must think irish people are idiots to assume they will fall for her “victim” status in all this. But apparently her party are going to win majority, although according to my friend they are anti gay and have no history on equality. looks like they will drag ireland back to the dark ages.

  23. Lucinda loves receiving fan mail. Her Twitter page is and her email address is and you can become her fan on Facebook at although she has been getting too much fan mail at the moment and has had to disable comments on her wall. You can always give her a call though on (01) 6183527 or visit her website at

    And yes, she is a c**t.

  24. you oppose equality. they used nasty words. yeah your really the victim….

  25. Jock S. Trap 24 Feb 2011, 8:38am

    With her opinion what did she expect. However I do feel that abusive language ends up missing the point because people discard the message and the point is lost.

    Keep protest strong but not abusive is you want to be heard.

  26. I am not sure but I think Fine Gael is the Irish centre-right equivalent of the Tory party of the Maggie Thatcher years. Poor Ireland!

  27. I think she’s confusing passion with hatred. Some of the language used is very intemperate, but that doesn’t make it hate speech.

    Is she really saying that the kind of abuse she’s received this one time is comparable to that received daily by many LGBT people ? Deciding to play the fake victim is a very low tactic. Failing to understand that her hypocrisy would provoke such outrage shows she be in a position of high office, or be dealing with her fellow human beings.

  28. Hate mail / hate crime… doesn’t really compare, does it?

    1. No it doesn’t compare. She is in a position to affect legislation which would discriminate and give life-long misery to thousands of people whereas hate mail is just directed at the one person for a finite period.

  29. “On her Facebook page, some users called her a “homophobic idiot”, a “c**t” and a “disgusting human being”.”

    She’s certainly a Catholic homophobe who does not think that gay men and lesbian women should be treated equally under the law.
    Partial equality is not equality at all Ms Creighton…it’s outrageopus that you of all people, as party spokesperson for equality, should know that.
    Increasingly Catholic politicians demonstrate that they are prepared to place the ideology of their church above the needs of the constituents who pay their wages.

  30. outrageopus!!! that too perhaps… but excuse typo, I meant outrageous

  31. Boston…”This vile bigoted haradin is a Fine Gael politician in Ireland and that is the exact same thing as being a Law and Justice Tory on the offshore Island of Britain.”

    Really? Then explain why David Cameron has now recognised that something has to be done about civil marriage equality in the UK for gay couples as well as allowing straight couples to have the option of a civil partnership? Where is the Irish conservative party in all this?conservatives on this?

  32. Fine Gael are a centre right party in Ireland. Whilst at this stage they don’t support gay marriage, they were the first major Irish party to support and propose Civil Partnerships. They were also the party which brought in divorce.

    Gay marriage is an important issue, but to be honest, as a gay man living in Ireland, I am more concerned about keeping my job, and my partner getting a job. The economy is screwed, the country is broke. This is the priority.

    FG are likely to be the biggest party in the next Dáil, and Lucinda Creighton will be elected, and will probably top the poll in her constituency.

    Her views are abhorrent, however, they do represent the views of many in rural and suburban Ireland.

    Change WILL come – that I really believe, but the priority has to be getting the country back on a stable footing – independent of the IMF/EU bailout.

    Oh, and FG have nothing in common with UKIP!

  33. “The economy is screwed, the country is broke. This is the priority.”

    Of course.

    But it does not mean that civil partnership apartheid is acceptable. Nor does it mean that the gay community should not be insisting on full equality. I

    marriage equality harms nobody, and if the ruling parties support it then their is nothihg that vile bigots like Lucinda Cretin can do about it.

  34. Eh… “spokeswoman for equality issues”…???
    I guess that must have read spokeswoman for anti-equality issues…..

  35. Sadly, it is not just a case of legislating for gay marriage in Ireland. A referendum will have to be held as it will require a change to the Constitution (which can only be done by referenda).

    This means that a lot of work needs to be done on the ground to convince the Irish public that gay marriage is a good thing.

    I know the opinion polls suggest a majority support it, but I suspect that the opinion polls are Dublin/urban biased and don’t really take into account the generally very conservative and still actively Catholic rural Irish…who account for a significant number of the population, and who traditionally turn out to vote in referenda.

    Still, the campaign is happening through the likes of Marriage Equality, and our voices will be heard…but it is still a case of priorities.

    As for Lucinda Creighton, well, I would hope she’d lose her seat, but she won’t.

  36. “fg have nothing in common with ukip!” yes no offence to ukip, sounds like they are more in tune with the bnp.

  37. “A referendum will have to be held as it will require a change to the Constitution (which can only be done by referenda).”

    That is merely the excuse that was used by the outgoing government who introduced CP’s. Many legal experts disagree.

    It would be horrific beyond belief if a referendum was to be held to decide on the civil rights of a minority community (as happened in California).

    It is the job of the Supreme Court to decide on the constitutionality of marriage equality.

    And it is our responsibiiity to keep the pressure on.

    If a referendum is held on marriage equality some vile, hideous bigots (funded in part by evangelicals in the US) will appear spreading all types of filthy lies.

    Divorce was legalised in Ireland only in 1996. Six months prior to the election 80% of people were in favour. Once the poisonous campaign of the far right was over, only 50.1% voted in favour – it barely squeaked through. The same would happen in a marriage equality referendum. If such a referendum were lost Ireland will NEVER get marriage equality.

    I am not wllling to gamble my human and civil rights to the whim of the electorate. That is an absurdly offensive idea.

  38. A sort of Melanie Phillips without the wig.

  39. Declan Hayden 24 Feb 2011, 10:29pm

    People (both gay and straight) respond viciously. Its appalling but a human response to many issues not related to sexuality. That’s democracy and the internet for you. Just because this is an issue on sexuality the orientation of those responding like that should not be used in the debate. I agree, some of the responses are appalling,sad and stupid, but so are others on general issues on other sites. The focus should be on the points made and the mature honest and heartfelt responses considered, and those who are abusive ignored as would be the case in any debate. There’s only a witch hunt if she creates one. Lucinda should have had the maturity to ignore these ignorant responses as is common in any case when you are a public figure and focus on the main responses that were made! Sadly she didn’t and painted herself as a victim in the media I am not part of any Dirty tricks or orchestrated campaign and I would like her to answer those key responses as maturely as they were given. She has yet to make any comment!

  40. This women is gross. People are going to get upset when you insult their very fabric, and deny them a human right. The responses from gay people were expected. This women is a plain hater B8tch, plain and simple. I hope her opinion isn’t influenced by religion. Like every other person who has something against the LGBT community. Those responses are so tired its not even funny….

  41. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 1:01pm

    How do these kind of people always get to be in positions of such power with such hatred?

    Doesn’t make sense.

  42. Someone like that has no place as the Equality spokesperson for a political party. Especially considering that Fine Gael are now the majority party in the Dail. Her views of marriage are backward too. To quote a tweet that the Church of Ireland Bishop of Cork sent her last week in response to her original tweet:

    “@LCreighton @fionaflaps very medieval view of marriage! What about mutual care and support. And what of couples unable to have children?”

    I hope Enda Kenny replaces her with someone who’s actually going to fit the bill of Equality spokesperson!

  43. In my opinion the comment was ill judged rather than homophobic. However, much of the comments aimed towards her have just been downright abusive. Such behaviour is not going help the political class change their views with regards to gay marriage.

  44. Samuel Croft 22 Jun 2011, 3:29pm

    Folks are propagating all over the place without being in wedlock. Are they in your sites also? Are you against gay marriage because they can’t propagate in their marriage and against those people that are not married that are propagating? Or does wedlock not apply to them?

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