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Ugandan asylum seeker says publicity will put her life at risk

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  1. The woman is a liar, and attempted to enter Britain under false pretences. She should be charged with perjury or perverting the course of justice.

    She was not under any threat until she decided to claim she was a lesbian, and now wants to make a claim for asylum due to the results of her cheating and lying. She should be sent back to suffer the consequences of her own actions, and hopefully serve as an example to anyone else that tries the same dirty tricks.

    Her actions risk other genuine LGBT people from not being believed should they apply for asylum and actually putting people’s lives at risk.
    They have enough to worry about, without having to suffer the indignity of not being believed just because these con-artists try to wheedle their way into the UK.

  2. Spanner, do you have the evidence which based on the judge’s ruling is flimsy at best. How would he prove that someone is straight? What if this woman, assuming she is a lesbian, were to marry a straight man to get into the country? How would the judge prove she’s a lesbian? What if she is returned to Uganda and tortured or worse even excecuted, whether she’s gay or not?

  3. In spanners world she black shes a liar spanner is a racist self hating poofter who would be better off dead

  4. “Repents” my arse. There’s an election coming up soon and David Bahati has staked his personal prestige and political career upon killing queers. Sending Brenda back to Uganda now would be a gift to MP Bahati’s reelection prospects.

  5. She is just a liar. One of many that seeks the fast way by claiming to be gay/lesbian to have a residence into a richer country. Even if I empathize with her suffering –misery is the mother of all the heresies they say- I can not avoid thinking that real gays and lesbians are at risks and more urgently need the very same place she is asking for.
    Ideally Uganda –as well as so many countries- should be compelled to improve their human rights recognition so this kind of things doesn’t happen. And development would help a big deal, even if not always they go hand in hand.

  6. paul canning 21 Feb 2011, 8:06pm

    1. It’s a Judicial Review where you can only submit new evidence.
    2. The main new evidence is a specific threat to her by David Bahati MP, the author of the ‘Kill the gays’ bill, which came *before any media attention*.

    That’s why the evidence on her sexuality is not being reviewed – it is legally irrelevant to a Judicial Review.

    The Telegraph doesn’t mention any of this because it has an anti-asylum seeker agenda and in its articles has only covered the slanted viewpoint of Home Office lawyers.

  7. Robert: “Spanner, do you have the evidence which based on the judge’s ruling is flimsy at best.”
    That sentence makes no sense. Are you asking if I have evidence? or do you?

    In Miss Namigadde’s case, Judge Davey said of the claimed relationship with “Janet” in Uganda: “Despite the length of time together the appellant says that Janet had a difficult surname and the appellant has no recollection of Janet’s surname, the title of the NGO she worked for, where she came from in Canada, her date of birth and, notwithstanding being with Janet for a period of rising six years, did not know how old Janet was.

    “I find the claims of attacks in Uganda and the details of them vague and unparticularised.”

    He also found that the Ugandan asylum seeker was unable to give any detail about a lesbian bar called Candy, in central London, other than its name and admission price, despite claims that she went there once a month.

    I would say that was fairly compelling evidence. It is not up to the courts to prove that she is straight, it is down to the woman to defend her case to stay here, and she demonstrably failed, and has actually admitted she lied.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 22 Feb 2011, 12:07am

    I’m all for letting her stay. She can hopefully contribute something to the country.

    If we must send someone to Uganda, we could maybe send some low life who will never amount to anything and contributes nothing of value to this life.

    Yes, Spanner, I mean you

  9. SMC:
    Oh, so I’m the bad guy of the piece because I dont support economic migrants, liars and cheats?

    If this woman is allowed to stay it will set a precedent for everyone to show up claiming they are lesbian/gay.

    It is idiots like you that will end up causing even more damage when the genuine ones get sent back to their possible deaths. Use some common sense, I have no problem with genuine asylum seekers, but this is just people trying to ponce off our country, and I for one don’t want them.

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