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Target agrees to fund gay groups following Lady Gaga deal

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Reader comments

  1. Dominic Davies 21 Feb 2011, 11:24pm

    Oooh, perhaps they might like to donate to our International Scholarship Fund to help therapists from pooerer countries where gender and sexual diversity is not accepted or tolerated attend our week long summer school?

  2. I can see the new placard now:



  3. Go Gaga!!!

  4. Great! I hope they’ll actually help counteract and prevent the types of harms against gays and their families that they’ve already caused. I still feel sick that my money spent there went to groups that want me alienated or dead.

  5. Andrew Wells 22 Feb 2011, 1:21am

    Wow. As if I didn’t have enough respect for her. She’s brilliant, and this article is clear proof of that.

  6. Luke from Canada 22 Feb 2011, 1:46am

    they always claim its purely a fiscal decision not a social decision, I don’t buy it for a minute, often there are reasons why these donations are made that are not spoken

  7. Money talks, and BS walks! Smart move Lady Gaga!!! LGBTs should really use its economic power to push for change!

  8. $500,000 of a $156,000,000 budget? That is less than 0.33% (or so put it in other terms, less than 33c for every $100 that they hand out.

    I think they can do a lot better than that.

  9. I’d like to care, but I’d honestly rather tolerate homophobes than Gagas pathetic excuse for music.

  10. westcoastkid 22 Feb 2011, 2:20am

    …Hope you got those commitments from Target in non fading writing Ms Gaga.

  11. Steve@GayWebHosting 22 Feb 2011, 2:42am

    “I’d like to care, but I’d honestly rather tolerate homophobes than Gagas pathetic excuse for music.”

    Wow, that must rate highly as one of the most moronic comments I´ve read in a long time…

    You´d rather “tolerate Homophobes”?

    So, let me understand this correctly… In order to be a bitchy queen, and make some lame snooty comment, about someone who does a hell of a lot for gay rights, (whatever you think about her music), you´d rather “tolerate” homophobes?

    Here is what you SHOULD have said….

    “I go not like your music Lady GaGa, but WELL DONE and thank you for your continued work on gay rights… Which is a damn-sight more that I have ever done”

    Whatever you think of her music,,, (and frankly, who gives a f-ck anyway?) it is the same homophobes YOU would willingly “tolerate” who are responsible for the suicides of our gay teenagers…


  12. QueerjohnPA 22 Feb 2011, 3:12am

    Target has NOT agreed to stop funding anti-gay candidates / causes. They agreed to have the people already in charge of it review the policy. WTF.

    The reality may be a bit more complicated than that, however. Target VP of communications Dustee Jenkins spoke with Billboard at length — the full interview transcript is available at — expressing Target’s excitement to be working with Lady Gaga and portraying the controversial donations as more of a lack of procedural oversight than anything else.” Of course. Of course.


    In 200 years, the homophobes will be nothing more than an unpleasant footnote in the history books. Gaga is forever burnt into History as a representative of how piss poor early 21st century culture was.

    I have perspective. It’s just more long-term based than yours.

  14. Good bit of buisness lobbying, but I have to ask whether the people who went out of their way to lobby against gay rights at the top of the company are still working there, and if so are they just biding their time until Lady Gaga drops from the charts?
    Feels like fiscal expedience more than a genuine attack of concience.
    I have mixed feelings on this one, but I guess there’s no point preaching to the converted.

  15. “I have perspective. It’s just more long-term based than yours.”

    You’re going to live 200 years, then?

    Well hopefully by then you’ll learn how not to make stupid comparisons between one pop stars music and the company of homophobes.

    Why does site site attract so may histrionics?

    Aside, I’m delighted that a singer would tackle gay rights in this way. Smart business move for her, but the message it sends out is huge.

  16. If the homophobes are going to be gone (I don’t buy ‘forgotten’) in 200 years it’ll be due to activists putting their weight behind us. Gaga is doing a lot for us, irrespective of whether we like the music. Personally I’m grateful (and I secretly like the music).

  17. Steve@GayWebHosting 22 Feb 2011, 10:11am


    Don´t you think that people will look back on the LGBT history books and remember the persecution and homophobia of the time? The right-wing church groups spreading hate about us? The compnanies that FUND them? The teenage LGBT kids who would rather take their own lives, rather than live with the hate and homophobia?

    Or will they, (like you in seems), merely remember that a lot of gays liked to dance to Kylie and GaGa?

    Perhaps THAT is what I meant by perspective.

  18. I’m not a massive fan of her music, but recently reading articles about her on this site, and finding out her support for LGBT rights, I find myself really respecting her. Though it’s a small amount of Target’s contributions, thank you Gaga for doing this – brilliant. She really does want to do the best for LGBTs I believe and that’s cool to see someone so famous doing things like this. Great article.

  19. Some people are a bit gullible.

    Target never did apologize. The CEO (or whatever his title is) apologized to Target employees for upsetting them with his donation.
    He never apologized for the donation, only for upsetting the employees.

    Also, if lady gaga thinks any agreement she makes with Target will stop the anti-gay donations she’s really ‘off target’.

  20. Patrick J Hamilton 22 Feb 2011, 4:45pm

    Target’s CEO did NOT apologize for the original donation. He “apologized” to employees for the REACTION to the donation. That’s like saying, “Honey, I’m sorry you found out I was cheating on you.”

  21. Target has NOT promised to stop donating to bigots. They have simply said they will try to be more ‘thoughtful’.

    All the while Target continue to donate to bigots who hate gayfolk. It cares a lot more about money than it cares about human rights.

    Gaga means well but is misinformed.

    Is it true that in the US there is no limit to the amount a corporation donates, so long as it is declared.

    If so then that’s 1 sure way of stifling democracy. Allow multinationals to buy elections?

  22. Demand Equality 22 Feb 2011, 8:31pm

    Target did not agree to stop funding antigay teabagging tyrannical theocRATS – do your homework this is their policy
    Public Policy

    Target believes that engaging in legislative and public policy activities is an important and necessary element of operating a diversified, multi-national retail business. We work with elected officials of all political parties to help shape constructive public policy solutions that benefit our business, team, guests and the communities we serve.

    During and immediately following the 2010 U.S. election cycle, the Corporate Responsibility Committee of our Board of Directors conducted a thorough review of Target’s policies and practices regarding public policy engagement. This review culminated in a clear and transparent framework for Target’s public policy engagement that was approved by our Board of Directors and is outlined below. Importantly, this framework has reaffirmed Target’s commitment to:

    * Align our public policy activities and business interests;
    * Employ a decision-making process to support ongoing compliance with our alignment objective; and
    * Maintain transparency to our guests, team members, shareholders and other stakeholders.

    Issue Advocacy

    As a retailer, importer, bank, credit card issuer, health care provider, and employer of over 350,000 team members, Target believes we play an important role in informing policy makers about many legislative issues. Target advocates at all levels of government, with think tanks, nongovernmental organizations and trade associations, aiming to ensure that the impact legislative and regulatory issues have on our business, our industry, our communities and our team members is well understood.

    When directly advocating on positions important to our business, we rely on leaders throughout the company who have expertise to lend to policy discussions. Recently, Target has shared expertise and engaged in lobbying activities on a number of issues, including organized retail crime, interchange fees, community safety, urban redevelopment, taxes, trade, product safety and cost-effective health care reform. Through in-person programs and by publishing informative materials, we also provide opportunities for our team members to learn about issues affecting Target and how to communicate with their elected representatives.

    We indirectly engage in advocacy through our memberships in trade associations and other policy-based organizations, which support their member companies by offering educational forums, public policy advocacy, and advancement of issues of common concern. Our financial support of trade associations and other policy-based organizations is limited to educational, lobbying and association management activities. We expressly require that our financial contributions to these organizations not be used for campaign contributions to candidates or to influence the outcome of specific elections or ballot initiatives.

    We report the identity of the trade associations and other policy-based organizations that we support, together with the aggregate amount of our financial support. In addition, because membership dues used for lobbying activities are not deductible for U.S. tax purposes, we also show the portion of our total dues that are not tax deductible.

    Information on our support of trade associations and other policy-based organizations, which is updated twice per year, is available here.
    Political Contributions

    Target utilizes a Policy Committee as the primary body to guide the decision-making process regarding financial support of political activities. To ensure a variety of perspectives, the Policy Committee consists of our most senior executives in areas most affected by public policy decisions. The Policy Committee, in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for balancing our business interests with any other considerations that may be important to our team members, guests or other stakeholders. The Policy Committee reports to the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors at least twice per year.

    Target may provide financial support to political candidates, political parties or ballot initiatives through two separate channels:

    * TargetCitizens PAC, which is funded through the voluntary contributions of our eligible team members; and
    * The use of general corporate funds where permitted by law.

    Regardless of which channel for political contributions is used, our financial support is provided in a nonpartisan manner based strictly on issues that directly affect our business priorities.
    PAC Contributions

    TargetCitizens PAC, which is funded through the voluntary contributions of eligible team members, makes contributions in a bipartisan manner to federal candidates and organizations. Target’s Policy Committee determines the factors to be considered when making contribution decisions. These factors are:

    * General alignment with our business objectives
    * Extent of our presence in a candidate’s state or congressional district
    * Relevant legislative committee assignments
    * Leadership positions
    * Political balance
    * The interests of our guests, team members, shareholders and other stakeholders

    Information on TargetCitizens PAC contributions can be found on the Federal Election Commission’s website.
    Corporate Contributions

    The use of general corporate funds for political contributions is permitted if the Policy Committee determines that would be an appropriate means of advancing issues that are important to our business. The Policy Committee reviews and approves any use of general corporate funds for electioneering activities or for ballot initiatives. This approval process applies whether the contribution is made directly to a candidate or party, or indirectly through an organization operating under Section 527 or 501(c)(4) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

    Before any contribution is made, the Policy Committee: (i) determines that it supports our business interests; (ii) gives consideration to the interests of our guests, team members, shareholders and other stakeholders; and (iii) concludes that under the circumstances, it is an appropriate means of advancing our public policy position.

    Information on our aggregate corporate contributions, together with a list of individual contributions of $5,000 or more, which is updated twice per year, is available here.
    Board Oversight

    Our public policy activities are reviewed semi-annually by the Corporate Responsibility Committee of our Board of Directors. In addition, the Public Policy Committee consults with the Chair of the Corporate Responsibility Committee on particularly significant or sensitive decisions relating to contributions or public policy positioning.

  23. Now wait a moment, I have read a few recent stories regarding Target and their new plan. They did not say anything about not giving to anti gay groups. They created a group within the company to evaluate where contributions will go. Where do they say that they will not give any more to anti-gay groups?

  24. Justin Cannon 22 Feb 2011, 10:20pm

    Target needs to hear from their constituents. Let’s email and call them to thank them for making the right decision. I canceled my Target card and told them I wouldn’t shop there when I heard about their anti-gay funding months ago. In light of this news, I just called and emailed them to let them know I can shop there again.

    Target Corporate Headquarters: 612-304-6073

    Email them online:

  25. I stopped all my shopping,at target,as did my friends.

    Today we plan to do lunch,then have a shopping frenzy at target.
    BUTTTT wise up target, we can very quickly close our wallets to you again

  26. Elton John? Grandma had to get her name in the news again??

  27. As a point of US campaign finance law, the statement “the company has donated to other right wing candidates with anti-gay records” is factually inaccurate. Corporations and unions are federally prohibited from contributing directly to candidates or political parties.

    I appreciate your coverage of this story, but it’s important for credibility’s sake to be factually accurate.

  28. correct me if i’m wrong, but there is NO mention of target ceasing to donate to anti-gay causes.
    PLEASE WRITE A CONSTRUCTIVE LETTER… try to use biblical logic, explaining that what they’re doing it counter to what their bible teaches… ugh! i dislike hateful, religion fanatics… let’s try love and respect.
    facebook trustee (yeah, that’s the name) @

    spread the word and hopefully we can all get target to come around.

  29. Jason Jenkins 23 Feb 2011, 6:02pm

    Read for comprehension: Target has NOT agreed to stop funding anti-gay groups. Read the interview:

    WERDE: But you can’t say, for example, that Target’s not going to donate money in the future to a candidate who would vote against gay rights.

    JENKINS: No, but what I can say is that, again, we’re going to ensure that we use this political committee — our guest policy committee, excuse me — to ensure that we’re being more thoughtful.

    So there you are. They’ll be *thoughtful*–but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it again.

  30. Robert Izquierdo 23 Feb 2011, 6:36pm

    This was a very profitable deal for Lady Gaga and Target, dont get it twisted. If she wants to make a statement dont deal with Target at all. Its about two % in donations they have commited to and are still going to contribute to antigay groups. I like what Lady Gaga stands for and what shes trying to do but this act was not selfless.

  31. so that’s how she justified it to herself.

    1. Robert Izquierdo 24 Feb 2011, 7:15pm


  32. Kevin Boyer 23 Feb 2011, 10:11pm

    This is a horrible story, and not the first one I’ve criticized from Pink News in the past week (Justin Bieber “choice” story anyone?). For some reason you’ve started writing stories about America that are so generic and lacking context that you get major facts wrong. First, the CEO of Target never apologized for making the donation. He said, to his employees – not the community, “I’m sorry if this offended you, but we made the donation based upon our belief it will help jobs, not his social beliefs.” Basically “money trumps equality.” This is the same CEO that gave money to Michelle Bachman, perhaps the most anti-gay right wing wacko currently in the US Congress, and that’s saying something. Second, the statement from PR about the “policy committee” is exactly the same as the one they made last summer and that activists rejected. They also rejected HRC’s request at the time to make donations to LGBT causes. Now, if Lady Gaga has gotten them to do more of that then great – but the proof will be in the donations. Basically, Lady Gaga set up a business deal with Target who has been the subject of a boycott from the LGBT community and your story makes it sound like she’ fixed everything and all is forgiven. She should have waited until they rectified the situation instead of agreeing to a business deal based upon promises.

  33. Really. Change that headline immediately. All Target promised is to ‘consider’ things.

  34. Good by Target, Hello Walmart

  35. This is rediculous. I agree with many of the above comments that Lady Gaga should have partnered with a corporation with a better track record with the LGBT community. But since she got slammed for going with Target suddenly they’ve completely changed their stance? NO, Gaga and Target want to make money, and they know their target market. I’m so tired of people calling Gaga an “artist” she’s not!! She is attention starved… and knows her audience. Gay people need to start thinking for themselves and grow up. I can’t believe there are grown men who follow after Gaga, and call themselves monsters. Pathetic!!! People need a brain and to start analyzing things, instead of eating up what anyone writes in an article.. Target is coming to Canada, and I for one will make sure it’s not a warm reception…

  36. Whether you people like it or not, you do not define “morality”, GOD does! And HE says your homosexuality is “UNNATURAL and SHAMEFUL”. (Romans 1:25-27)

    If that makes you mad, TOO BAD. If you don’t believe in God or The Bible, that’s YOUR fault!

    You WILL answer to God some day for what you’re doing now, whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

    Just like ME and everyone else.

    1. Your a freak, trolling a Gay site talking about the bible. It’s a fake story like Harry Potter. I’m loving life as a successful happy gay man. Your some bitter troll with too much time on your hands.. Why are you on a gay site?? Your a pathetic troll psycho…. and homosexuality is evident in every period in history since the beginning of time, with vistually all animal species, you really need some education…

      1. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 10:04am

        Interesting that you chose to put certain words in capitals. Tell me is that to convince us or Yourself!!

        As for “You WILL answer to God some day…”. If thats the case then why do you people feel we have to answer to you? How exactly do Gay people affect your life? Are you that insecure with your own you have to interfere with others?

        It’s easy to preach a book written by over inflated ego’s men but surely God gave us a brain to be used.

        Stop using your low level of intelligence show you up too much.

        Wanna see Evil Barry? Look in a mirror!!

    2. PS No such thing as “God” so how would I “answer” to him? Your entire statement is just weird and then you quote the bible you top off the freak meter, thanks….

  37. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 9:59am

    Say what you like whilst I’m not a big fan of Lady GaGa or Madonna but Lady GaGa does seem to be doing more to stand up for Gay Rights more than Madonna seemed to do.

  38. Somebody greased, someboy’s palm.

  39. This is brilliant. I love how much GaGa is doing for gay rights, first her Don’t Ask Don’t Tell campaign and now this. Let’s hope she keeps it up!

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