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Man claims he had four-year gay affair with killer Raoul Moat

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Reader comments

  1. Oh please. Really? Shameless.

  2. Wow congratulations you had a four year affair with a crazy murderer. Why is this even news?

  3. I guess The Sun paid thousands …

  4. Helen Wilson 21 Feb 2011, 3:47pm

    Why give a desperate publicity seeker the oxygen of publicity Pink News?

  5. Helen Wilson 21 Feb 2011, 3:53pm

    Still he is not desperate enough to say the slept with William Hague or Ian Duncan Smith!

    He must have some standards :)

  6. It is in the Sun newspaper therefore it must be true…

  7. Some gay men, renowned for good taste, lose it very quickly when choosing boyfriends. Assuming that this story is true, of course, (which I have no doubt that it ISN’T)

  8. Dan Filson 21 Feb 2011, 6:09pm

    If this story is true, then it confirms my view that steroids are rightly banned because they undoubtedly do seem to produce a change in behaviour as well as in physique.

  9. If it was not for him and the his massive following after he was killed (himself) then the Police wouldn’t be getting the cuts they are facing today.

  10. This just smacks of a deperate queen seeking understandi…. (sorry, did I say understanding? I meant thousands of pounds for a feeble story and publicity) All I can say is if he deems himself to be a respectable ‘gay man’ and he ended up with Moat, then he should have gone to Specsavers! This kind of crap just serves to demonise the gay community, helped by this pathetic attempt at a story.

  11. hi again dan filson…. nic pic

  12. And he has the bottle to go to the papers with this. Sorry mate not impressed in fact rather disgusted!

  13. ……..this sad queen needs help, not publicity. Anyone claiming to have been the lover of a steroid pumped murderous madman deffo needs watching and really should be locked up securely in a mental institution, note used by the vile rupert murdoch to further his quest for more money…… Shame on Pink News for furthering this odious story.

  14. Staircase2 22 Feb 2011, 2:44am

    what a crock of poo! (and Im talking about the reaction to this news from the people on this message board)

    If this is true then he wouldnt be the first sexually conflicted man to become twisted.

    We all know the effect that being in the closet can have on people and some more so than others. The closet is not a healthy place to be – it twists people up as they seek to deny who they are.

    Perhaps you could all respond to THAT idea rather than slagging off the messenger eh?

  15. Right. Gay men are kiss-and-tell-mercenaries or murdering psychos. A typical ‘Sun’ ‘exposé’.

  16. The Lizzie 12 22 Feb 2011, 10:59am

    He’s a liar. I had a six-year relationship with Raoul Moat and I trusted him. He told me I was the only man he ever loved and had slept with. He never mentioned any other gay lover. I know Raoul did some terrible things, and I can’t forgive him, but I was his only gay love, not Mr Redford who is a fantasist (making it all up).

  17. Some people are evidently so anxious for any form of publicity that they’ll say anything. Shame that they’d collude, in this instance, with those who’d think that the only way to demonise a murderous psychopath even further is to suggest he was gay or bi.

  18. Yeah but look at any pic of Raoul beefed up and ask yourself would you turn that down? I f..kin wouldn’t. He could pump me with more than just a 12 gauge shot gun! Phwoar

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