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Liverpool to promote gay village

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Reader comments

  1. Helen Wilson 21 Feb 2011, 2:46pm

    Its too close to Manchester, maybe they should have a WAG village instead!

  2. Yes Manchester is nearby, but I am a mancunian born and bred and also have close family connections with Liverpool.
    I think the city has tried hard to be more gay friendly and is now more than ever before – and I can’t say I feel “uncomfortable” there when I go to visit – even if I am the enemy from Manchester! Only joking, great city for shopping with really down to earth friendly people.

  3. I tend to go with the Harvey Feinsteins view on this . . .

    “Visability at all costs”

    We can only build bridges of understanding and tolerance if we exist. Liverpools gay quarter is a step towards legitimizing our existence in this fantastic city.

  4. Its about time. I am from Liverpool and I do love our gay scene especially Garlands, G-Bar and Navy (there are other venues though) but it seems to attract just scousers. People I have spoke to in Newcastle (where I study at university) didnt think we even had one.

  5. Good news – must visit it!

  6. My Partner and I run a pub (Lion Tavern) on Moorfields, round the corner from Stanley St. We dont trade as a ‘gay bar’ rather an all inclusive ale house. It’s always good to promote this fantastic city and this area in particular but also feel that we should not just promote it to the young there are lots of older gay people who like to relax in a gay friendly atmosphere.

  7. Great City. though im biased as i live here…Gay scene absolutely rubbish, Bars are filthy and seedy…toilets smell in all places you go into….start by putting new refurbishment in all pubs and make the people welcome that goes into the establishments, stop all the straights then we may make a start.

  8. I agree with JohnK and the Harvey Feinsteins view. The more visability the better! In fact i hope the plans and outcome really put Liverpool on the gay map and put some shame on Londons Compton street, which is looking tired and dirty. Wake up London…revamp time!

  9. test

  10. More commercial funky house and straight chavs. Why bother?

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