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Israel appoints first out gay judge

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Reader comments

  1. Shame on Israel!!!

  2. @Massive

    . . . “Shame on Israel!!!” – For what exaclty?

  3. Any country which appoints, and creates an environment in which, an openly gay person can become a member of the judiciary is to be applauded. I know there are areas where Israel can be criticised (as a Jew and a zionist I do so myself on several topics), but let’s take this one in isolation and see it as the good thing that it is. There are few, very few, out gay judges even in the USA, none senior, and not many more senior out gay judges in the UK….

  4. Dan Filson 21 Feb 2011, 6:13pm

    I am not sure how significant any appointment is to the Tel Aviv Labor Court, but this is a start.

  5. Excellent news. Of course it’s worth noting that he is no doubt the first openly gay judge in the whole of the Middle East.

    It is so easy to forget as the middle east experiences various uprisings all calling for democracy, that there is already (only) one shining beacon of democracy in the region: Israel. And it is a true democracy in every sense, with freedom of press, independent judiciary (including this gay judge), etc.

    Well done Israel!

  6. The only country in the Middle East where gays and non-Muslims can live with RELATIVE freedom and safety.

  7. Cutest judge I’ve ever seen!!

  8. Robert (Kettering) 22 Feb 2011, 12:19pm

    Wow! What an absolute dish. Shame our fusty ugly old judges in the UK aren’t as good looking as this Israeli judge.

    To add also, I totally agree with the comment that Israel is the one and ONLY shining beacon of TRUE democracy in the whole of the Middle East. Well done Israel and carry on the good fight, we love you!!

  9. “The only country in the Middle East where gays and non-Muslims can live with RELATIVE freedom and safety.”

    Shame that Palestinians can’t.

  10. Robert (Kettering) 22 Feb 2011, 4:35pm

    Joe, the Palestinians are the authors of their own predicament I’m sorry to say. If you vote in Hammas in Gaza, who then cancel all future elections, what do you expect? Freedom perhaps? No, Palestinians need to wake up and smell the coffee. By the way, try living as a Gay man or woman, or a Christian perhaps, in Gaza and see what happens to you!!

  11. Joe – take less notice of the bias anti-Israel BBC et al and do some research of your own. Israel not only has headquarters of many Arab LGBT organisations from other neighbouring states (as it is not safe in their own countries) but has hundreds of gay Palestinians ‘refugees’. Who, if they returned to the ‘terrorities’ would be going back to their deaths. And whilst Israel doesn’t always help itself, If you’re looking to criticise a country for zenophobia and repression then take your pick from all of her neighbours.

  12. Good for him.

    But quite frankly I don’t care.

    Minor judicial appointments in faraway lands are hardly newsworthy.

    This would be a news story if he could move the equal civil marriage campaign in Israel (where even straight couples are not allowed to get a civil marriage).

    Israel recognises civil marriages (gay or straight) performed in other countries. But because of the toxic religious nuttery in the country a couple has to travel abroad to get civilly hitched.

  13. my mother wants to know if he’s single? she’s tired of me not being married

  14. It may seem a little late to file this comment, but the subject is still extant. Speaking as a past member of the minor Bench, (my own rank was even lower than Judge Spivak’s), I must say that I feel all the better for the openess of his appointment.
    If anyone thinks that he is actually the first Gay to serve on the Israeli Bench by the way -well, – I somehow doubt it, but he is the first OPEN appointment, and THAT is what’s important.
    It took this country far too long to appoint its first permanent non-Jewish member of the Supreme Court Bench, -but it has happened, – the Lord be praised.
    Now Israel has taken one more important democratic step forward towards being truly a Land for all its Peoples.
    I must apologise to Judge Spivak for taking his name in such matters -but there it is. As he has surely already noticed : “It comes with the Job”.
    If this appoinhtment is to mean anything at all, then it has to be broadcast, criticised, defended, supported and ultimately ACCEPTED.

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