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Preview: BBC investigates religious gay Muslim marriages being held in the UK and USA

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Reader comments

  1. Great idea. Though inevitably the crazed faction of the Muslim community will accuse the Beeb of fabricating it. in yo’ face Muslim community!

  2. These sorts of stories shouldn’t fool anyone. Overall, the vast, vast majority of Muslims are, among other things, frightenly homophobic.

    Good luck to the gay/non-homophobic Muslims is all I can say. And, I will continue to be ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘evangelical Christianityophobia’ until these people stop advocating such disgusting beliefs, not just on things like homosexuality, but the death penalty, freedom of expression, gender equality and et cetera.

    1. Ouch! seriously that was seriously full of hate. I`m a proud Muslim Queer, that`s right a proud Muslim Queer. Muslim LGBTQ exist nation wide. Sadly most Muslims are homophobic. People like me have to suffer hate from the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community!

  3. I thought the following comment in the BBC article was quite unnecessary

    “I think there’s a deep-rooted assumption in the secular queer community that you can’t be gay and believe in anything, apart from yourself or materialism.”

    Without the need for faith we can have evidenced belief in science, nature, and wonder in awe about what we have yet to discover about the cosmos and about the arts of every variety.
    Religion in it’s ossified unoriginality and an arogance born of self -interest cannot even begin to compare.

  4. Spelling typo…should read “arrogance”

    British gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings

    Of course the Muslim Nikah wedding ceremony this lesbian couple had does not confer any legal rights in this country, for them it’s the Muslim equivalent of a church blessing.

  5. It seems there are far less comments when the subject does not involve Muslim attacks to gays. Since the venting of prejudices on this side of the fence doesn’t apply here………
    *maybe it is just a matter of time though…

    1. I`m sure gay gangs have attacked Muslims. My neirbhours are gay and I have not once or has anyone my family attack them and we are Muslim!!

  6. yeah right 20 Feb 2011, 5:07pm

    Is this story something to do with the muslims for marriage advert next to it?

    anyhow, I clicked on the site, told them I was male and searching for male, and guess what – no results.

    Shouldn’t pink news look a little closer at who it allows to financially support itself????????

    the idea that islam is somehow cool with LGBT is a big joke.

  7. Hodge Podge 20 Feb 2011, 7:32pm

    Just as there are now liberal Christians, we should be working on making liberal Muslims, not non-Muslims. That’s unrealistic and divisive.

  8. This is not islamic and is not valid! No were does it say in Islam that this is permissable and no were does it allow such a action such as this to occur. Islam is not for people to alter to suit there whims and desires. There are no such thing as homosexual Imans. Fear Allah i

    1. Islam has already been altered to fit people’s desires, every damn religion has, for political reasons; in order to stay in power, to continue recruiting members, to remain relevant in progressing society that threatens to leave them behind in the dust(especially the Christians in the UK, who are no longer alongside monarchs ruling the country). In essence, that is what religion is, one big pile of some author’s desires. Leaders in a theocracy claim that their desires are godly, ffs, how can you not see that?

  9. reading the BBC news website article, it described a very nice, dignified ceremony of marriage. If only the huge prejudices in mainstream islam could be overcome, they might actually show the way to Christianity! A startling thought! Sadly I don’t think those preudices can be overcome easily.

    1. What about the prejudiced that LGBTQ Muslims surfer in the LGBTQ community is that acceptable ?? of course NOT!!

      Majority of you folks are missing out the facts on this article! its about two beautiful Muslim lesbians and getting married where they are Not accepted in both communities sadly.

  10. Yep, see what I mean. I hadn’t seen Onthedeen’s comment when i posted, but it’s exactly what I would have expected.

    By the way, sunshine, I don’t fear Allajh, or God either. Neither expect us to fear them. It’s MEN who have turned the message of love into one of hate.

  11. Great news!

    It would be great to have gay couples have the oppurtunity to do all types of religious marriages.. I’m lucky if we get marriages then I can use the Quaker meeting house but many won’t have the opportunity to do this ….I think civil marriages and CP will have to be brought in line and both allow relgious elements, with so many religions officially refusing it what other choice do religious gays have — if we get marriages then religious gays who are refused to do it at their churhc will want civil marriages with religious elements..not religious CPs..

    I’m slightly sick of peple saying gays haven’t got the same religon and heritage than the rest of the general community. Most of us probably have the same religous background and heritage of our mothers and father, sisters, brothers and aunts, we didn’t come from outer space!

  12. “Fear Allah”

    Ironically, I fear idiots like you on this earth, you’re the dregs of a damaged gene pool.

  13. @onthedeen – the iman in the story proves you wrong

  14. why are certain lgbt people even involved with a religion if they then want to adapt it to their personal situation? Why do they involve themselves with facsist cults if they don’t like their dogma.

  15. “Why do they involve themselves with facsist cults if they don’t like their dogma.”

    Indeed. Especially as there are more gay friendly religions out there, why try the square peg into a round hole?

  16. many people don’t accept the homophobic of the religions, religion can be different to everybody as one person’s view can be totally different to another – look at how many churches schism or come close for the slightest of disagreements

  17. ~Allah’s gone to Iceland

  18. “Fear Allah” Evolution and societal evolution is more often than not a very slow process.

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