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WikiLeaks cables reveal Ugandan homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. CelticPride77 18 Feb 2011, 5:10pm

    Strange that there seems to be an omission of where this relatively recent shift in public opinion was germinated. I recently watched the excellent yet harrowing documentary on YouTube, “Africa’s Last Taboo” by the Award-winning filmmaker Sorious Samura. He goes onto single out some of the root causes and implications:

    “We found American Christian preachers who had come over to help their African brethren in their fight against homosexuality. We also found out that not only has this homophobia led to a lack of sexual education but it also plays a significant role in the increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Africa.”

    There is much negative talk and vilification of the importation of Muslim belief systems and values into ‘our society’, corroding what we hold best. Well tell me how this is any different? I think both have the potential to be equally dangerous.

    For gay Ugandans, the threat is comes from foreign US and local Christian fundamentalists as well as Muslim clerics. Both equally as bad as each other. Isn’t it great when faiths come together in common cause?

  2. The EP passed a resolution about this yesterday:

    The resolution contains some very encouraging wording:

    “…They add that the EU must take Uganda’s discriminatory attitude towards gay people into account in its bilateral relations and they call on the Member States and the EU institutions “to restate the principle that persons at risk of persecution should be considered for refugee status”.

  3. The majority of wikileaks cables revealed what we all knew or suspected in the first place.

    Here’s another one.

    It would have been more shocking news if it had revealed Ugandans were not homophobic.

  4. Steve@GayWebHosting 18 Feb 2011, 8:23pm

    Agreed. I am no fan of ´wikileaks´ and this only reveals what we already knew.

  5. Thanks for this PinkNews.

    I’ve been following this morbid phenomena for well over a year.

    Sympathy to David Cato’s family and friends.

  6. I watched the Scott mills documentary and just thought I want to destroy Uganda everyone wants me dead they’re nothing but hate.

    I felt bad but the things ugandans say and do to those like us is horrific.

    I just see no hope for them :(

  7. Wow, and heres me thinking Wikileaks only published info which was previously secret and not in the public domain. Hurrah for Wikileaks. Talk about bringing ice to Alaska……….

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