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Peaches Geldof says she dated a trans man

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 18 Feb 2011, 11:16am


  2. Whoop-de-doo…your name is Peaches…I wouldn’t be suprised if you had also gone out with a small alien, Ghandi and a lamp-post

  3. Shock & Awe!!!
    It will get her picture back in the papers and for another day or two and she can relive her brief celeb glory-days..

  4. Bob did such a good job

  5. TheSuburbanBi 18 Feb 2011, 12:30pm

    Peaches: “I just think it’s cool – I embrace any sort of multiculturalism, any sort of sexuality, it fascinates me.”

    Right. All you told us was that he was transgender…. not his culture or his sexuality… you really asked him a lot of heart-felt and meaningful questions on those dates then, Peaches? Or just happy to use the poor sod’s ‘exoticism’ to shove you back in the spotlight for a bit?

  6. I’ve left skidmarks deeper than her

  7. All Aboard the HMS Giveatoss

  8. Like father like daughter- Sir Bob dated a right ‘confused’ individual…..Paula Yates. There wasn’t a person she wouldn’t climb on for a news story which funnily enough brings us back to Peaches- like mother like daughter. Aaah the circle of life…..

  9. As a trans man, I wouldn’t touch someone like her with a barge pole. I am not a fetish or an achievement of how “diverse” someone is. Treat me as the man I am, jeez.

  10. Who cares?

    “The self-described model, journalist and TV presenter ….”

    Says it all … ‘self-described’ … huh!

  11. great comments folks – one can only hope the self obsessed Ms Gandalf reads (and more difficult this – understands) them

  12. Everyone needs to realize how much of an improvement on the general public’s ignorance that peaches comment is. I think we should be applauding her as an alley instead of making fun of her and making personal insults about her when we obviously have never met her. Some people (I’m looking at all of you) really are poison. If peaches IS reading, I just want to say thank you. I dare say the comments in the daily mail were more supportive at this rate. I’m sickened.

  13. TheSuburbanBi 18 Feb 2011, 9:20pm

    @ j — how does this sound to you:

    “I went on a date with a black guy once. And I was quite into it to be honest with you. And I did see him again. I just think it’s cool – I embrace any sort of multiculturalism, it fascinates me.”

    Why would anyone be happy to be condescended to in that way? The era of that level of ignorance is bygone… even if being open about dating a trans man or woman is very ‘new’ to a lot of people, the idea that you do not objectify a person but speak of them the way you would anyone else, is not new.

    What people here are objecting to is how Geldof speaks of this boy as if he were a ‘specimen’ that ‘fascinates’ her rather than just another person she had a date with and took the time to get to know.

    And her public announcement about the date, without any context or idea of why she felt the need to speak about it, smacks of as much exploitation as if the tables were turned and the headline read: Trans Man Kisses & Tells of Date with Peaches Geldof.

  14. Helen Wilson 18 Feb 2011, 10:38pm

    Peaches & Ice cream fell asleep watching Hollyoaks and thought her dream was real!

    She needs to step out of her z-list celeb OK magazine bubble and face reality.

  15. Peaches Geldof has revealed that she once ate a curry at an Indian restaurant.

    The self-described model, journalist and TV presenter said she was “quite into it” and “I embrace any kind of multiculturalism, any sort of food, it fascinates me”.

  16. How is this news? Lots of people have dated trans guys – cos, you know, we’re people with lifes and love lifes and we date people. It’s not “fascinating” and it’s not newsworthy.

    If Peaches wanted to bring people’s attention to the issues that trans people face, she could at least have started by getting to know what this guy has been through and what struggles he faces because he’s trans – and then brought that up without mentioning that she’d dated a trans guy.

    Most trans guys don’t consider themselves to have ever been girls, there is a trans culture of sorts but not all trans people are into it and trans isn’t a sexuality. Peaches may well have had good intentions with this but it doesn’t seem like she’s thouhght through what she’s doing and why. She’s not highlighting the needs of the trans community here – she’s using us to get attention.

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