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New Hampshire’s gay marriage law under threat

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Reader comments

  1. Even with more than half of the state wanting gay marriage these scummy Republicans are trying to force their own agenda on people.
    All of those 51% of people for gay marriage need to make sure they actually do something to defend this right from the horde of nutters and mormons this guy’s bill will attract.

  2. westcoastkid 18 Feb 2011, 8:47pm

    Gee, and group is always complaining about government sticking their noses into citizens affairs…REPUGNICAN’S!!!!

  3. westcoastkid 18 Feb 2011, 8:52pm

    Sorry, above should read Gee, “and WHAT group is”…

  4. Exactly, Tigra 07. It is because many of those who say they support marriage equality do not do anything to make that commitment solid that the baggers and Rethuglicans get away with this crap. They do not care about anything but their Xtian hate agenda.

  5. “I have been assured the effort to restore traditional marriage will have the full support of House leadership when the time comes to take it up next year.”

    He is also a liar. Procedure is forcing this bill to be debated this year. You cannot submit a bill and then say “That is for next year, actually!”

    He is lying so that citizens don’t speak up against this bill now, since they think it won’t be passed till later. The people of New Hampshire are accepting, and this politician is making them look like cr4p. Ugh.

  6. The bill will pass, when it was voted on last time around, if i recall correctly not one Republican voted in favour of it. The Republicans are now back in charge and with a veto proof majority in both houses of the state government of New Hampshire. If they want the bill to pass it will pass and there’s nothing the governor can do about it because they can override his veto.

    The situation is incredibly complicated, unlike California, if gay marriage is declared illegal then there is no legislation to fall back on. Civil unions were replaced by gay marriage so that means that gay people will have no rights in New Hampshire at all. It’s also not clear what would happen to those who currently in same sex marriages, there’ll be court cases without a doubt.

  7. Jesus christ. “the effort to restore traditional marriage”??

    He talks like straight people are being denied their right to this “traditional marriage” he speaks of.

  8. Hey I thought the economy and jobs were important to Republicans?????? – instead they are totally OBSESSED with re-instating anti-gay marriage, sodomy and anti-abortion laws

  9. Richard S. 19 Feb 2011, 5:30pm

    Interesting thing you picked up on there, Dan P. Using the word ‘restore’ in this context may well indicate a mindset which holds that as long as same sex marriage is legal, somehow, straight marriage is, if not invalidated, at least damaged. The more I think about it, actually … if you’re hysterical enough about the “wrongness” of same sex marriage, having it on equal status with straight marriage would lessen your belief in its intrinsic value. If synthetic diamonds are suddenly considered to be just as valuable as real diamonds, it’s not so special any more to have a heap of real diamonds. I think this is the first time I’ve thought it this way. Whatever the case, I grew up in NH and I have to believe that the people will leave the law alone. They’re generally pretty keen on government not intruding on or interfering with their lives, which played some part in the law passing in the first place (imo). My family’s still in NH and VT, and although the states are both rather conservative in many ways, they’re also two of the very few states that have legal same sex marriage, and I can tell you it’s not because the states are miraculous islands of gay acceptance in the gay unfriendly American wildland.

  10. Why are these people so obsessed with gay marriage? It has been legalised, nothing bad has happened – just stay out of it.

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