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Court overturns Budapest police’s ban of gay pride march

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Reader comments

  1. Hope everything goes ahead without problems.

  2. The Eu pokes its node in to give prisoners voting rights why don’t they poke their nose in here and allow the pride march to take place surely its a human right to hold a pride march in 2011?

  3. Dude, the EU – by which I suspect you mean the ECHR – does not need to “pole its node in” as the Hungarian court system has already intervened. Read the story.

  4. TheSuburbanBi 19 Feb 2011, 12:39pm

    In some countries pride marches have become passe and many LGBTs have even begun to look down on them in disdain, as mere commercialised caricatures of their former selves…. and they have a point.

    But it’s important to be reminded that Prides are still important and ground-breaking events for queer folk in many parts of the world. The fight to even have them is a huge effort for so many.

  5. Very good news. By persevering, the LGBT will gain acceptance.

  6. I’m guessing that I will receive all type of negative replies on this but here goes my slant on gay pride parades…

    As an “average” gay man man I can see why many GLBT folks are increasingly avoiding these “spectacles.”

    The large city in America in which I live (in California) celebrates it’s pride week in July, beginning with a parade. I confess however that as I stand and watch the parade roll by, even as a liberal minded gay man, I am somewhat taken aback by the what I am seeing.

    I realize that pride week is a time for us to let it “all hang out” however, to much is too much. Is this what gay pride is all about? Is this how we want the world to see us as we celebrate Pride Week?

    In many of these parades the fringe element has overtaken the occasion and turned it into a display that emphasizes the over the top, dare I say carnal aspect, and lessons the accomplishments we have achieved in our movement over the last 30 years, which was what I though was the theme here.

    Let’s look inward and remember the true meaning of Gay Pride celebrations. It’s about gay PRIDE.

  7. Ah but we’re talking Hungary here. 2008 isn’t all that long ago, ya know

  8. I recall those scenes very clearly _ I was in Budapest at the time for dental treatment. I did read the story when I said it would be nice if the EU spoke to the powers that be in Hungry – LGBT do not have it easy in Hungry. I wish them well. The Eu should put pressure on the Government to allow pride to take place without any attacks.

  9. Excellent news. Makes me proud of my Hungarian roots, to hear something like this.

  10. @ gav:

    But the European Commission does put pressure on member states in these cases, it just tends to go largely unnoticed because it’s done in a classy and non-snappy way. As it always should between mature institutions.

    From the above article:

    “For its part, Brussels on Tuesday fired a warning shot.

    “The European Commission has no legal authority to intervene in how member states organise public meetings. When implementing national law, member states must respect fundamental rights, including freedom of expression and assembly, as required by their own constitutional order and international obligations,” it said in a statement.”

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