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Nigella Lawson says all women could have gay love affairs

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Reader comments

  1. Oh Nigella how liberal and middle class of you. You once had a crush on a girl at school? Well hang out the f..king flags and banners, how great to have someone like Nigella (who’s made her cleavage her only interesting attribute) fight our corner. Another idiot b!tch in a long line of Geri Halliwells, Lady Gagas, Jodie Marshs, Kylies etc ad nauseum who play the pink card if they think it can get them a few more headlines and w@nk fantasies for their hetero male fans. I would suggest she just stick to the cooking but she can’t even do that.

  2. Oh dear, poor CMYB is in a grumpy mood.

    I knew Nigella when she was at Oxford, and she was always very open-minded about gender and sexuality – which occasionally caused arguments with her father, if I recall. And she has a natural predisposition to sensuality, and its variety of expressions. Gays have never been an issue. And if I’m not mistaken, she was even a hag to at least one gay student.

    She certainly isn’t taking this position just to appeal to gay fans. She doesn’t actually need them – even without her business, she’s already very moneyed.

  3. I’m actually more cynical than grumpy. I don’t believe we should be scavenging around for half-arsed scraps of acceptance from breeders just cause they’re in the pubic eye. It seems as soon as someone straight says “Oooh I like girls” or “I like boys” we should all be grateful. Was there no one else for Diva mag to interview? Seems like a pretty flimsy excuse to feature her- cause she’ll say she fancied a girl at school. Forget it.

  4. martyn notman 17 Feb 2011, 5:15pm

    well at least she didnt write “i hate all lesbians and they should be shot” did she?! lets be thankful shes not a raving homophobe like her father..

  5. TheSuburbanBi 17 Feb 2011, 5:20pm

    @ CMYB: “breeders”? that’s real 1970s of you.

    Look, the lesbian and bisexual readers of DIVA voted her the 5th sexiest woman alive. DIVA interviewed her because DIVA readers wanted to read it. And DIVA asked her a bunch of questions…. she answered them honestly and didn’t in the slightest pander to her audience (I read the whole article).

    She was asked a direct question about being attracted to women herself and another direct question about other women’s attractions. She anwered both questions because she was asked them. She did not volunteer in order to score points.

    Nothing in what she said deserves the derision you heap on her or the readers who voted for her and wanted to read her interview.

  6. Good for you suburbanbi. I think Nigella is very sexy, cool and I love her show. I was glad to read the interview and interested in her answers. I am so sick of reading negative crap by commenters who seem to delight from tearing others apart, especially women.

  7. If only it was true. think of the fun we could have (I’m str8 supporter of gay rights married 43 years) watching our wives go at it with another woman.

    And hey, why not try to prove that being gay is a choice.

    Except for the issue of your own kids, half the world would be gay.

    Prob in real terms 25%, we ‘d have less of an overpopulation problem, and any one with homopobic remarks would end up getting what they deserved from gays and most of the rest of society.

  8. Nigella lawson… what a moron…

    so you had a crush on a girl once and NOW all women are lesbians??? Your logic is 2+2=75.

    No! The majority of women are heterosexuals. A minority are lesbians. END

  9. de Villiers 18 Feb 2011, 8:48am

    > I don’t believe we should be scavenging around for half-arsed scraps of acceptance from breeders

    You are quite unpleasant and bitter.

    What is particularly distasteful is your reference to the sexuality of heterosexuals as being something negative. It attaches a negative moral value to sexuality, which is just the problem against which those who have sought equality have fought.

  10. “Nothing in what she said deserves the derision you heap on her or the readers who voted for her and wanted to read her interview”

    Well said, TheSurburbanBi. Nigella’s comments were thoughtful and educated, reading the whole thing.

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