TV chef Nigella Lawson says all women have it in them to fall in love with someone of the same sex.

Speaking to DIVA, the curvy beauty said she once had a crush on a girl.

She said: “Oh yes, at school. I was at one school for a while and they were called a crush, a craze, and I remember there was a very beautiful Egyptian girl called Nilgen and I was allowed to go make her bed every day. Nevertheless, it was considered normal in those days.

“I think it was seeking the comfort of a mother or an older sister. Being at boarding school is a strange feeling, and you want somebody to show concern for you. It was certainly a very unphysical sort of crush.

“I was very much an introverted child who lived in my head. I was so shy, I remember hating it if any of my parents’ friends addressed a question to me. Up until I was 19 and went travelling in Italy.”

When asked if she had ever had a same-sex relationship, she said: “No, I haven’t had a love affair with a woman but I have very close woman friends, which is a very different thing but I think we all have it in us — women more than men.”

She added: “I do feel that I find difference very interesting. In a sense, a smooth-skinned man wouldn’t appeal.

“I know a lot of straight men feel threatened. But pleasure is pleasure, and I’m not saying it’s all fluid, but in a sense one’s relationship is with the person.”

Lawson was voted the fifth sexiest woman by DIVA readers in 2009.