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New Moscow mayor says no to gay Pride marches

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 17 Feb 2011, 3:56pm

    Will David Cameron uphold Moscow’s right to overturn the European Court of Human Rights on this issue?

  2. de Villiers 18 Feb 2011, 8:51am

    Dan, that really is a sleight of hand and an implied reference to the giving of the vote to prisoners. At least recognise that these are political matters dressed up to look like law and that the first duty of the Prime Minister is to govern a country in the interests of its own citizens.

  3. I’m not surprised. Russia is barely in the 20th Century, let alone the 21st in issues like this.

    1. You are stupid, indeed…. How “Russia is barely in the 20th Century…, if Russia is the first country in the world which sent the first satellite around the Earth and Russia is the first country in the world which sent man into outer space, and Russia is the first country in the world which created and supported first orbitrary cosmic station in the world? England never even was close to such achievements in cosmic space. Surely, you are a moron because you are incapable to comprehend Russian civilization.

  4. Lyn Thomas 20 Feb 2011, 7:47pm

    The point is that either the European Charter of Human Rights is upheld in all cases or its free to be ignored by all. We can’t have our cake and eat it.

  5. Gay Daily Mail Reader 21 Feb 2011, 1:41am

    Russia decriminalised homosexuality shortly after the fall of communism. However social attitudes there have a long way to go. It took some 30 years before the average gay man on the street in Britain felt it was safe to come out. The Slavic countries are also less tolerant then the Germanic and Nordic countries. Legalising homosexuality will not automatically make the public more tolerant overnight. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Gays in Moscow may have to settle for indoor events at clubs and exhibition centres until the people of Moscow are ready for Gay Pride Marches.

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