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East London Mosque and mayor condemn anti-gay stickers

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 17 Feb 2011, 1:51pm

    ‘Police have received ten reports of homophobic or transphobic incidents in Tower Hamlets so far this year. Seventy-four were reported in 2010.’

    This is very worrying.

  2. Does the east london mosque also condemn the homophobia in the koran and the hadith?

  3. As much as I want to welcome this, I am suspicious that it is merely an attempt to deflect negative attention, not an actual confirmation that they dislike homophobia. Based on Islam’s followers, there is still every reason to be concerned about this hatred.

  4. Trencherbone 18 Feb 2011, 7:54am

    This is a load of Taqiyya. If the Koran says kill the gays, then kill the gays they must. It will have no effect on the Islamic thugs and street-jihadists.

  5. Mmmmmm – in part I agree, but the fact that they feel obliged to say it is giving a hostage to fortune. It can make charges of hypocrisy easily stick and gives an open door to their own liberals to push at.

  6. These problems are inevitable when the intolerant are not just tolerated but in some ways tacitly encouraged.

  7. Jock S. Trap 25 Feb 2011, 8:29am

    Joint statement? Who runs Tower Hamlets the Mayor or the Mosque?

  8. It makes you think what uproar there would be if “Muslim Free Zone” stickers were put up. Because the gay community is a minority it’s all just being swept under the carpet and kept quiet. This sort of bigotry should not be toleratedand promoted in 2011.

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