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Californian Supreme Court to hear Prop 8 case, delaying decision on gay marriage until 2012

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  1. Dear Barack Obama,

    Your parents married in Hawaii in 1961. Hawaii was one of the states that allowed mixed-race marriages. Some states did not allow mixed race marriage and if your parents had attempted to move to one of those states, they would have been punished.

    Despite this, you still allow the civil rights of GLBTQ citizens to be subject to the capricious whims of a bigoted majority. You allow them to be second class citizens. You deprive them of the comfort and security of making full and formal commitments to one another. My friends can see their basic civil rights switch on and off as they fly across the country thanks to DOMA.

    You, Mr President, should be ashamed. You, Mr President, are on the wrong side of history.

    And before anyone cites “traditional marriage” I must remind you – which one is traditional? Greek? Roman? Babylonian? Christianity and other mainstream religions do NOT own marriage, it pre-dates them both so unless people pray to Aphrodite or follow the Code of Hammurabi to the letter, no one is being “traditional”.

  2. Could it be that they are constantly delaying this so that they can grant marriage equality when more people accept gay marriage? Or, is that too conspiracy theory crap?

    Opinion polls show that with every passing year, the percentage of people who support marriage equality increases, so the longer they wait to rule the larger the support will be.

    Anyway, rights are rights. It shouldn’t be subject to popular opinion. That’s not what America is!

  3. Excellent comment, Vallsky!

  4. The CA Supreme Court is agreeing to answer a question of CA law for the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. That question is whether the backers of a CA state proposition have standing to defend that proposition in court when the state officials charged with defending the state’s interest determine that defending the proposition is not in the state’s interest.

    For the CA Supreme Court the question is not Prop 8 specific. Their answer is likely to have an affect on the CA initiative process for some time to come.

    The 9th Circuit is not bound by the answer from the CA SC. I’ve heard several hypotheses regarding why they asked the CA SC. The most compelling I’ve heard is that they do not plan to grant standing and they are looking for support from the CA SC on this position for when appeal their decision to the US SC. The least compelling is that they want to pass the buck for granting standing.

    While I agree with Valksy’s comments (except that due to DOMA there is NOWHERE in the US where my husband and I have basic civil rights) I think it is best for Obama to keep out of this particular debate. He has no place in it. Instead, he should be concentrating on how to take the position that his DoJ will not defend DOMA.

  5. Valksy,

    If you really meant your comment, you wouldn’t be posting it here. You would go and (e)mail it to him, since he actually was motivated enough to include an easier to navigate whitehouse website.

    Second, you would realize a president doesn’t “allow” anything. He cannot make law. He can sign and veto law, but he cannot submit legislation. Obama opposes DOMA, which means he supports gay marriage enough to recognize it as legitimate. He does not oppose it – if he did, he would oppose repealing DOMA.

    Thirdly, he got DADT into the spotlight. McCain openly opposes the bill and would have veto’d it; but it is just like people to regret electing the average pro-gay guy into office, instead wishing they had gone for the extreme anti-gay one. This spotlight is what got congress to be so positive and actually create the bill. Obama signed the bill, so we’re almost to it (DADT) being obsolete.

    Obama is not on the wrong side of history; unless you’re a religious fanatic and oppose his policy? He used to be all wind and no action, but his eloquent voice has gotten congress to act and achieve what he set out to do so far.

    I am assuming you are British, but maybe you are actually just the average American; you don’t even realize how your government works nor how to actively participate in it.

    You aren’t exactly doing any action, hm? You could call your government officials, mail them, or any of the above to a venue that would actually inspire change. Instead, you expect your government to MIND READ what your thoughts are on this issue.

  6. Justice delayed is justice denyed!!!

    In regard to your comments Valksy, the trouble is that Barack Obama is clearly a typical double-crossing hyprocritical black c**t!!!!

  7. David Gervais 20 Feb 2011, 6:11pm

    the link to the Prop 8 decision is:

    It’s a quick and easy read, I highly recommend it. For supplemental reading about the quoted precedents and Constitutional law, Wikipedia is an excellent clear source.

  8. David Gervais 20 Feb 2011, 6:14pm

    To me it appears that Judge Walker is clearing out all the side issues that the Supreme court could use to avoid following and endorsing his reasoning.

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